Batch Weighing Scales With the Highest Accuracy

Batch Weighing Scales With the Highest AccuracyCertain manufacturing processes require the batch processing of a specific number and amount of products that are assembled in a certain order. While in the past, batch processing was almost entirely done manually, new equipment such as batch weighing scales exist to provide a level of automation to some of these highly repetitive tasks.

The quality of items created using batch manufacturing is almost always tightly related to how closely the formulation is followed. Mistakes in the batch process can have disastrous consequences, especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Industries Where Batch Manufacturing is Used

There are a number of industries where batch processing is prevalent, but the most popular are likely the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. While precision is important in the food industry, it’s infinitely more vital in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. If a few extra percentage of food ingredients are added there likely won’t be disastrous consequences, but if too much or too little of a certain ingredient is added or removed from a run of chemicals or prescription drugs, the dangers can be extreme. In these instances, accuracy is paramount, which is why the team at Arlyn Scales has developed a series of scales that offer precision accuracy at highly competitive prices.

Surface Acoustic Wave Technology Powers Our Ultra Precision Scales

Rather than using strain gages, which are what powers the majority of scales on the market, a few years ago, the design team at Arlyn Scales began designing and testing what we call our Ultra Precision Scales. Instead of using strain gages, these scales use our Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Technology. This technology uses two SAW transducers that are attached to a spring element. One acts as a transmitter, while the other acts as a receiver. When any type of load is placed on the scale platform, the SAW wave that is created by the transmitter is sent to the receiver, amplified and then sent back.

The distance between the transducers is directly correlated to the weight reading of the object on the scale. Because the distance between the two transducers is a constant while at rest, we then can determine the weight of the item by measuring how the distance between the transducers changes when an item is placed on the scale platform.

There are a whole host of benefits to our SAW scales that are extremely vital when it comes to batch processing. A few of these benefits include:

High Resolution

The resolution provided by these scales is often between 10-20 times better than that of a strain gage scale with a resolution of 1:100,000. As an example a Ultra Precision Scale with a 500 lb. capacity has a resolution of 0.005 lbs., where a strain gage scale with the same capacity has a resolution of just 0.1 pounds. For smaller objects, a Ultra Precision Scale with a capacity of 10 lb. has a resolution of 0.0001 lbs., and a strain gage scale with the same capacity constraints would have a resolution of 0.002 lbs. As you can see when you’re dealing with significant differences in resolution between our SAW scales and standard strain gage scales, you can see why more and more of our customers are electing to purchase our ultra precision line of scales for their precision weighing needs.

Wide Array of Capacities

For many years, organizations looking for a precision scale only had one option, the force motor scale. These scales were highly susceptible to changes in air current and temperature, and were only able to offer precision readings for items that typically weighed less than 25 lbs. While this may be beneficial for certain industries, there are plenty of instances where precision readings are necessary even at higher capacities.

The Ultra Precision Scales from Arlyn Scales powered by SAW technology offer a wide array of capacities from 10 lbs. all the way up to 1,000 lbs. This flexibility allows organizations to purchase one scale that can be used for a wide array of tasks, all while offering precision readings even at higher capacities.

Competitively Priced

Another downside of force motor scales, aside from their capacity restrictions is their cost. Our Ultra Precision Scales typically cost 1/3 the price of a force motor scale, and are in the same price range as a standard strain gage scale. This makes the choice extremely easy if you’re looking for a cost effective precision scale for batch weighing processes

Set Point Controller

One of the most important features of our scales that can be vital in batch manufacturing is our set point controller. This controller is used by many of our customers to automate their batching and filling functions.

Our set point controller can be easily programmed with up to 8 different target weight values that can send electrical signals to turn certain pieces of equipment on or off based on a weight reading.

These batch functions can be extremely effective for companies who have products with complex formulations. Easily control motors, solenoids, valves, and many other types of equipment to ensure you’re able to closely monitor formulations to ensure precision accuracy is possible.

US Based Scale Manufacturer

One additional factor that’s important to keep in mind when purchasing an industrial scale is where that scale is actually designed and manufactured. At Arlyn Scales, all of our scales are designed and manufactured in the US. This allows our design and manufacturing teams to not only work together during the entire manufacturing process, but to also be available after a scale is purchased if any problems arise. Experts from our Long Island, New York based scale manufacturing company are always available to answer any of your questions before, during or after the scale purchase.

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