How an Advanced Weighing System Can Increase Revenue

Precise weight measurements play an important role in increasing revenue by decreasing the money lost due to manufacturing failures and inefficiency.

This is particularly true of paint, chemical,How an Advanced Weighing System Can Increase Revenue and drug manufacturers, who know all too well that failure to add a proper amount of a given substance can render a large quantity of product completely unusable, and thus a total loss.

Aside from the product, equipment repair and replacement is an expense as well. Using cutting edge Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, Arlyn Scales creates extremely precise durable scales that can withstand the stress of weights, including accidental impact, far better than strain gauge scales, which are in widespread use.

Arlyn Scales wants to show you how an advanced weighing system can cut down on your expenses both in terms of product lost, and money spent repairing and replacing equipment, thus increasing revenue.

Arlyn Scales will Improve Quality of Production

Accurate measurements of weight can make a difference in one of the major expenses in production. The pharmaceutical industry saw a spike in recalls for 2016, and according to this breakdown about the details, greater quality control measures are an excellent way to minimize the possibility of a recall.

Not only do Arlyn Scales offer incredibly high resolution, but they can also be incorporated with automated shutoff valves to deliver mechanical accuracy to your measurements.

Keep in mind that each time you have to replace a damaged product, you’re increasing your company’s total costs. On top of this, you’re making it harder to meet certain sustainability guidelines. Many companies are pledging to reduce emissions or slash the amount of garbage they make.

Those who are aiming to do this can rely on accurate scales to ensure that less of your finished product ends up in the garbage and more ends up in the hands of your clients.

Benefits of Ultra-Precise Scales from Arlyn

• Ultra Accuracy

These scales offer a degree of accuracy ten to twenty times greater than that offered by other scales. In many cases, this can represent one or more orders of magnitude. Users of these scales can employ them in exacting circumstances where other less accurate models wouldn’t be sufficient to handle complex tasks. On top of this, they can greatly improve existing operations that have begun to suffer as a result of mathematical errors.

• Ultra Versatile

No matter what data infrastructure you have, Arlyn Scales can interface with your equipment for a streamlined process. That means less money spent on new hardware for data sorting, storage or sharing. A good record of amounts used and materials weighed is important information when exploring ways to develop a more efficient budget.

Replace and Repair Scales Less Often

Each company or industry has its own formula for determining the cost of damaged equipment, both in terms of replacement or repair and the cost of the slowed or stopped manufacturing process.

Arlyn Scales offers weighing equipment that is more durable than common alternatives thanks to our cutting edge Surface Acoustic Wave or SAW technology.

SAW technology means that the load sensor experiences only a tenth of the stress placed on it in strain gauge scales. It is also better equipped to handle accidental shock weights of something dropping suddenly on the scale. This means you’ll see less damage to the scale over time, which means spending less money on repairs.

One other thing to consider when calculating these costs is the fact that you might end up with work stoppages if you decide to continue to rely on scales that require frequent repairs. Imagine what might happen if a particular piece of hardware were to suddenly fail one day as a result of wear and tear that could have been prevented had you been using more robust technology.

You might end up losing out on an entire day of work because other stations in your place of business weren’t able to get the measurements they needed.

Fortunately, this technology can outlast most others so you won’t have to worry about nearly as much in the way of maintenance costs or downtime. On top of that, you might again be able to meet certain waste reduction goals because you won’t have to replace your gear nearly as often.

Time is Money and Arlyn Scales Save You Both

A fascinating study said that the economy loses $37 billion per year in unnecessary meetings. In other words, time is money. An efficient and automated production line of the type offered by Arlyn Scales could make an enormous difference in output, and by extension revenue. All this is possible with the smart technology for measuring, weighing and valve shutoffs available with Arlyn technology.

Arlyn Scales are integrated with smart technology that can feed directly into your computer’s data spreadsheet. You can cut down on storage space by choosing a more efficient data storage and transmission setup. This can save on light and heat bills for your facility.

Our scales communicate with other technology seamlessly including:

  • USB (Universal Serial Bus) – This is the most popular option. Users can directly wire multiple scales to their computer, importing data on a Microsoft Access spreadsheet in addition to any compatible software. Since you often see USB jacks on almost every type of device imaginable, you can be sure that it should remain compatible no matter what kind of computer equipment you plan to put in place.
  • RS-232 – This use of data transfer can print complex labels and work with logic controllers and computers. Those who have been working with personal computer technology for some time may remember these referred to as standard serial bus adapters. You might also recall DOS-based hardware that had them referred to as COM ports. All of this technology should work perfectly fine with a digital weight indicator equipped with RS-232 jacks.
  • Ethernet – This connection is run through the router to access the scale’s data. It includes a Remote Indicator software that allows users to control the data directly from the scale. Since Ethernet is the same exact system that’s popularly used by those who connect LAN devices together, there are many parts available for it.
  • Wi-Fi – This is a wireless option that is convenient if your scale isn’t in close proximity to the computer. You can connect a device over any kind of standard Wi-Fi network, including the kind of consumer-grade one you’re likely to have installed in your current place of business.

Examples of Businesses that Could Benefit from a Counting Scale

  • Retail Stores – Home improvement stores and businesses that sell a large volume of identical items like jewelry, hardware, office supplies, etc. Most of these parts weigh exactly the same, and accurately counting them by hand could be potentially impossible.
  • Semiconductor Factories – Since each individual integrated circuit’s weight is identical, manufacturers can figure out exactly how many pieces are in any one container before packaging it and shipping it. This allows these factories to completely automate the process of placing them into containers.
  • Hardware Suppliers – The same companies that ship these parts to retail stores can also rely on this technology to count individual pieces of hardware. Nuts and bolts are hard to count by hand, but a counting scale can make quick work of it. The same goes for nails, washers and anything else that’s small and has to be fabricated in gigantic batches.
  • Warehousing Facilities – Managers might not even know how much they have of certain materials. That’s a serious problem since warehouses need to keep such accurate records. A counting scale can make short work of even the most convoluted collection of small parts.
  • Remanufacturing Operations – Considering how expensive some types of components are getting, there’s been a renewed interest in remanufacturing them to restore existing parts to working condition. Once these pieces have been removed from their packaging, they have to be enumerated. Counting scales are the perfect tool to handle this, especially considering how difficult it would be for technicians to do this manually.

This capacity for greater automation may open your eyes to other superfluous expenses and opportunities to streamline your workflow, all of which translates to more money saved.

One of the other benefits of SAW technology is that there is virtually no lag time between placing the weight on the platform and readout. Many people who work in industrial production of any kind know that the work happens at a quick and rhythmic pace. This can be disrupted by scales that are slow to deliver readout or irritate employees with inconsistent performance.

Arlyn Scales Can Improve your Inventory Process

Inefficiency can happen at any part of your company’s work, including inventory. Few employees look forward to this chore because it is long and tedious. At times, the effort spent can even feel wasted. However, overstocked items or an under-stocked necessity can damage your bottom line.

That’s why Arlyn Scales offers counting scales, which can offer a number of given units given a simple calculation involving total weight, and the individual weight of a certain unit. This is ideal for bulk uniform items like small parts used in computers and electronics.

Essentially, everything that’s most difficult to count can be quantified more quickly and easily with these counting scales. That brings us back to the value of saving time. Increased productivity translates to more revenue. You may be able to cut weeks out of your inventory process using these tools and methods.

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Whether you work with pharmaceuticals, paints, chemicals, small electronic parts, or any industry that wants to increase revenue by improving its weighing process, we look forward to hearing from you!