Waterproof Small Animal Scales For Veterinarians

Waterproof Small Animal Scales For VeterinariansThe importance of reliable scale technology is obvious for veterinarians and animal caregivers. An animal’s weight is a key factor in detecting health issues as well as in determining the effectiveness of treatments and diet. In the veterinarian’s arena, scales must also be durable and easy to use, enabling a quick and precise weight calculation, of animals that are typically scared or excited and trying to escape. It is critical that the scale is quickly accessible and not complicated with moving parts and adjustments, so a scared pet can get on and off without a prolonged incident or restraint.

Small animal scales are also exposed to quite a bit of drool and urination from dogs, cats and other critters. Because of this it is necessary to thoroughly and constantly clean and sanitize the scales which create the need for scales that are water-resistant. Fortunately, there are several scale designs that are specifically for use with both large and small animals that can be employed on the floor, on an examination table or even a desk. These types of scales allow caregivers to either walk the animal onto or place them upon, a flat and unimposing scale that registers a quick reading.

Another aspect that veterinarians need with their scales is a large and clearly visible display. The assistant will typically position an animal on the scale while the veterinarian or another assistant records the results. A large display also permits one person to accomplish weighing and record-keeping, freeing up doctors and staff for other tasks which saves time and money.

Locating reliable veterinary scales that offer performance and reliability in the challenging setting of a veterinary office can be difficult, as many scales are limited to what sizes and precisions of measurement they can handle. Fortunately, Arlyn Scales hosts an entire line of accurate and versatile small animal scales that vary in weight capacity and size from 10 pounds to animals as big as 500 and 1000 pounds.

Arlyn Scales features the 320-VET and the 620-VET models, both tough and accurate walk-on scales that feature large digital displays, which can be placed where best seen by examiners. Both styles include a rugged aluminum construction and no-slip pads to hold them in place, as well as precision down to 0.002 pounds for an animal that weighs up to 10 pounds, as with the 620 model. These scales also come equipped with a “Weight Average and Hold” function to provide accurate readings of moving animals. Arlyn Scales offers several different sizes for each scale, providing the right size for individual settings that are often already crowded with equipment and tools.

Arlyn Scales manufacturers all of our products right here in the U.S. and ships them directly to customers, removing the middle-man and the high markup, allowing veterinarian offices to get the reliable equipment they need at a price they can afford. Regardless of whether a specialty scale or a custom scale is needed, the collection of products at www.ArlynScales.com provides a huge selection. Contact Arlyn Scales today.