Sorting Station Systems

It is abundantly apparent that our lives have been made so much easier through the many new technologies that we embrace today, and becoming more automated is one of the ways we have benefited within the industrial weighing industry. With all of the new innovations at our disposal, we have become more efficient and require less manpower to accomplish the complex tasks that require nuance and fine-tuned accuracy. With far fewer errors than ever before, technology has brought us new protocols with which to design and develop better systems and products, and Arlyn Scales continually sits on the leading edge of this exciting new world.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Arlyn Scales’ dedication to investing in the latest technology is what keeps us ahead of the curve. With a mission to help our customers keep their businesses running smoothly, quickly, and faultlessly, we rely on a team of educated engineers and technical experts to come up with the best designs for every manufacturing need. Our ability to create custom products for every industrial exigency is helping us expand our expertise as we find solutions that have not yet made their appearance in the general marketplace.

Seamless Strategies For Achieving Your Goal

Using computerized systems, our weighing and sorting products provide seamless strategies for achieving your goal. Our digital scales configure with computers that link through the Ethernet to a system of scales that allow for complete communication between sectors. This means that keeping track of inventory and data has never been simpler. With our easily installed sorting systems, electronic elements are unified to allow you to view the entire inventory of your stockroom, take orders as they come in, keep track of your data base, and provide operators who are working in a central location with the ability to stay abreast of necessary incoming information. By connecting to a link or a wireless connection, our remote indicator software is able to unify and organize your data with limitless possibilities and a minimum amount of effort.

Sensitively Designed Communication Systems

In the case of a chemical mixing plant, for example, our sensitively designed communication system connects your various filling stations that include their own electronic drum scale, to the network of your choice. This permits orders for chemical mixtures to enter the system as they come in so that they may be filled in a timely fashion. Information is instantly placed in your database, and a printer connected to your scale will print out a listing of the contents of your drum.

Exquisitely Designed Protocols

Another great example of how our sorting systems work is in the case of automatic pig sorters. Here you want to find the easiest solution for shipping a load of pigs, and rather than going by the old fashioned and often inaccurate head system, we offer an exquisitely designed protocol that allows you to do this with perfection, alacrity, and ease.

Ideal Systems for Pig Sorting

With our fully automated sorting station, you will stay on schedule by keeping a tight hold on every single aspect of your shipping process. Additionally, with our advanced construction, our product helps to reduce stress on the pig while improving its health by providing more freedom of movement and thus reducing stress and trauma. This protocol also helps to monitor the animals’ weight fluctuations over time, design appropriate diets, and develop viable feed budgets.

Created for Accuracy

Organizing and tracking weight data is made simple through Arlyn Scales’ advanced sorting system. Created for accuracy, you will save time as you create instant reports, along with the many other assets the product affords. With a highly specialized communication system, you can exchange information directly with your main office, or via a USB flash drive for use elsewhere.

Smart Sort Innovation

Arlyn Scales has developed a sector that we call Smart Sort Innovation, or SSI. This division is dedicated to innovative research and design methods for better sorting protocols. Here our team continuously strives to perfect better ways to build load cells, sub-assemblies, and miscellaneous components that integrate to create highly efficient and technically advanced sorting station systems. Created in house, present models include an RFID ear tag reading capacity, a color touch screen controller for menu driven operations, USB memory stick data collection capability, Internet data collection and analysis, and multiple painters for marking two to five-way sorting levels.


In terms of pig sorting, our animal friendly design includes a special training mode with an open frame, low stress configuration, comfortable flooring, and fault-safe default mode to prevent injury. This unique, state-of-the-art system is rapidly becoming signature for the industry as it raises the bar.

High-Tech and User Friendly

Our rugged stainless steel load cells boast a 500% overload capacity, sealed ball bearing slider assemblies, top quality air valves and cylinders, heavy gage tubular stainless frame, and fast and accurate weight results. The fully menu-driven operation, along with easy servicing and an automatic restore function that brings the system back to factory default settings when needed, create a system that is completely high-tech and exceptionally usable for any situation demanding sorting protocols.

Our Commitment to Innovation and Quality

Arlyn Scales has maintained a solid position in the business for 30 years where we are known as a leader in innovation and design. Our eye to the future inspires us to create quality products that help make your processes function optimally. With the best prices, great customer service, and a consummately professional staff, we are able to help you with all of your weighing and sorting needs.
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