Small Livestock Scales For Sale

In the agricultural field, there are many uses for small livestock scales. Different types of scales are needed to weight different sizes of livestock. One of the main problems with a livestock scale can arise from how to get the animal on the scale and then how to keep them there. Another problem can arise from getting the animal to the scale or the scale to the animal. Because of this difficulty small livestock scales are designed in ways to eliminate or at least greatly reduce these issues.

Portability of a Livestock Scale

Small livestock scales are designed with portability in mind. Some of the smaller scales may be very portable, consisting of a simple hanger that attaches to a sturdy structure. Others may be larger and heavier but, either way, they should offer some element of portability. Many of the larger ones include wheels to make them easy to move around. This allows the livestock owner to easily bring the scale to the animal. Keeping the animal in their normal area may help to make them less skittish about the entire weighing process. This may in turn make it easier to get them on the scale and keep them still but the scales are equipped with a feature to allow an accurate reading even if they move around.

Ease of Loading onto the Scale

The small livestock scales that hang generally have a detachable belt that supports the animal. These are designed for very small animals. The belt slides under the belly of the animal, allowing it to be gently lifted and weighed. Because of its design, it is unlikely that the animal can move much until they are released from the scale. The design is also harmless to the animal.

Larger animals may be loaded onto a platform scale. With the platform scale come more problems of loading the animal and holding it still. Many of the platform types of scales have ends with gates. The gates can be moved to allow the animal to enter, but then replaced to keep them on the scale until the weighing process is over. For livestock, these scales should be low to the ground, or at least have a ramp for the animal to get onto the platform. In the case of a ramp, it helps if there is a good deal of traction to keep the animal from slipping as they get nervous of their surroundings and try to shy away from the scale.

A Sturdy and Durable Scale

Scales designed for small livestock must be able to withstand the weight of the livestock to be weighed. The construction should be solid and made from high quality materials. Only the best craftsmanship should be used in the construction of the scale to ensure that it will last through its intended use.

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