Scales For Weighing Puppies

Scales For Weighing PuppiesYou’re avidly searching for a scale that is accurate, durable, easy to use and accessible. You are not, by any means, interested in a scale that is average, not specific for your requirement, or built with non-substantial material. The importance of weighing puppies for sale, to determine health, for breeding purposes, etc is recognized and you’d like the accuracy of your scale to reflect that recognition. You want a puppy weighing scale from Arlyn Scales. It’s probably safe to say that in looking for the perfect scale for weighing your puppies you’ve come to the right place.

Arlyn Scales offers a Veterinary Scale with Light Weight and Accurate Industrial Build. One series of this scale is the Aryln 320-VET which is equipped with a welded aluminum frame with the same heat treated stainless steel load cells used for low profile heavy duty industrial scales. The 320 VET comes in small, standard and large sizes and is 500lbx0.1 capacity. The 22″x44″ scale weighs only 24lbs making it very easy to move and store. It is only 1 7/8″ high making it easy for animals to step onto the scale. It’s offered with a rubber mat for added animal safety. These scales also have an extremely high accuracy of 0.1lb.

Then there is the 620 VET series. The 620 Vet is great for weighing small animals (suitable for puppies) and also shares the same electronic features as the larger scales. The scales within this series are about 10-50lb capacity, 12″x16″ stainless steel platform and only 1″ high. There are puppy weighing scales with higher weight capacities for your convenience. 50-100lb animal weighing scales are also available for you and should be utilized according to your need. The 620 series have excellent weight resolution of 0.002-0.01lb and like the 320 VET series has a sealed display housing, along with sealed load sensors for water resistance. A scale that is waterproof and easy to clean is essential as the puppy may have an accident during weighing. You want to be sure to keep your weighing scale clean and in good condition so that it may have a maximum life span.

All of the Veterinary Scales by Arlyn Scales offer a full featured digital indicator which provide 1″ high block graphics numbers for quick and easy reading up to 500lbs. They are also equipped with a “Weight Average and Hold” function which will accurately weigh your puppies even if they are moving around. Keep in mind that a 3 year parts and labor warranty is offered with these scales for added convenience. There are more sophisticated puppy weighing scales which use a USB connection and software that can be integrated into your computer for the easy transferring of weighing data.

If these scales seem to fit your need but you have more specific requirements let the staff at Arlyn Scales know! Aryln Scales designs and fabricates all of the sub-assemblies that make a scale and the staff has an expertise that can be applied to nearly any weighing situation so customizing is always an option.