Multipurpose Livestock Scales

For those who own livestock farms, having the right kinds of scales are essential to conduct business. One of the main features required is that these scales be easy to transport from one location to the other so that the animals can be weighed in areas that are familiar to them. This feature is necessary because farmers are paid for their livestock based on an accurate measure of weight. Being able to have mobile multipurpose livestock scales is essential because rounding up animals in itself is quite a task; add to this the animal’s fear of being transported and forced into unfamiliar environments in weighing stations and they could urinate a lot and lose body weight resulting in direct loss to the farmers. Animals can lose from five to eight percent of their weight due to such stress. Today, we have numerous varieties of livestock scales that can be used to measure the weight of cattle and livestock of any nature. They have been developed to be utilized on any kind of terrain. The set up can be rigged easily and several animals can go through the weighing process in a short amount of time bringing down the time spent on the process itself. Our livestock scales are available for either large or small animals.

The differences in scales for small and large livestock

There is a fundamental difference between multipurpose livestock scales for small and large animals. In the case of a small one, the scale will be closer to the ground – approximately 2.5′ off the ground making it easy for the animal to step on it. Such scales can be placed below an alleyway to aid in the weighing of hogs. Some farmers suggest structuring a cage around the scale to create crates for hog scales, or you can choose one of our automated pig sorter for the task. A look at large livestock scale systems shows that the accompanying weigh bars are located below the chute or alley. In some cases, it is below the platform itself. These scales are waterproof and allow the farmer to wash the animal while it is on the scale and not have to worry about any damage. These scales also come with leveling feet so that one will be able to keep them on an even keel even at odd angles. What you should keep in mind when using such scales outdoors is that they are heavy and can sink into the mud in the event of rains. It is necessary to place the weigh bards over wood or concrete. Another option is to connect a squeeze chute to the weigh bars directly with the help of mounting tabs. These kinds of scales are also created to help weigh an animal when it is moving about so there will be no need to try to get the animal to remain stationary.

Features to look for in livestock scales

A basic livestock scale takes care of so many aspects. When you are in the market for one, it would be a good idea to have a general overview of the kind of features you should look for as well as the benefits you can get out of a good choice in livestock scales. Here are some things for you to consider. The first thing to ensure is that the weighing platform be made of stainless steel and that it is does not take too much time in cleaning. It should also provide you with a rubber mat so that the animal itself does not slip while on it. Considering you are going to be dealing with temperamental animals, it would be best to have a LCD screen that is lit up, has display in bold letters and gives you a precise reading. Such scales will need to come with a guarantee in terms of its heavy-duty construction. One very good feature of digital livestock scales that you need to look for is the presence of a software that is incorporated to ensure readings are accurate even if the animal does move around a bit. Such scales will be able to give you an average weight reading in a few seconds of the animal mounting the scale. The presence of leveling mechanisms is also a useful feature to look out for. Portability is an issue to look into and having wheels on one end and an accompanying handle on the other end will make moving it around easy. Having cords of at least 5 feet in length to connect the scale and the display is a good idea especially if you need to disconnect it rather quickly. The presence of the port on the display to help it connect to the computer would be a good feature to have. Some good features to have would be a scale that has an overload capacity of a significant level. There are times when you may need to weigh an animal that is heavier than what the scale can handle. In such cases, a scale that can stand up to such weight without ending up damaged is a good idea. Having a scale with battery backup is good too, especially if you are going to use it in remote areas where the power supply may not be dependable. Having ramped up edges to allow the animal to climb on easily would be a good idea as well. Finally a livestock scale that does not involve costs related to moving, installation, etc. would work best for a farmer.

Buying a Livestock Scale

With most purchases being done online, there are several ways in which you can go about researching and buying your scale. We have detailed listings on our site on the different scales we have. You will get all the details you need in terms of sizing, platforms, features and warranties. The kind of animals each one can be used for and the extent to which the machine can be used is also provided. Researching the different kinds of scales available online and then making a comparison chart of your own will help you in making the right choice based on your budget as well, and we have always held a competitive edge in both features and pricing. In some cases, scales are required for veterinary purposes as well. Vets make use of these scales to weigh the animal and determine the kind of medicinal dosage it would require. It is essential that you make a purchase from a retailer like Arlyn Scales, who are committed to making transportation easy and repair work even easier. Scales of this nature are essential to farmers, vets and those who have pets in their homes. It helps you keep an eye on the health of your animal and ensure that it is getting all that it needs in terms of nutrients and medication. Let us make the weighing and tracking process easier with scales built to stand up to the toughest conditions. Call or click to speak with a representative today!