Most Accurate Ways to Calculate the Weight of Animals

Whether you’re a farmer, veterinarian, zookeeper or kennel owner, monitoring the health of the animals you care for requires you to periodically take their weight. Determining a proper diet or the dose for a particular medicine requires it.

A standard dose for a small animal may be completely ineffective for a larger one. A standard dose for a larger animal could be toxic to a smaller one. This is one reason why accurate measurements are so important.

Yet animals aren’t like other things that must be weighed—they can move, which poses a unique problem when choosing a good scale.

Most Vet Scales Are Foreign Made

And it shows in the quality. Sheet metal and lower cost components are used to keep prices down, but in return for a lower cost you’re sacrificing accuracy, durability and lifespan. Yet most animal caretakers are also businesspeople, which means they want the best value for their money—not just the lowest cost.

Better Quality Vet Scales from Arlyn

Built right here in our Long Island factory, our vet scales feature the same construction used for our low profile, heavy duty industrial scales—a welded aluminum frame with heat treated stainless steel load cells. This provides a durable, non-corrosive platform that is light in weight, inexpensive to ship, easy to clean and easy to move. We even include a non-slip rubber mat at no additional charge.

Very Rugged

There are no moving parts, which increases the longevity of the scale. The four stainless steel load cells are embedded in the welded frame to provide excellent shock and abuse resistance. These scales can easily weigh animals up to 500 lbs. Larger capacities are available upon request.

Low to the Ground

The extremely low one-inch profile makes it easy for animals to get on and off the platform, which reduces the amount of time spent trying to coax them onto the scale.

Easy to Read Display

The full-feature digital indicator provides large block graphics that are easy to see from any angle or distance. The swivel mount can be attached to any convenient location, such as a desk, pole or wall.

Special Feature Accurately Compensates for Movement

When the animal on the scale platform moves, the weight on the scale’s display will change. Our “Weight Average and Hold” function takes accurate measurements, even when the animal won’t stand still. It takes multiple readings in a short period of time and uses an advanced digital algorithm to accurately determine the animal’s true weight. The algorithm will dismiss any readings taken when there is too much movement. This weight is then locked on the display for easy recording. Weights can be read to the nearest 0.1 lb.

Recording and Sharing Weight Data

Keeping accurate records is also an important part of maintaining an animal’s health over time. We offer a variety of ways you can export weight data from the scale including:

•    Ethernet: This wired connection runs through your router and allows you to access the scale using your local network. Paired with our free Remote Indicator Software, you can monitor, control and export data from your scale and record it on a computer connected to the network.

•    WiFi: If your scale won’t be located near the router or must be portable inside the office, WiFi is the perfect option. Eliminating wire and clutter, it works just like an Ethernet connection but offers the freedom of a wireless connection.

•    USB Port: This wired connection allows you to plug into virtually any computer or device. When used with our free USB Remote Software, you can import weight data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Access database file along with other important parameters.

•    RFID Tag Reader: Keep accurate records of each animal in a livestock pen with this device. It uses radio frequency to read the tag ID, which is then sent to the digital indicator and recorded along with the weight of the animal.

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