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livestock-alpaca-llama-2Arlyn Scales offers high quality weighing products for the agricultural industry at reasonable prices. These scales are sold factory-direct, which eliminates dealership overhead, and have several features not found in competing products. Arlyn Scales are characterized by fine accuracy, strong durability, reliable weight readings, and computer integration.

Accurate Livestock Weights

The primary problem with weighing livestock is that the animals move around while on the scales. This movement changes the force put upon a scale’s load cells, and this makes the task of taking an accurate reading very difficult. Arlyn Scales has addressed the problem through software that automatically calculates an animal’s true weight from many weight samples. Since the four load cells installed at the corners of the scale are electronic, the sampling rate is extremely fast, which ensures consistently accurate weight measurements. An additional capability is to freeze a weight reading on the indicator so that the animal can be led off of the scale.

Another characteristic of Arlyn Scales products is that they compensate for changes in temperature, which is important for agricultural applications. Checking livestock weight outside happens more often than not, and barns are seldom air conditioned.

Accurate weight readings result in better results for growing and treating livestock in preparation for market. Target weights will be achieved more quickly, and the delivered livestock will be healthier.

Durable Scale Construction

Along with dependable resolution up to 0.1 pound, Arlyn Scales are built to last. You can order scales made of aluminum for transportability, steel for strength, or stainless steel for corrosion resistance. The steel scales are given a three-part epoxy finish that retards oxidation and protects the scales from scratches and scuffing. The scales are also welded together rather than bolted, which ensures peak operation over many years of service.

The load cells are all made from stainless steel, mounted in machined chambers, and sealed with silicon. As a result, the scales are water resistant, meaning that you can simply hose them down after use.

The scales handle overloads and shocks very well, and the four-corner load cell design minimizes mechanical drift. Some other brands of scales use only one load cell located at the center of the pan.

Specialty Scale Systems for Agriculture

Arlyn scales offers scale systems that are designed for specific agricultural uses. The pig sorting scale system routes animals to different feed lots, which serves to consistently grow herds that are made up of mixed ages and weights. The automated pig sorter can have up to five routes and handles animals up to 800 pounds with an overload capacity of over 1000 pounds.

A unique part of the automated pig sorter is its training mode. This mode is meant to accustom pigs, especially piglets, to the sorter. The system starts out by having the entry and exit gates open all the time. The pigs enter and leave without being routed to different feed areas. The next step is to close the entry gate behind each pig while keeping the exit gate open, which assures them that the system is not a trap. The final step is to put the system into full production. By then the pigs have learned that nothing bad will happen to them while being weighed, and they quickly learn that they will soon be fed.

The llama, alpaca, and heavy livestock scales are designed to handle animals with weights up to 500 pounds with a resolution of 0.1 pound.

These scales can also keep track of individual animals via radio-frequency identification (RFID) ear tags. Animals with health problems that can be detected by unexpected weight changes can then be culled from the herd for veterinarian attention, thereby preventing problems from developing.

Other Scales for Agriculture

The Arlyn Scales drum scale handles 55-gallon drums weighing up to 1,000 pounds with a 0.2-pound resolution. If drum weight will not exceed 500 pounds, you can order a drum scale with that capacity. The cylinder scale takes cylinders, pails, and tanks. The standard models come in 60-, 300-, and 400-pound capacities with a resolution of 0.1 pound, except for the 60-pound models that have a 0.02-pound resolution.

Arlyn Scales makes high capacity industrial scales that can be used in agricultural applications. The floor scales can handle loads up to 20,000 pounds and come in 2.5k-, 5.0k-, 10.0k- and 20.0k-pound capacities. Platform scales come in 500- or 1000-pound capacities.

Computer Controls and Data Acquisition

All of the scales offered by Arlyn Scales have onboard intelligence and can connect to computers via RS-232, RS-485, USB, and either wired or wireless Ethernet. We also have free Windows software to help in automatic data feeds to Excel spreadsheets or Access databases. The data feeds can also be delivered as CSV files for easy incorporation into most other spreadsheets and databases.

The scales can be controlled from computers as well, thereby leading the way into fully automated agricultural systems.

If your needs are simpler, Arlyn Scales come with easily read displays and menu-driven local controls. The USB port can be used to acquire data onto a flash memory card, and rechargeable batteries can be used where power is not available.

Customized Scales

Arlyn Scales will gladly produce custom scales to your exacting specifications. Builders of automated agricultural systems will benefit from the engineering input that Arlyn Scales personnel can provide, since we have been manufacturing scales for agricultural and other industries for decades.

Arlyn Scales Benefitting Farmers and Ranchers

Arlyn Scales products will benefit farmers and ranchers, from family-owned concerns to giant corporate operations. The pig sorting system reduces drudgery and increases control over the development of livestock from piglet to market delivery. Highly accurate livestock scales will help keep herds of animals healthier and, in the cases of llamas and alpacas, more productive.

Other scales will help to utilize associated materials more efficiently, such as fertilizer. Grain elevators will benefit from the industrial scales in situations such as unloading and loading trucks or loading railroad cars. Smaller applications will benefit from bench scales, and the potential for automation is limited only by imagination.

Your Best Next Move

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