Large Animal Scales for Zoos

livestock-alpaca-llama-2Arlyn Scales, maker of industrial scales and other weighing devices, also designs and manufactures large animal scales for zoos. Arlyn Scales instruments are well known for their accuracy, durability and rugged construction, making these scales the perfect solution for weighing large zoo animals. Zoos across the US and all over the world are employing the use of our scales to weigh large animals such as seals, sea lions and large felids and simians. Weighing large animals is a unique application for Arlyn scale units. However, we have manufactured veterinary and livestock scales for many years.

Why Weigh Zoo Animals

Keeping track of the weight of zoo animals is an important part of their maintenance in the zoo environment. In the wild, animals obtain their nutrition and exercise hunting and gathering food. Animals move about in the environment, consuming food and burning calories to obtain their food. However, a zoo setting is much more controlled. Every aspect of an animal’s existence is dependent upon zoo staff.

Zookeepers and zoo staff need to keep a close eye on the weight of all animals in their care. If an animal’s weight is down, caloric intake must be adjusted to accommodate for the low weight. The animal’s diet is changed to promote weight gain. Conversely, if an animal’s weight is on the high side, calories may be decreased and perhaps exercise increased, to promote weight loss and make sure the animal stays at optimal weight.

Another reason zoo animals need to be regularly weighed is for administration of medicine and nutritional supplements. Medicine and supplements are administered based on the weight of the animal. To provide accurate dosage of medicine and supplements, the exact weight of an animal must be known. Even animals of the same species may drastically vary in their weight. Administering medicine is performed according to the weight of the animal. For example, a medical dose for a small tiger might be completely ineffective for a larger cat, and a dosage for a larger cat given to the smaller animal might be toxic. Scales utilized to weigh zoo animals must be extremely accurate. Our scales are the most accurate weighing devices available. Zoos often utilize Arlyn digital industrial scales to obtain accurate weight measurements for animals in their care.

Scales for Zoo Animals

Scales utilized for weighing zoo animals must be rugged and durable in construction. The scales must also be water and moisture resistant and able to withstand heavy use. We design and manufacture the most durable, rugged weighing devices on the market. In addition, we designed our industrial scales to withstand weather conditions and resist water. Our industrial scales digital display may be mounted on a wall or a bench and the display shows the weight readings in one-inch high numbers so they may be easily viewed from a distance. When the handler must obtain an accurate reading, but is not able to approach the animal directly, the platform of the scales may be placed in a pen and the display mounted on the outside of the pen for ease of use.

Most animals are skittish about stepping on a platform, such as those used for weighing purposes. Arlyn scales provide a low profile platform that promotes comfort for the animal. The platform raises just a little under two inches off the ground to ensure the animal’s comfort during the weighing process. The platform must also be skid-proof so the animal does not slip and fall when stepping on the scale. Our scale platforms are non-slip with diamond pattern or a tread plate pattern is used to ensure the animal does not skid or slip. In addition, a rubber mat may be used to cover the platform to increase the safety and security of the animal.

The load cells actually measure the weight on the Arlyn industrial scales. Load cells on scales for weighing zoo animals must not only be able to handle an overload, but they must be extremely accurate in addition to being durable. The best load cells are constructed from heavy duty stainless steel. Stainless steel material will not easily rust or corrode, and the material is very durable. If the scale is kicked, stomped or endures other abuses under zoo usage, the stainless steel load cells will not be damaged and will maintain accuracy. Many competitors utilize aluminum for their load cells in their industrial scales. Aluminum would not be an optimal material for scales used with zoo animals as this metal may be easily dented or damaged. Stainless steel load cells made by Arlyn are designed to withstand any application, including weighing large animals.

Because We design our scales with stainless steel load cells instead of using another metal, they are smaller than scales manufactured by competitors. The small load cells allow for the platform to be designed as low profile, rising just a little under two inches off the ground. The animal is not required to step up onto a platform, as with competitors scales. The low profile platform is designed in such a way that the animal is able to simply walk onto the platform.

Arlyn industrial scales can also be used by zoos for weighing large animals such as elephants and rhinos. In addition to industrial scales that may be utilized for weighing zoo animals, we manufacture other animal scales, including Llama and Alpaca scales, livestock scales and veterinary scales.

For over 30 years, We have been the premiere manufacturer of industrial scales and scales used for other applications, such as weighing zoo animals. We manufacture the parts that go into each scale on-site in our Long Island facility. Each component of each scale is made in the USA and constructed with the best material, utilizing the most innovative designs. We produce the highest quality weighing devices for any weighing application. We can also customize scales for any industrial or commercial need, so contact us today and visit contact us to understand and meet your weighing needs!