Automated Pig Sorter: The Best Way to Monitor and Control Weight Gain

In the livestock industry, animal weight literally determines everything. Pigs that are too slim, or too heavy can cause significant economic issues for a farmer, but simply guessing a pig’s weight and steering it into what you think is the correct feeding pen can cause problems as well. While scales are supposed to make this entire process much easier, actually corralling the pigs and ensuring they stay on the platform for long enough to secure an accurate reading can be extremely difficult.

Because of this very real problem, the scale experts at Arlyn Scales have developed a solution that allows farmers to take a much less labor intensive approach to managing the weight and feeding of their pigs.

Arlyn Scales Automated Pig Sorter is easy to install and can actually be placed in the path that your pigs will use to enter their feeding pen. This unit is available as either a two, three, or five-way device that can help you monitor the weight of your pigs and direct them to their appropriate feeding pen based on these readings.

How Does the Automated Pig Sorter Actually Work?

Let’s face it, pigs have minds of their own, and getting them to go where you’d like can be a challenge at times. So, how are you supposed to ensure that you can obtain accurate weight readings and gently lead them to the proper feed based on these readings? Well, we think that our Automated Pig Sorter can solve your problem. Our scale is enclosed in metal fencing, with a gate on each end – one that allows entry, and one that allows a pig to exit only once an accurate weight has been recorded.

There are a variety of different operating modes that can be used depending on your unique needs. The first mode that should be used after the scale is installed, is what is referred to as ‘training mode’. This mode is best for younger pigs, because it helps to get them acclimated to the scale without scaring them. Using this mode, both the entry and exit doors remain open so that the small pig can freely walk through the sorter to the feeding area. This way they can become familiar with walking on the scale platform.

Next, the second level of ‘training mode’ can be used, which causes the entry door to swing shut after the pig enters the sorter. This ensures the pigs can become accustomed to the gate without feeling trapped.

Finally, once the pigs have become accustomed to the entry gate shutting behind them, the sorter can be used in full operational mode. In this mode, the exit door will close after each pig leaves. This means the next pig that will be weighed must stay on the scale until a weight measurement is taken because both the entry and exit doors will be shut.

How Can We Assure the Weight Readings Will be Accurate?

While the Automated Pig Sorter allows for both the entry and exit doors to be shut, this doesn’t mean that the pigs will not be allowed to move around. You may be wondering how we’re able to obtain accurate weight readings even with the movement of the pigs on the scale platform? The answer is in how our Automated Pig Sorter is designed.

Our scale takes many different readings each second while a pig is on the scale. The system then uses a proprietary algorithm that eliminates readings that were taken when the pig was too active and averages the more accurate readings. Once an accurate reading has been obtained, the scale will record this reading and open the exit door so that the pig can move to the appropriate feeding pen.

In the unlikely event that the animal moves violently during the entire time that readings are being taken, the scale will average all of these weight readings after a certain period of time and open the exit gate.

High Quality Construction to Stand Up to Rigorous Conditions

Let’s face it, farms aren’t always the cleanest of environments. Because of this, it’s incredibly important that scales are built in such a way that they can stand up to dust, waste and other materials that are common in the day-to-day operations of a bustling farm. At Arlyn Scales, we’ve developed our Automated Pig Sorter will all of these requirements in mind. Below are just a few of the reasons why you should investigate this model if you’re in the market for a new industrial scale:

Lower Profile Platform – Our industrial scales feature a low-profile scale platform that will make it easier for your pigs to get on and off the platform.

Multiple Load Cells – Our scales feature multiple load cells that are recessed into each corner of the scale platform to protect them from abuse and to ensure more accurate readings.

Large Capacity – Our Pig Sorter can handle a variety of weights from a small piglet weighing 8-10 pounds to a large market ready pig that weighs closer to 300 pounds. The Automated Pig Sorter features an 800-pound capacity to offer more than enough ‘wiggle room’ for a wide range of pig sizes.

Stainless Steel Components – The scale is also manufacturing using stainless steel components whenever possible, which help to protect the unit from corrosion from animal waste as well as the water that is used to wash the unit after heavy use.

Plastic Flooring – An additional option for our Pig Sorter is a plasticized flooring that helps to put your pigs at ease, and also helps protects the scale platform.

Interested in Learning More About the Automated Pig Sorter from Arlyn Scales?

We hope that we’ve shown you just how versatile our Automated Pig Sorter can be when it comes to accurately and efficiently weighing pigs of all sizes. If you have any additional questions about our industrial scales, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today by phone at 800-645-4301 or through our online contact form.