Precision Scales for Mixing Paints, Inks and Dyes

Precision Scales for Mixing Paints, Inks and DyesManufacturing paints, inks and dyes must be done with precision, otherwise customers and clients will detect the flaw as soon as they use the product. Imagine the chaos you would have to sort out if you sold a red dye to a t-shirt company and a large batch of shirts came out pink? Or what if you sold a black paint to a construction company, but it was too thick and lumpy to spread onto the walls? What if you sold an ink to a printing company and it was so liquid it ran out of the printer and ruined a batch of flyers or menus? Manufacturing failures of this kind can cause customers complaints, loss of business, and damage to your reputation. That means quality assurance and consistency are directly related to profitability and sales.

Accurate Weight Measurements Are A Key To Paint, Ink & Dye Color & Quality

Paints inks and dyes are all made of multiple compounds. Each one has a  specific purpose, whether that is pigmentation, thinner, toner, or thickener, or adhesive. Depending on use of the paint, dye or ink, other materials may be added to make the coloring agent more weather resistant. The key to the overall quality of the product has to do with each of these ingredients being mixed at the exact ratio. The key to mixing ingredients at the right ratios has to do with obtaining accurate weight measurements for each substance.

This can be accomplished as long as your production process incorporates a scale that is:

  • Extremely accurate, high resolution weight measurements
  • Capable of being outfitted with automated features
  • Durable and reliable
  • Resistant against damage from harsh chemicals
  • Easy data transfer and storage

Arlyn’s SAW Technology: The Key To Increased Accuracy and Durability

Arlyn Scales offers Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology in our scales. SAW technology is a ground-breaking innovation compared to standard scale technology on the market. In a SAW scale, an acoustic wave propagates along a crystalline structure. As weight flexes the load cells in a saw scale, the wave changes. This change in wavelength relates to the weight placed on the load platform. This is an improvement over standard scales which tend to use strain gage technology. Strain gage scales build their load cells out of aluminum or steel, and they undergo significant deflection. SAW load cells require much less deflection, and are therefor much more robust and reliable.

Options for High-Precision Scales For Paint, Ink And Dye Production From Arlyn

Enjoy 20 times the resolution of other scales with this precise SAW scale. You will be able to measure all of your pigments, thinners, toners and adhesives to exact amounts with a scale that features this degree of accuracy.

These scales offer ten times the accuracy of any other scale in its price range. A standard 100 lb capacity scale features sensitivity to .02 lb. However, a 100 lb capacity SAW scale gives sensitivity of .0001 lb. No matter what capacity of scale, SAW technology delivers similar improvements in resolution.

Sturdy Stainless Steel Industrial Scales Resist Chemical Damage

Arlyn’s stainless steel scales can be coated with protective layers that will resist chemical damage. Many of the materials used in manufacturing paints, inks and dyes can be incredibly abrasive. Should these splash on your scales, you want to be confident that they will resist the damage these chemicals can cause. Stainless steel is naturally more resistant to corrosion than aluminum, which is a standard manufacturing material for other types of scales. Not only that, we can include coatings to protect the scale from scuffs, scratches and damage.

Automated Production Options For Superior Accuracy and Precision

If you want to make sure that the different elements in your paints are at exact levels, you can ask about Arlyn’s automation options. We have designed weighing infrastructure for numerous production plants and factories. We can help you develop a process for mixing paints, inks and dyes with mechanical dispensary processes. Automation can make your production process far more efficient, and even more accurate. Not only can you automate your processes, you can organize alerts for yourself based on product quantities or anything else you need to know. This lets you monitor a complex process even for multiple locations.

Greater Connectivity Options For Weight Data With Arlyn Scales

Connectivity is a key part of keeping any modern production process running at its best. Recording weight data is a crucial part of your business because if you are doing something correct, you want to be able to repeat the process time and time again. If you experiment with new mixtures or colors, you need an exact record of what you did in order to recreate it. If you had a manufacturing failure, you want to know which batch of paint caused it. This lets you know which equipment you need to inspect in order to solve the problem and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Our scales feature modern connections like WiFi, Ethernet, and USB hookups. These methods can be a great way to remove tangles of wires from your production process which makes it more streamlined and safe.

How To Get Precision Scales for Your Paint, Ink and Dye Production Needs

If you are interested in finding durable, easy-to-use scales that will help you store and transfer your data, resist corrosion, allow you automate your functions, and measure all of your materials precisely, get in touch with Arlyn Scales. As an industry leader in scale production for over 30 years, we have a tremendous amount of experience we can offer you when it comes to designing the ideal weighing system for your business. You can get in touch with us by calling (516) 593-4465. You can also contact us online, where you can browse through photos, articles, and more information about our scales. We have helped industries ranging from farms to factories. We are passionate about problem solving, and we are confident we can find solutions for you.