Industrial Scales with Remote Displays and Readouts

If your work environment has a lack of visibility or elements that interfere with weighing equipment, then you want an industrial scale that comes with a remote display and convenient readouts. They are designed for increasing the viewability of your results and make recording more reliable. You can also use them in environments where the operators for their safety cannot stay too close to the physical location of the scale platform. These include hazardous workspaces.

Some of our displays can also connect over WiFi, which means that you can send the data to be stored in a backup server. This works well when you want to conduct various data analyses on industrial weights or to maintain a consistent record efficiently. Pair with various load cells and stainless steel bodies to get the most power and longest life out of your industrial scales.

Easy To Read LCD Displays

Remote displays are used generally to record measurements from a distance. You can connect multiple displays as needed in certain models. Some can even come with a touchscreen, depending on the model that you choose. We have spent years renovating displays so that they go beyond the traditional analog view.

While LED displays can be used with scales, we prefer liquid crystal displays or LCD. They are designed to reduce the glare and the amount of power used to display alphanumeric results.

Our displays show sharp and bright readings of data. Decide if you want one with a rechargeable battery or with a plug-in power source. We enclose ours in a water-resistant enclosure and mount with a stainless steel bracket. This increases the display’s lifespan, especially in wet environments.

Factors That Can Inhibit Readings

Different environmental factors can affect visibility or recording data. In this case, the human operator has to be able to see the results, even if the scale can send the data for storage through a wireless connection. They also need to work in an environment that minimizes the risks to their health.

Sunlight is one such factor. If your manufacturing environment is outside, or you are dealing with weighing livestock and produce, the glare can obscure any readings from the glass. Having a remote display means that you can take the measurements out of the sun and avoid the glare entirely.

Temperature extreme can also be a problem. Humans cannot last long in boiling hot or freezing cold environments, even with adequate protection. Making an operator suffer this environment is hazardous and unethical. Being able to measure in a separate room or space means they can focus on the task at hand rather than become concerned with frostbite or serious dehydration.

Fumes are another concern, especially in factories and chemical plants. In residential spaces, a lack of visibility is usually a sign of air pollution and can create dangerous pea soup fogs, as they were once called if left unchecked. Within a factory, such a fog can be caused by industrial smoke. This smoke has gas particulates, aerosols, and smog that can potentially block vision. Having a remote display reduces the risk of human operators inhaling the gas.

Dust can also inhibit visibility, especially in large amounts. While small clumps of dust can clog machinery — hence why you want scales that are easy to clean in steel foundries and other facilities that produce ample waste — piles of it can interfere with the scale platform and force inaccurate readings.

The willingness of the items being weighed may also be a factor, as well as their portability. When you are weighing live animals, one added benefit is that for animals that are less than cooperative you can stay out of range of claws, hooves, paws, or teeth. That increases operator safety, especially in zoos that have wild creatures. One person can place them on the scale, while another can read the recording and track the data.

Even with inanimate objects, portability may be a factor. Some pallets and products are too heavy for an operator to move; it would make more sense for them to have machinery do the loading and to conduct the measuring in tandem with a computer or database system.

Improve Your Weighing Systems With Arlyn Scales

Arlyn Scales wants to ensure that you can use your scales in any environment. Different businesses such as farms, labs, and factories use them in different ways. We keep up on the latest technology that can increase accuracy, precision, and convenience. That way our customers can benefit from the newest bench scales or the LCD displays to allow for easy reading.
When you’re ready to choose a scale, reach out to us today. Our representatives are ready to help you find the right weighing application for your business need, with appropriate recording equipment and displays. Let us deliver platform scales that can handle any manufacturing situation, and serve your needs for measurement.