Weighing Solutions with Data Storage and Export Capabilities

ultra-precision-scale-1More often than not, it’s necessary to collect data during one or more phases of the weighing process. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways, whether you choose to store data directly on the scale or by sending the data to an external computer system.

Arlyn Scales offers a variety of communication ports, storage devices, and transfer systems that will allow you to control your data and make sure it gets to where it needs to go. So whether you use a scale to keep track of your inventory or to keep a safe level of material in a drum, you’ll find the storage and export capabilities you need.

Datalogging / USB Flash Drive

If your scale does not have direct access to a power source or you need a portable model to take into the field, this option will allow you to store hundreds of thousands of weight readings on a flash drive that can later be removed from the scale and plugged into your workstation computer where the data can be downloaded.


Ethernet is a wired internet connection that runs through your router and allows you to monitor, control, and export data from your scale using your local network and our Remote Indicator software.Weights can then be recorded, sorted, grouped and analyzed from your workstation PC.

USB Port

Another wired connection and one of the most popular PC interfaces, USB is compatible with almost any computer system or device. With our free USB Remote software, you can send data directly from your scale into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Access database file for easy storage and review. You can also access, monitor, and control your scale from connected PC.


Wi-Fi is a wireless internet connection that allows you to access your scale from any Wi-Fi hotspot in the world. This is fabulous option if your scale will be stationary but not located near your router for an Ethernet connection. Essentially, Wi-Fi works in a way similar to Ethernet, except you have the freedom of wireless.


The latest in data-driven technology, cloud computing allows you to process massive amounts of data over a secure connection without hard drives or dedicated servers Ð data is stored “in the cloud.” This is a great option if you need to compile weight data from various locations across the country or world and want to aggregate your data in one easy-to-access location.


This is a standard communications protocol that is mainly used to transmit data from one computerized piece of equipment to another. When it comes to your scale, RS-232 allows it to communicate directly with printers, programmable logic controllers and computers. It also offers full remote capability as a bi-directional interface that allows the scale indicator to send data and receive commands from computers or other pieces of equipment. Our scales’ operating software includes a print frame definition editor that allows for customized outputs like complex printed labels.

RS-232 Add-On

If you’d like to add time (12 or 24 hour), day of the week, and date to any of your print frames, our Time and Date option will allow you to do this. The clock is set through the indicator’s menu system and is powered by an internal lithium battery that will keep time for up to ten years, even if the power is removed from the scale.


If you need a robust, long distance network protocol to connect several scales and a personal computer, then RS-485 is the option for you. It’s another communication system, but unlike RS-232 or a USB port, the distance over which your scale can successfully transmit and receive data is much larger Ð over 4,000 feet. RS-485 is also a “multidrop” protocol, which means that several scales can share a single line to form a network. We also offer a RS-485 to USB interface that allows you to log data and directly control as many as ten scales from a single computer.

Analog Outputs

Used to communicate with programmable logic controllers and chart recorders, this option allows you to set start and ending currents or voltages directly through the set up menu. There are two analog output configurations available Ð current and voltage.

Voltage Output: 0 to 5VDC scalable

Current Output: 4 to 20ma scalable

Set Point Controller

This output offers some simple batching and programmable logic controller-type functions. You can set up to eight target weights at one time and use the targets to power or shut off other pieces of equipment including feeders, mixers, motors, valves, solenoids, and other devices. The most common use for the set point controller is automated filling and mixing operations. Formulas can be input through the set up menu to control how the output lines behave based on the weight applied to the platform. You can save many different formulas into the scale memory that can be recalled as needed.

Available on All Models

Because we’re a factory direct manufacturer, we have the luxury of adding whatever communication option you need to the scale of your choice. Choose from our industrial strength bench, cylinder, platform and floor scales, which all feature stainless steel load cells for additional ruggedness and accuracy; our ultra precision scales, which offer resolutions as high as .0001 and are an excellent and affordable substitution for MFR scales; our easy-to-operate counting scales, which make keeping an inventory of small pieces or parts a breeze; our explosion proof scales, which are Intrinsically Safe and rated for an impressive variety of hazardous locations; or any of our other scale models.

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