Sartorius Scales vs Arlyn SAW Precision Scales

Sartorius is one of the world’s leading providers of laboratory and process technologies and equipment. With many customers in the biotech, pharma and food industries as well as public research institutes and laboratories, their precision balances are trusted for quality and accuracy.
But what if we told you there was a better, cheaper alternative to a Sartorius balance?

Arlyn Scales Ultra Precision Scales Are a Better Alternative

The first new weighing technology to be released in the last 40 years, surface acoustic wave (SAW) is Arlyn Scales’ new internationally patented design. SAW offers better performance with higher capacities and finer resolution at truly competitive pricing.

Comparing Performance and Pricing

Let’s first compare similar models and then explore the technology that drives our Ultra Precision Scales.

At $4,505, the Sartorius MasterPRO Series LA34000 has a 34,000 g maximum capacity and a resolution of 1 g. Arlyn Scales’ SAW-C has a 45,000 g maximum capacity, a resolution of 0.5 g and only costs $1,099. Between the two, Arlyn offers a higher capacity at a better resolution for nearly a fourth of the cost.

Similarly, the Sartorius LA16001S has a maximum capacity of 16,000 g, a resolution of 0.1 g and a $5,212 price tag. Yet the closest Arlyn Scales model, the SAW-T, has a maximum capacity of 12,000 g, a resolution of 0.1 g and a much lower price tag at $1,099. Even when you compare the lower capacity SAW-T with a higher capacity Sartorius model, you still get the same resolution with 78% savings.

And while the Sartorius LA34001P has a 8,000 g maximum capacity, a resolution of 0.1 g and a price of $6,750, Arlyn Scales’ SAW-T has a 12,000 g maximum capacity, 0.1 g resolution and a $1,099 price tag—six times lower than the Sartorius with a higher capacity.

Capacity Resolution Price Savings
Sartorius LA34000 34,000 g 1 g $4,505 $3,406
Arlyn SAW-C 45,000 g 0.5 g $1,099
Sartorius LA16001S 16,000 g 0.1 g $5,212 $4,113
Arlyn SAW-T 12,000 g 0.1 g $1,099
Sartorius LA34001P 8,000 g 0.1 g $6,750 $5,651
Arlyn SAW-T 12,000 g 0.1 g $1,099


Arlyn Scales’ Factory Direct Pricing

When you make a purchase with Arlyn Scales, you’re making a purchase directly from the factory. This means that your scale isn’t passing through distributors and other handlers that must mark up prices to make a profit. While Sartorius scales are quality, you’re not paying for just the quality. You’re also paying the distributors to get it to you. And while their lead time is about 5-7 weeks, we always keep our products in stock and can ship from the factory immediately.

Tough in Industrial Environments, Sensitive Enough for Labs

Not every sensitive weighing application is going to be conducted in a lab setting, which is about as close to ideal as you can get. Many industries require sensitive, high resolution measurements in a manufacturing setting – paint mixers, semiconductor producers, and chemical formulators to name just a few – which means the scales must be able to provide the sensitive measurements in less than ideal conditions.

Our Ultra Precision Scales were made for us in tough industrial environments. They can withstand changes in temperature, air currents and vibrations caused by other machinery while still providing precise measurements.

Ultra Precision Technology

When developing our line of Ultra Precision scales, we wanted a stable, durable and rugged weighing system that could withstand the extreme environments found in many industrial applications. So we started with the same basic theory of load cell design found in strain gage scales.

Yet instead of trying to improve the accuracy of strain gages, we decided to replace that technology completely. This is where our surface acoustic wave technology makes a difference. Instead of measuring stress or strain, it measures the displacement of the spring element.

On each end of the spring element, we place two SAW transducers. One acts as a transmitter and the other a receiver. When weight is applied to the platform, it causes the spring element to bend, which creates a change of frequency in the bulk wave in the substrate. This wave is picked up by the transmitter, sent to the receiver where it is amplified and sent back to the transmitter to create a feedback loop.

The frequency of oscillation between the two transmitters depends on the distance between them, which is proportional to the bending of the spring element, which is directly related to the weight of the item on the platform. Our scales measure this frequency digitally, which further enhances their precision.

Surface Acoustic Wave Transducers

Our Ultra Precision Scales are inherently more accurate because they have a fully digital output stream. They’re also able to withstand rough factory conditions like temperature changes, air currents and vibration while maintaining their high accuracy. It’s all part of our superior design. We fabricate our SAW transducers with semiconductor-grade crystalline substrates and deposit electronics on the substrate using the same photolithography process found in advanced semiconductor manufacturing.

If you’d like to learn more about the features of an Arlyn SAW scale and why you should choose one above a Sartorius model, contact us today!