Precision Scales for Contest Judging

ultra-precision-scale-1In many places around the United States, agricultural contests are still major events. They serve to help bring the community together, and celebrate its heritage, while encouraging locals to work hard on their best crops.

Believe it or not, the value of such a contest extends beyond the morale-boosting effect of a local spectacle. Small farms and other agricultural operations have a big job to do when it comes to competing with industrial agribusiness.

Winning such a competition can have a tremendous impact on business in the short term. In the long run, developing a winning record is a surefire way to build one’s reputation inside of the community and beyond.

Best Weighing Platforms for Judging Contests & Competitions

Agriculture is not the only area where contests are still “big business.” If you watch any television around the Thanksgiving holidays, you are likely well aware of the famous dog shows and equestrian events that tend to dominate the airwaves around that time.

All of these events — and many smaller ones — require that the show animals be precisely weighed. The stakes are high at every level of these competitions.

Any doubt to the precision of the results can reduce confidence in your organization, and impact future events, for some time to come. Whenever possible, the best course of action for preventing all doubt is to be proactive!

Competitors Must Be Confident in the Results of Your Contest

When competitors take their contests very seriously, it’s vital that you use the strictest judging criteria. One of the best ways to put the integrity of any local contest beyond doubt is to use the best, high-performance scales on the market.

There is a tremendous difference between an ordinary bathroom scale and a precision scale; in fact, there is no comparing the two. The average scale is actually extremely imprecise, with measurements that are only accurate within a half pound or so.

Even more advanced commercial scales tend to provide a result accurate to only within .2 pounds using laser technology. This margin of error is completely unacceptable in serious contests!

Doctor’s Scales vs. Commercial Weighing Platforms

Many people believe that in order to get an accurate read in any weighing situation, you can use a doctor’s scale — the kind with weights that you slide from side to side to get your reading. Unfortunately, this is a misconception.

While it is true that these scales are more accurate than average, they are still woefully inadequate for contest judging! Over time, these scales become imbalanced and will give increasingly inaccurate readings.

This is especially the case if they are subjected to heavy use. Additionally, because most people are more inclined to trust these scales than other types, it may be difficult to notice errors.

Contest Judges are Empowered to Ensure Precise Results

The answer is clear: Precision scales must be used for contest judging! Ultra Precision Scales offer the peace of mind that will allow every contestant to know the judgments given are fair and sound.

A well-constructed precision scale will endure continuous use without losing its ability to make a quick and accurate weight reading. Plus, high-quality precision scales have a much more compact “footprint” than other scales.

This means that the contest coordinator will not have to spend precious funds trying to figure out where a big, clunky “doctor’s scale” can be safely stored while it is not in use! Furthermore, ur scales are among the most respected and precise scales on the market.

Why Should You Trust Arlyn Scales when Judging Your Contest?

Our scales are already used in hundreds of local, state, and regional contests around the United States due to their combination of great features. They provide incredible precision and a compact body at a price point that’s far more economical than any competitor.

We realize that the most important issue, when it comes to your contest, is the image of integrity and ethics that you present to those who make that contest possible. This includes your contestants, as well as the people from near and far who come to show their support.

There are many reasons why a commercial weighing machine from Arlyn Scales are ideal for contest judging:

Superior Sensitivity

When you use one of our scales, you will never have to be satisfied with a “good guess” about weight. Whether you are weighing produce, livestock, or even alpacas and llamas, we produce a weight reading up to 20 times more accurate than regular scales.

Formidable Functionality

We offer convenience and versatility to suit your needs.

In addition to dozens of models to suit every weighing activity, the scales provide easy reading through highly visible backlit Digital Weight Indicators.

They can display weights in multiple common units.

Peerless Precision

No other scale will provide the astonishing accuracy of 0.005% and display resolution equal to 1 part in 400,000. When you use an Arlyn Scale, the results you get are beyond dispute — and they are so simple to use that operator error is virtually impossible.

No Setup or Servicing Necessary

One of the reasons that people settle for home scales with poor precision is easy setup.

Arlyn Scales provide the same easy setup as these scales and bring amazing features home to you.

No dealer servicing is ever necessary since our scales are self-calibrating.

Rugged Construction for Enduring Reliability

To make our brand an even better value, we ensure that we will stand up to your needs for many years to come.

Our scale is a precision scale for contest judging you can invest in; it will be back year after year with the same exceptional performance.

Broad Spectrum of Capacities and Models

As your needs change, so can your weighing platforms. In fact, we have created a complete line of scales to stand up to any challenge.

Our diverse line of scales includes:

…and many more! We pride ourselves on our collaborative spirit, so if your operations require original solutions, we can also design custom scale applications.

Promote Confidence in Your Contest Scoring with Arlyn Scales

A contest or competition is an excellent way to spread brand awareness, facilitate professional collaboration, and promote community cohesion. This can be perfect for a wide range of industries, including agriculture, entertainment, and engineering.

However, the lifeblood of any kind of competition is the accuracy and fairness of its outcome. To ensure that your contest will be the talk of the town, state, or region — and for all the right reasons — rely on Arlyn Scales to deliver the perfect weigh-in for all of your public events.
We can empower you to maintain maximum confidence in the results of your competitive event. To find the perfect ultra precision scales for contest judging, reach out to our team today.