Precision Scales Built for Corrosive Environments

large-ultra-precision-scale-1A corrosive environment is one in which the chemical effect of harsh products such as solvents, acids, fuels, and other corrosive liquids, is detrimental on materials, usually metals. The materials are gradually destroyed because of the reaction between the corrosive environment and the material.

There are many industrial settings, including production and manufacturing, that have corrosive environments and are regularly exposed to corrosive liquids and materials. What makes these environments especially difficult is the amount of tools and equipment and parts that are susceptible to corrosion. Attention must be paid to not only the work that needs to be handled, but also to protecting the tools, materials, parts and equipment that is being used to perform the jobs.

An Item of Importance

One item in particular that is important to the industry that is often exposed and can very easily be corroded is the industrial scale. These scales come in contact with a variety of corrosive materials on a daily basis. Many of the things that need to be weighed accurately contain corrosive liquids and materials. It is therefore crucial to the longevity of the scale that this situation be taken into consideration when choosing the best scale to purchase for the particular job that needs to be performed.

Improved Technology

With today’s technology there have been improvements that make it possible for equipment to be exposed to corrosive materials without corroding. One such example is the Arlyn Corrosion Resistant Scale. This particular scale is made of stainless steel. However, it is coated with a special glass filled, three-part epoxy that makes it extremely corrosion resistant. The particular design and construction of this scale allows for an extremely heavy-duty, corrosive resistant, durable, hard-working scale.

Corrosive Liquids

Often in the manufacturing and production industries there comes the need to measure and weigh cylinders filled with a variety of corrosive materials, such as liquefied gases like chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen, chloride and carbon dioxide, and chemicals such as fluoride, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, phosphate, alum, caustics and many others. The design of the Arlyn Corrosion Resistant Scale is low-profile, which makes it extremely easy to load drums and cylinders of materials and liquids onto the scale. Additionally, there are mica and garnet particles embedded within the epoxy, which prevent loads from slipping on the platform. The low profile allows for easy loading and unloading. When a load slips on a platform it can cause a spill that can be dangerous not only to the scale itself, but more importantly, to any workers in the vicinity. The epoxy coating reduces these dangers, improves workplace speed and efficiency, and allows for a more secure measuring experience.

Standard Unique Features

Corrosion resistant scales are built to last and are extremely rugged, durable and heavy-duty. Some of the other standard features we include when manufacturing our scales are specially suited to aid in making the industrial weighing process one of simplicity and ease.

These scales can weigh in multiple units including lbs. kilos, grams, ounces and more. They have an operating temperature between 14¡F and 104¡F, as well as pushbutton functions for automatic keyboard tare and zero functions with memory, which allows for easy user operation. It has power requirements of AC-117VAC, 50/60 Hz.(220V Optional) and an optional DC-Rechargeable Battery which allows for 20 hours of use and has a 4 hour recharge time. The scale comes with a 5-digit graphics display that has a display speed of .4 seconds and can be adjusted. It has a high weight resolution to one tenth of a pound.

Another beneficial feature is that it has no internal moving parts, which means that it has little need for maintenance. Additionally, some of the available options and accessories for data communication between the scale and other in-house equipment include analog output, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, USB memory stick data-logging, computer/printer port and set point output. There are even more advanced options such as the RS-485 port, a long distance network protocol that allows for information to be passed over longer distances from multiple scales.

Platforms and Capacities

The Arlyn Corrosion Resistant Scale is available in weight capacities from 500 pounds up to 20,000 pounds, and has variety of platform sizes. Some of the available platform sizes include 20Ó x 27Ó and 36Ó x 36Ó. These are the standard sizes of capacity and platform size. However, there are more specialized and custom options available. So, no matter what type of weighing you and your business need to do there is an option that will meet your needs.

A Benefit of Made in the USA

Another beneficial characteristic of the Arlyn Corrosion resistant scale is its price point. Due to the fact that our products are made in the USA, we are able to offer high-quality products and factory direct prices. This allows for your business to have the quality equipment it needs while keeping a reasonable equipment overhead budget. Ultimately, researching and purchasing quality equipment reduces future spending on maintenance and replacement, down time due to inoperable equipment, promotes worker safety, and improves efficiency and accuracy.

A Product You Can Trust

When it comes to products that last and products that you can trust to serve your business well, it is important to be able to trust the company from whom you purchase. Having been in the scale, measuring and weighing business for over thirty years, we pride ourselves in knowing that we not only have the correct product for your weighing needs but that we also can help match you to the best available option.

We understand the difficulties that arise in your industry and we strive to bring affordable solutions and options to you. Please contact us today by calling (800) 645-4301 or using the Contact Us page. We look forward to working with you and helping you to find the best scale for your business.