Pallet Scales of the Highest Accuracy

large-ultra-precision-scale-1Designing a scale to handle large weighing capacities day in and day out is no easy feat. All kinds of criteria need to be taken into account to design a scale to address this complex weighing environment.

Arlyn Scales has been manufacturing scales and subassemblies for scales for more than thirty years. Our goals include providing our customers with the latest technology, superior quality US made scales for the best value.

Implementing the key necessary features to create pallet scales of the highest accuracy takes a commitment to utilize the best materials available bar none. Arlyn Scales has made such a commitment.

The Key Size and Weight Details

Not all Pallet scales are alike, yet they may have similar appearances and descriptions. But how can you be certain that the materials used in the manufacturing process will hold up to the rugged demands of day to day usage in extreme factory and warehouse environments?

There are significant details to look for in your search for the optimal piece of equipment. First and foremost in your search is having the correct estimation of the weight and size or your pallet and materials. As pallet scales can be manufactured to weigh up to 30,000 pounds, it is important to clearly define your needs. For example, if your typical pallet will weigh no more than 3000 pounds, it is not advisable to purchase a scale with a 20,000 pound capacity. The industry standard is 10,000 pounds and in most cases, this is sufficient.

What is the standard size of your pallet? Will there be an average size or will they be random? Platform sizes range from three feet by three feet to eight feet by ten feet in our custom division. Acquiring the proper sized platform for your largest pallet, which will also suffice for the smaller parcels, is insurance against workplace injury and accidental breakage of contents. We offer four feet by four feet for our popular Arlyn Series 5200. This seems to best meet most industry requirements, however customized platforms sizes are always an option.

Platform Durability

The incessant activity of placing pallets on and off of platform scales whether by pallet jacks or forklifts will cause scratching that needs to be addressed during construction. We offer heavy welded steel platforms that are triple layered with a zinc-galvanized coating, guaranteed to provide years of rust inhibited usage.

We have incorporated a diamond-plated surface to reduce slippage and offer an additional superior protective coating consisting of garnet particles embedded in the epoxy to insure increased abrasion resistance.

Additionally, you do have the option aluminum, steel or stainless steel platforms. The aluminum is a lighter material, making this the correct option for portability. Steel is a bit more rugged. However, it is a proven fact that nothing will compare to the dependable use your stainless steel platform will provide through years of rugged handling of heavy materials. So if your intention is to purchase a scale that can withstand very heavy usage and rough handling that can come with handling 1000 pounds or more, the stainless steel option is your best bet.

Superior Load Cells

Accidents do happen and if perchance a pallet were to drop faster than anticipated or the scale were to be knocked into accidentally by a pallet, a scale not properly built for heavy loads will suffer shock and load damage, rendering a workflow stoppage or worse yet, an incapacitated scale.

Arlyn Series 5200 all electronic Large Floor Scale is manufactured using four advanced shear beam stainless steel load cells, placed in machine-pocketed corners of the scale platform. Additionally, these load cells are well matched to function optimally without the use of a summation board. This superior protocol of load cell placement insures years of overload and shock load capacity and uninterrupted workflow.

Superior Indicator

Included with every 5200 series scale is our ultimate performance indicator. This 32 bit easily programmable LCD screen device is set to deliver weighing information in 0.4 seconds. It can store up to 100 memory locations, is moveable to afford viewing from multiple angles and can be mounted either on the scale, a wall, or an optionally purchased post. The LCD screen displays weight and tare measurements in a clear, easy to read manner.

Superior Communication

Data communication is a well-designed certainty with this water resistant, shock absorbent device. With optional USB capability and our free Remote Indicator Software, you can export your data into an Excel spreadsheet or Access database file.

If communication to and from your scale and your computer, remote workstation or printer is required, our RS-232 is a viable option. You can control your scale remotely and with the accompanying software, you will be able to print complex labels from your workstation.

Highest Ratings Available

Due to the impeccably designed functionality of our pallet scales, the readability rating and internal resolution ratings are on par with the far more expensive scales manufactured today. The readability rating on these high volume scales is one pound, more or less, which is excellent in the ultra large weighing environment. The internal resolution rating is one in 500,000, which allows for 99.8 percent accuracy.

The operational temperature range for the series 5200 pallet scale is 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This range allows for operation in a variety of workplaces, factories, warehouses and exterior environments.

The added value of being a factory direct manufacturer is that we can provide you the best weighing devices for the best price. Arlyn Scales weighing equipment is automatically calibrated so there is no need for dealer set up or dealer involvement creating even more cost savings for our clients.

Our commitment to high standards, cutting edge technology and watching out for our client’s best interests garnered us the reputation for producing weighing instruments that are dependable, reliable and accurate.

We are prepared to incorporate all of your weighing specifications into a customized pallet scale, if need be. Whether your interest lies in our reliable, durable platform scales or a platform scale of your specifications, we are certain to provide you with the best scale for the best price.

Contact Arlyn Scales for more information through our online form or by calling us at 800.645.4301.