Low Cost High Accuracy Scales


A number of industries require high accuracy weight measurements in their manufacturing processes. Because this is a consistent need in production, it is best to find a price point at which you do not have to sacrifice too much money for a quality, reliable scale. Arlyn Scales has outfitted an incredible variety of industries with weighing systems. We can help provide your business with high-accuracy scales at a fair and affordable price.

Whether you need a scale suitable for analytical laboratory work, or something to count small parts used in manufacturing electronics, a high-accuracy scale is an important part of quality assurance in your production process. When it comes to choosing the right type of scale, the more details about your needs and purpose we have, the better a recommendation we can make.

The Ideal Scale Depends on Your Purpose

Once we break down the specifics of your industry, Arlyn Scales can help provide ideal scale system. This can have a big impact on the price due to the wide range of materials used to manufacture scales. For example, if you need an affordable gram scale for your small jewelry business, it’s possible that plastic would be the most cost effective material from which to manufacture a scale housing. However, it isn’t durable enough to be a viable choice for higher capacity scales. Also, it won’t last as long as other materials. Many people who need high accuracy scales work in chemical manufacturing industries. Even something as simple as a floor cleaner can include caustic chemicals that will degrade plastic over time. That’s where a stainless steel model really shines. The purpose of these examples is to highlight the importance of considering materials and capacities carefully before choosing a scale.

Available from Arlyn Scales: Large Ultra Precision Scales

These scales offer an extremely high resolution. With automatic calibration, these scales deliver fast, no setup integration, into your workspace. This also means that the scales can communicate with whatever data system you need. These scales can show you an immediate display, and even feed information directly into whatever file system you require. Streamlining options like these frequently help manufacturers discover new ways to develop more efficient processes of production.

See more about Ultra-Precision scales.

“Available Upgrades:

  • MKE-5 Digital IndicatorHigh Precision Push-button Indicator
  • UPSCALE-9 IndicatorArlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator
  • Analog: Analog Output 4 – 20mA
  • Ethernet: Ethernet TCP/IP Connectivity
  • WiFi: (UpScale Only) Wireless TCP/IP Connectivity
  • Label Printer: Label, Paper, and Card Printer (must purchase RS232 option)
  • Thermal Printer: (UpScale Only) POS Printer and Interface (Bluetooth/USB connection)
  • Flow Rate: Flow Rate Measurement Program
  • Memory Stick: USB Memory Stick Datalogging
  • NEMA: NEMA 4x stainless steel display enclosure
  • Battery: Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • RS-232: RS-232 Computer/Printer Port
  • Set Point: SetPoint Controller (for Filling Operations)
  • Relay (AC/DC): Solid State Relays for Industrial Control
  • USB: USB Port (Virtual COM Port Drivers)
  • Time & Date: Time and Date output
  • WinWedge: Data Collection Software (USB, RS232, etc.)”

Avoid  Non-Applicable Features

When buying scales, a clear idea of what features are necessary for your business can help you avoid spending on bells and whistles you don’t need. You’re familiar enough with this effect from buying cars. Do you need the in-car GPS included when you are more likely to use your phone? Do you really need an extra exorbitant speaker system? Will you use the rearview camera screen when you have built a habit of using your mirrors safely you whole life? There are parallel questions to answer when buying a scale.

After years of developing optimal scales for work situations ranging from farms to factories, Arlyn has optimized our process for finding scales that suit an industry. We have a clear idea of what features are best suited to a given industry’s needs. If we can come back to our example of the jeweler, if someone only uses a gram scale, it’s unlikely that alternating modes that let a scale weigh in pounds or kilograms will be useful. To explore other examples, if you don’t work with corrosive materials, should your scale really be designed to resist them?

This also applies to display systems. On a small scale, you don’t need anything complicated like a big touch screen with a number of different categories broken out. However, Arlyn Scales certainly does offer complex display systems if these are better suited to your needs.

High-Resolution Scales

For situations in which weights that need to be determined down to milligrams, these high-resolution scales are an excellent option. While a comparable scale might offer accuracy in the range of .1%, Arlyn scales out perform that with an accuracy of up to .005%. With an internal resolution up to one part in 2 million, these scales are rugged enough to perform in a wide range of industries. They will function in a wide range of harsh temperatures as well. They offer easy, intuitive use for a speedy workflow. Various sizes are available for capacity and display.

Ultra-Precision Comes from Superior Technology

When it comes to precision scales, you will be hard pressed to find better weighing technology that Arlyn’s Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW). A scale using SAW technology from Arlyn can deliver up to 20 times the accuracy of a comparable scale, like a strain gage scale, for example. No matter what level capacity or resolution you need, Arlyn Scales has an option suited to your needs. You can view some video demonstrations of SAW technology here.

Contact Arlyn Scales to Learn More

Whether you work on a farm or a factory, Arlyn Scales can help you find a suitable scale for your needs. Arlyn has worked with a number of clients and found solutions for a number of complex systems. These options have helped our clients organize their data, save money on quality scales, and develop smoother more efficient workflows. Contact us by calling 800-645-4301. You can also view our website to see prices, styles, and options. We look forward to learning about your needs, and how we can help meet them.