High Precision Scales for Universities

ultra-precision-scale-1Our society reaps the benefits from the in-depth research that is undertaken in the university setting. Minus the financial stress and the pressures of time constraints, university research funding goes a long way. Some of the brightest minds are in the process of discovering cures for diseases that were heretofore untreatable.

We here at Arlyn Scales understand that in these research laboratories, it is imperative that the scales used are of the highest quality and produce the highest level of weight accuracy the first time and every time. It is distinctly for these intensive experimentations, that our research and engineering design team have produced the finest, technologically advanced High Precision Scales on the market today.

Scale Technology

Until very recently, there were two technologies to choose from for all weighing applications. Strain Gage technology functions by measuring the mechanical strain on an object or structure. Because of the materials used in its construction, these scales are subject to temperature variables, moisture and shock load damage.

Force motor scales function through the use of an electromagnet. As the load is placed on the scale, the amount of electrical current needed to support the load platform is measured, which subsequently allows the measurement of the load to be determined. In order to circumvent the effect of temperature changes on the accuracy of the reading, these scales are manufactured with an inner-calibration mass device. The sensitivity to temperature fluctuations requires that re-calibration is performed often. The addition of this calibration device adds cost to what is already an expensive proposition.

The Discovery of Surface Acoustic Waves

Surface Acoustic Waves or Raleigh Waves were first noticed and reported on by Lord Raleigh in 1885. It was not until 1965, that these waves were incorporated into electronic filter and analog signal processing applications by the utilizing transducers on the surface of substrates or quartz crystals.

Small in weight and size, SAW sensors, have been discovered to be suitable in harsh environments, as they are not affected by temperature changes. They don’t need electricity to function, are inexpensive, highly reliable and their methods of construction are environmentally friendly.

A Brilliant Marriage

With the issues of temperature instability and shock and load damage in mind, our team of engineers set out to design a technology that would surpass the accuracy factor of their predecessors and provide value for our customers. It was this out of the box thinking, which resulted in our engineers establishing the innovative application of surface acoustic waves to our weighing devices.

The implementation and subsequent success of SAW devices installed in our weighing scales resulted in an internationally patented, state of the art Ultra Precision Scale.

The inclusion of SAW technology was the answer for all of the issues that were apparently in need of modification and improvement. Load cells are still used, but with SAW technology in place, the displacement is measured, not the stress or strain on the load cell.

This displacement information is then rapidly transmitted in digital measurement feedback. Time is saved, as it is no longer necessary to convert analog resistance measurements into digital readings. The accuracy factor of this new technology is 20 times greater than that of regular scales.

Excellent Choice for Laboratory Applications

Arlyn Scales 7100 High Resolution Scales are built to last for years. We manufacture them using high quality stainless steel non- corrosive weighing pans set in a diecast aluminum frame. The diecast aluminum frame makes the scale lightweight, gives it high dimensional stability, good corrosion resistance, high thermal and electrical conductivity and allows it to retain its strength at high temperatures.

Automatic Calibration

Our scales are automatically calibrated. There is rarely a need for calibration nor is there ever a need for dealer set up. For added measure all of our scales come with a warranty.

Not All Cell Blocks Are Alike

Our Scales are equipped with a large, durable rigid load cell block, which provides protection against shock and over-load damage. These are rated for 500 percent capacity overload as compared to the 150 percent overload rating of strain gage scales. Some manufacturers opt for aluminum load cells because of the price differential. Our engineers opt to use load cells fabricated from stainless steel because of their strength, long life, and most importantly, because they are non-corrosive.

Readability of Weight Loads

For the extra sensitive mixing and batching of extremely small particulates, we offer scales with capacities in 120 grams, 300 grams, 1000 grams and 4500 grams. Our readability rating for these highly precise scales is in microgram increments, which allows for ultimate, absolutely precise weight measurements. Additionally, because we design and manufacture scales right on our own premises, we can also customize the capacity to your specifications enabling you to deduce an even higher readability rate.

Output Options

Our High Precision scales are designed with a large LCD display where you can easily toggle back and forth between weight units and parts counting and check weighing functions. Included is a zero button allowing you to deduct the weight of your container thereby enabling you to determine the substance’s true weight.

Through our RS 232 protocol you will be able to transmit data from one workstation to another or to printers and programmable logic controllers. Our RS-232 option is bi-directional, allowing the scale’s indicator to send data and receive commands from computers and PLCs. This option gives you full remote capability.

Our team of design engineers has covered a lot of ground in regards to incorporating all the needs that have arisen from your research laboratories. From precision, to ease of use, to dependability, you may rest assured your best interests are our top priority.

Directly manufacturing our subscale components gives us the capacity to pass the savings onto our customers. You will find our price structure to be easy on your budget.

Contact Arlyn Scales for more information on high precision scales for your university through our online form or by calling 800.645.4301.