High Precision Scales for Laboratories

Research projects take time. Lots of time. The accuracy factor is high and constantly being tested. The error factor needs to be eliminated completely or the research will be deemed inconclusive. There are times when the substance to be weighed is seemingly weightless. It is in one such moment that you will wish you had one of our high precision scales to assist you.

Meticulous attention to detail, astute knowledge and ingenuity are the principles upon which our company was founded. Where there is a need, we rise to the challenge and address it. In response to the ever-changing world of ultra sensitive weighing requirements, we are proud to introduce our Series 7100 High-Resolution Scale as the answer to your high precision needs in the laboratory setting.

High Accuracy

When researching and formulating, small errors in accuracy can have detrimental consequences. Our knowledgeable research and development team have designed the 7100 series scale with this issue at the forefront. This high-resolution scale offers a greater sensitivity factor.

The range of weight measurement for these devices is offered in 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 250 mg, 1 gram, 120 grams, 300 grams, 1000 grams and 4,500 grams increments. To understand the extreme sensitivity of this high precision scale, you need to know that a milligram is not visible by the naked eye and a small paperclip weighs about one gram.

Due to the very sensitive nature of these scales, it is advised to do your due diligence in regards to the needs of your specific applications and to know what your measurement requirements are going to be. Laboratory scales do not have a wide weight- range capability and in trade for this lack have the high precision and accuracy rates, for which they are noted.

Sensitivity Drift

These 7100 series scales are rated for ambient temperatures from 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures that your scale will be operable in a wide range of environments. In the event of slight temperature variations during your weighing operation, our scales, which are rated /- 2 ppm in ambient temperatures from 15 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius, will provide you with the most accurate weight reading available on the market today.

This major accomplishment is directly related to the implementation of our patented Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology.

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology

This brand new technology allows weight measurement using a spring element load cell without the disadvantages found in strain gage load cells. The weight measurement is taken in time measurements and read in a digital format in one second.

The load cells used in this technology differ in that they measure displacement as opposed to measuring stress or strain. The amount of displacement required is minute so there is practically no stress on the load cell. This methodology delivers the most accurate readings available in today’s marketplace.

Additionally, the cost factor of this scale is comparable to the very high-end scales utilizing strain gage technology and one third less than the cost of scales utilizing force restoration technology. Moreover, this new technology yields a reading that is 20 times more accurate than strain gage scales making this the ultimate weighing option in your laboratory setting.

Rugged Construction

These scales are manufactured in our factory using die cast aluminum for the frame and stainless steel for the weighing pan. We use click type switches, which enable easy toggling between the various weighing units, such as grams, pounds, ounces, etc.

We stand firmly behind our product and include a one year warranty.


Weight measurement readings are easy to view on our large backlit, LCD display. We offer parts counting and check weighing function, automatic zero tracking, and stability control. The parts counting function is a necessity for the very small substances that are weighed in lab settings. The zero tracking function enables ease of subtracting the weight of the container to correctly determine the actual weight of the substance.

Ease of Use

Arlyn Scales are all automatically calibrated providing years of service free use and no dealer set up fees. The high caliber of materials used ensures consistent responses throughout the lifetime of this quality precision weighing instrument.

Wide Variety of Digital and Analog Outputs

We have outfitted all of our scales to be capable to handle the confluence of data technology requirements. Data can be viewed by the digital display locally and in seconds be transmitted to computer terminals, printers or programmable logic controllers via 4-20mA Analog Output.

Using hardwired or wireless Ethernet connectivity allows you to monitor and control your Arlyn Scale from your workstation. With our Remote Indicator Software, weights can be recorded, grouped, sorted and analyzed from anywhere in the world over the Internet.

Arlyn Scales RS232 option is bidirectional, allowing its users to send data and receive commands from offsite workstations. This option can be used to send data to printers and programmable logic controllers.

If your operation requires long distance interface, the RS-485 allows for transmission and reception of data over 4000 feet. There is also a USB option that allows for the RS-485 to control up to 10 scales from one computer station.

Set Point

Undoubtedly one of the most indispensable options for your laboratory setting will be the Set Point feature. This output allows you to set up 8 target weights at one time and use the targets to turn equipment on and off. Through the use of the setup menu, you can input formulas to control the automated filling and mixing operations.

The various formulas can be stored in the scale directly through the use of our data logging option. This feature enables your scale to record weight, time, data, group, and item information. Data is stored on an SD card, which can be read on a PC with an Excel program.

Because we manufacture the subassemblies of our scales in our own factory, our engineering and design teams are available to customize any aspect of our Ultra Precision Scales with Super sensitivity to your precise specifications.

Contact Arlyn Scales for more information through our online form or by calling us at 800.645.4301.