Decimal Precision Laboratory Scales

ultra-precision-scale-1One of the primary shortcomings of most analytical balances is that they are limited in their capacity. These scales are sufficient for very small weight readings in laboratories, but as a laboratory’s capacity needs increase, they are often left with very few options in terms of analytical balances. As chemical industries look for very high accuracy as well as high capacities, Arlyn Scales has developed technology to not only meet but exceed this need. At Arlyn Scales, we have introduced an entire line of scales, our Ultra Precision Scales, which offer high resolution and high capacity for our customers.

Arlyn Scales was founded over 30 years by a veteran in the scale industry who had grown tired of seeing the variety of inferior scale technology on the market. We have developed a full line of scales, all of which are built in our Long Island, New York factory. All of our scales utilize the latest technology, are manufactured with superior quality, and offer the utmost value to our customers.

We build all of our own subassemblies at our factory, which means complete vertical control and rigorous testing before our scales leave our facilities. With Arlyn Scales, you are buying direct from our factory, which means that you will save a significant amount of money compared to buying from our competitors, who merely act as liaison between you and the manufacturer. So while our prices are often lower than our competitors, our quality is not!

Ultra Precision Scales Ð High Capacity and High Resolution

Many of our customers are looking for decimal precision when weighing various products. While other manufacturers are able to achieve decimal precision with small capacity, our Ultra Precision Scales with SAW technology offer both high resolution and high capacities. We offer extreme accuracy with capacities of between 10 pounds up to 500 pounds. This allows our customers to maintain extremely accurate readings even with their heavier products. Not only do we offer large capacity scales, but our resolution and accuracy are typically in the 1:100,000 to 1:200,000 range for our Ultra Precision Scales with SAW or Surface Acoustic Wave technology.

Technological Breakthrough in Arlyn Scales Load Cells

The secret to our Ultra Precision Scales has to do with the new design of our load cells, which utilize surface acoustic wave, or SAW, technology. The most common technology used by scale manufacturers in their load cells is strain gage technology.

These load cells are constructed from metals with some significantly thinned out sections, which the strain gages are attached to. When an item is placed on the scale, the load cell bends and the strain gages measure that movement. Because of this thin metal, however, the load cells cannot bend far enough to get a high resolution, and are more vulnerable to shock and overload damage.

Even though this has been the standard in load cell technology for almost 60 years, at Arlyn Scales we were not satisfied with this technology and wanted to offer customers who need high capacity and high resolution a more cost effective option than force motor scales, which is how we came to design our scales with SAW technology.

Because SAW technology requires about one-tenth of the bending of the load cell to achieve an accurate reading, we’re able to create the load cell out of a thicker piece of metal, which can not only bend further, but is also more resistant to damage. This means a far higher resolution for larger loads, up to ten-thousandths of a pound.

Easy to Use

Our Ultra Precision Scales are incredibly easy to use. You can simply unpack your scale and it is immediately ready to use. Our scales offer automatic calibration and therefore no setup or dealer service is required before you can begin using your scale. Our SAW scales also offer a large, LCD display which is great for easy viewing of important data, even at a distance. Ultra Precision Scales offer 15 different weighing units, which takes the guesswork out of complicated unit conversions as well as a parts-counting and check weighing function for added versatility.

Variety of Connectivity Options

Our scales offer a wide variety of connectivity options to help scale users obtain important weight data and improve their operational capacity. No longer do scale users have to manually enter scale readings, which can cause major issues due to simple human error. We offer a wide variety of options to ensure that your weight data is stored in the most accurate format possible using a technology that fits with your current configuration.

  • Ethernet Ð Our scales offer Ethernet connection, which allow scale users to access and control their scale over a local area network. Our scales can either be plugged directly into your network or wirelessly connected using our Remote Indicator Software. Weight data can then be stored and analyzed on any PC that has access to your network. Our Ethernet connectivity even allows users to access weight data off site from anywhere in the world, so long as the PC has access to the network.
  • USB Ð USB is our most popular connectivity option. With our free USB Remote Software, weight data can be sent directly to an Excel Spreadsheet or an Access Database. We also offer a utility which allows you to export weight data to a variety of other Windows applications. With a USB connection, a PC is able to not only analyze the weight data but also to actually control the scale. This offers users added functionality from their PC as opposed to having to control the scale via the graphical display on the scale itself.
  • Set Point Ð Another one of our scale innovations is called Set Point technology. It allows scale users to store various weight readings that can then be used to control other equipment. Think about being able to shut off a pump when your scale reached a certain weight or being able to refill a drum when the weight registered below a certain level. This is all possible with Set Point technology. Companies are using this technology to automate many mundane tasks in their chemical facilities.

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