Best Scale to Weigh and Measure Liquids

4315812934_9fa41c4da9_bWeighing liquids is a tricky business. When liquid sloshes around in its container it can cause scales to give inaccurate measurements. Liquid measurements require a scale that is extremely accurate and can measure quickly. Otherwise, you waste time and money by taking too long to take a reading when you are still not certain if your scale is giving you an accurate measurement. Lack of confidence in your weight measurements will cause you to double and triple check the load.

Here at Arlyn Scales, we have been working hard to solve this problem. We bring thirty years of leadership in the weighing industry to the table. We stay ahead of the competition by thinking outside of the box and develop innovative solutions both in terms of technology and construction. We make our scales in our factory in Long Island, New York. It’s located right next to our corporate offices which makes it easy to brainstorm and recalibrate design without loss of time. The greatest benefit of our factory location for our customers is that we can ship factory direct. This saves a tremendous amount of money because our customers will not be paying any distributors or independent re-sellers. We are also able to take the savings from direct shipping and invest greater value into each of our scales. This gives you a scale that can’t be beat by the competition, regardless of price.

The Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Solution

The building block of a scale is the load cell. The load cell is the component of the scale that produces the weight measurement. The standard for the past sixty years was the strain gauge load cell. It’s called this because the load cell measures the stress or strain that the object on the scale platform places on the load cell. Resembling a miniature diving board, the load cell has flexure sections that are made out of a thin metal, such as aluminum. The load cell is affixed to the scale between the platform and the bottom of the scale. The weight of the object on the platform pressing down causes the load cell to bend. As it bends, it generates an electrical signal that the scale interprets as a weight measurement.

This was the best way to cost effectively weigh solids and liquids. You could purchase a Magnetic Force Restoration (MFR) scale for more accurate measurements; however, they are much more expensive and susceptible to temperature issues. The key problem with the strain gauge load cell is its moderate level of accuracy and that the thin metal could be easily damaged by dropping a load from a height on to the scale platform (shock loading), or placing a load on the platform beyond the scale’s capacity (over loading). When this occurs, if the scale does not immediately become inoperable, the scale accuracy becomes compromised. These scales may be able to give an accurate reading initially, but over time the readings could become inaccurate. When this occurs, you need to have the scales repaired, causing you to lose productivity and money.

We created SAW technology to remedy this situation. Our SAW load cells do not measure stress. They measure displacement. They amount of displacement required is equivalent to 10% of the required amount of stress of a standard strain gage load cell. Since a smaller sampling is required, our load cells do not need to be as sensitive as the strain gauge load cells, and don’t need to be made out of such a thin metal. Our SAW load cells are much more robustly built for ruggedness and durability. This eliminates much of the damage a standard scale can incur from shock loading and over loading. Furthermore, the solid state transducers in the scale directly provide an extremely precise digital output.

Quick and Accurate

Because of the SAW technology, our ultra precision scales can measure any liquids placed upon the platform ten times more accurately and three times more quickly. Our scales have a resolution to the thousandth of a pound giving you an extremely precise measure. Not only do we offer lab scale precision with our ultra precision scale, but we have dramatically increased the range of capacity. Our ultra precision scales start with a 10 lbs. capacity, but we offer a maximum 500 lbs. capacity scale that is nearly as accurate and just as fast.

Abuse Resistant

As previously mentioned, our SAW load cells better protect your scale from damage. That’s not all we do compared to other scale manufacturers. We use a welded construction for our scales unlike most companies that use just sheet metal. We make our scale frame out of aluminum and the platform is manufactured out of stainless steel. This helps create a scale that is vastly more able to handle day to day issues that may arise under normal use.


Should you require it, you scale can also be outfitted to connect to your computer with a USB or Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection. Computer connectivity will allow you to monitor scale performance directly from your windows based PC or laptop. You will also be able to issue commands to the scale from your computer. Weight data can be extracted from the scale and exported to your computer for viewing and analysis in MS Excel and MS Access. Remote capability gives you the flexibility to do all the above from just about anywhere.

We Value Our Customers

Our customers are not taken for granted. We make sure that our customer support staff is highly trained in the scale industry as well as in our products. Our pledge to you is to give you concrete answers in a time sensitive manner. Our staff can work with you to find a scale that meets your needs and your budget. Should your expectations dictate a custom scale, we stand ready to work with you to tailor make one that addresses your specific concerns. Not only are we knowledgeable, but we treat you with the respect you deserve. Our goal is to form a long lasting relationship with all our customers. So, please contact us online contact us online or call us at 1-800-645-4301. We look forward to selling you the scale that can help you succeed in your business.