Automated Precision Weighing Systems

ultra-precision-scale-1The layman may find it hard to believe, but change is the only constant in the scale industry. For every new development in the petrochemical, scientific, agricultural, and medical industries, there must be some advancement in weight measurement technology. One of the most recent advances revolves around automated weighing systems. It has allowed companies in a variety of fields to create greater efficiency in process and procedure to ultimately lead to greater savings. Scale connectivity has increased in options and has shown companies new ways of looking at weight and scale data. With all this information and analysis, companies expect faster evolution and implementation in design and production.

For the past thirty years, Arlyn Scales has been a front runner in the scale and weight measurement industry. We are proud New Yorkers residing in Long Island where our precision weighing systems are manufactured. Our core motto is to always exceed expectations when it comes to what our customers want in scale technology and value. Having our factory and our business side by side allows us to ship factory direct to our growing following of customers. We use this advantage to charge our customers less for more scale features than our competitors could ever hope to.

In today’s economy, it is important for every industry using scales to be as precise as humanly possible. Today’s savings may save you from tomorrow’s loss. Additionally, when dealing with industrial chemicals and formulas, a miscalculation using a hazardous component could result in tragedy. These types of needs and circumstances demand the most precise scales possible. Arlyn Scales is happy to present the solution: Arlyn Scales Ultra Precision Scales.

A Precision Breakthrough

Arlyn, along with its competitors, has used the strain gauge load cell for about sixty years. A load cell is a piece of metal that resembles a diving board. It’s attached to the bottom of a scale and the platform. When something is placed on the platform, the cell bends from the force and stress. The force and stress is measured by the strain gages affixed to the load cell and are then converted into an electronic signal that is used to measure the weight on the scale.

In order to have an accurate measurement, these load cells have sections called flexures, which are made of thin metal. This metal can be damaged through shockloading (dropping a load from a height onto the scale) or overloading (putting a load on the scale that weighs in excess of the scales capacity). Arlyn has created new technology to avert this situation.

Arlyn created Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology by making SAW load cells that are put into the Ultra Precision Scales. These cells are made out of thicker metal, which prolongs their life since they can withstand more stress and strain through shockloading, overloading, and normal wear and tear. SAW load cells measure displacement instead of stress and strain. You don’t need nearly as much displacement to obtain an accurate measurement compared to a stress or strain measurement. So, by using these revolutionary load cells in the Ultra Precision Scales, you achieve a significant reduction in measuring error as well as the possibility of the scale being damaged and out of service.

Another great feature of the Ultra Precision Scale and its SAW technology is that we are now able to achieve much more accurate readings at higher load capacities and resolutions. Normally, the higher the load capacity, the less accurate, but we have achieved extreme accuracy up to 500 pounds in our Large Ultra Precision Sale, with the resolution and accuracy in the 1:100,000 to 1:200,000 range.

Additionally, we have made Arlyn’s Ultra Precision Scales the leading provider in automated weighing solutions.

Weighing Automation

Through our optional setpoint controller, you now have greater control over your dispensing, filling and batching stations. You can create up to eight weight value points on the scale using the controller. Once the weight has been reached, the scale will trigger an electronic notification that will turn on or shut off other pieces of equipment. This allows savings in man hours that would normally be lost to scale supervision.

Exporting Data for Analysis

There are now a number of Windows based applications that can provide excellent storage and analysis of weight data. Thanks to rapid fire development in interface communications, we are now able to provide a variety of options for connection and the extraction of data.

  • USB Ð This is the tried and true interface communication option. Simply attach a USB cable via this connector to your computer. The free USB Remote Software will then allow you to control the scale and export weight data. Then you can import the data onto your laptop or PC into a MS Office application like Excel or Access to view and analyze the data.
  • Ethernet Ð Our recommendation for operators who want remote access to the Ultra Precision Scale. You can connect via your business’s Wi-Fi network or a wired Ethernet network. We offer Remote Indicator Software that will enable you to access and control of the scale. As with the USB options, you will be able to analyze and export weight data with ease with our Ethernet option. The distinct advantage to this option is remote access outside of working hours and scale location.
  • Datalogging Ð For quick and easy data extraction. With this option, you simply connect a flash drive to the scale and weight data is downloaded in CSV table format. Once the download is complete, you can import the data onto your Windows based machine and view the data in an application that is able to use CSV formatting.

Exclusive Custom Fit Designs

There are far more weighing needs than there are scales. We know we would not buy something if we felt we could not get fair value out of it, which is why we are happy to discuss your weighing needs and design a custom scale model that meets them. Give us your specific needs and performance expectations and we are sure we can give you a product that meets them.

Automation and Precision for You

In today’s market, speed and accuracy are required in order to meet your customers demands. We have been meeting and exceeding our customers expectations for over thirty years. We deliver the best product at a reasonable price. At Arlyn Scales, our customer service representatives are ready to sit down with you and use their knowledge to come up with the best possible scale for your weighing needs. We look forward to meeting you and building a long lasting business relationship. Reach us online at using the form on our Contact Us page or by phone at (800) 645-4301.