Active Weighing Solutions

ultra-precision-scale-1There are a slew of industries that actively incorporate weighing scales into their day-to-day operations. From agriculturalists to paint formulators to scrap metal yards and beyond, each industry has a different need when it comes to finding the perfect weighing solution. Providing these solutions for over thirty years, Arlyn Scales has witnessed, and even led, great advancements in the technology available to these businesses. Because we offer such a variety of scales, let’s take a look at our most popular sellers Ð our strain gage and ultra precision varieties and their various options for data transmission and storage.

Implementing State of the Art Technology

Our design and engineering teams are well versed when it comes to implementing industry specific requirements. So while all our scales are built to perform consistently and accurately, we offer a variety of options on each scale from the method of data storage and transfer the scale is equipped with to the materials used in the manufacture of the scale. The surface acoustic wave technology used in our ultra precision scales is the most advanced technology available not just from Arlyn Scales, but within the entire industry.

Data Communication

The most popular methods of transferring and storing data are Ethernet and USB. Active management of a scale is easily accomplished using either of these options. Ethernet connectivity is offered in both wired and wireless connections and with our Remote Indicator Software, weights can be recorded, stored, grouped, and analyzed using the computer at the connected workstation. A wireless Ethernet connection is also a global connection, so no matter where you are in the world you can control the scale, receive data, and issue commands. If you choose the USB interface, which comes with our USB Remote Software, you are equipping your scale with a functionality that allows you to send the scale’s data directly to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, an Access Database file, or any other Windows-based software.

Using USB allows you to keep detailed, organized, and up-to-date records of all your activity for financial, legal, and monitoring purposes.If your business takes you out of the warehouse and into the field where you need an alternate source of energy, we offer an optional internal six cell, rechargeable NiMH battery pack. With this addition, the scale is operable as a portable unit for over twenty hours on a four hour charge. For the ultimate in portability, pair this option with our lightweight aluminum models.To record data while you’re in the field, consider our optional USB flash drive, which allows you to record the weight, time, data, group, and item information on a four gigabyte thumb drive in CSV format. Because this drive can hold millions of readings, there is no need to bring an extra drive with you or worry that you’ll run out of room. Data can be transferred to a secure device and read using Microsoft Excel, Access, or any Windows-based program once field operations are complete.

One Step Further

When communication is needed between the scale and other devices such as printers and programmable logic controllers, our RS-232 option is the perfect solution. This bi directional interface allows for commands to be issued from the computer to the scale and for weight, group, item description and time to be transmitted to the computer. Additionally with the print frame definition editor, labels can be customized for printer outputs.You can also use Winwedge Software that, when used in conjunction with RS-232 or Ethernet collects scale data and imports it directly to the Windows-based program of your choice. Winwedge not only lets you transmit prompts from the serial port to your device, it also allows you to anatomize your scale data while automating the storage process.

Saving the Best for Last

While standard scales generally have the accuracy necessary for day-to-day operations, there was a large market of businesses whose needs for an ultra-sensitive and cost efficient weighing solution went unmet. While force motor scales are offered as a solution with higher resolution, the fact that they rely on an electric current to take a measurement make them cost prohibitive for applications weighing larger loads.After years of design and development, we now offer our internationally patented ultra precision scales with super sensitivity, which utilize surface acoustic wave technology.The beauty of this technology lies in its ability to weigh large loads with a display resolution up to ten-thousandths of a pound (four decimal places) without becoming cost prohibitive. As an example, letÕs say you need a bench scale that can weigh up to one hundred pounds with an extremely high resolution.

You would probably start your search on our bench scales page and would be considering the 620C model, which provides the hundred pound capacity you need with a resolution of two-hundredths of a pound. What this means is that the display would show you two decimal places and would only display even digits. However, for your specific application this resolution may not be nearly sensitive enough.This is where SAW scales really make a difference. If you look further down, you’ll see we offer our SAW-C model in a hundred pound capacity. Remember how the 620C can only read to two hundredths of a pound? Well look at the resolution of the SAW-C scale. It provides a resolution of one-thousandth of a pound, which means you have a resolution twenty times higher than the standard strain gage scale.

In the past, businesses needing both capacity and resolution had to make a trade off and choose which one was most important. You couldn’t have both. Now, however, businesses don’t have to sacrifice capacity or resolution, and can instead take advantage of our ultra precision scales to ensure high capacity and high resolution.When your reputation relies on exact, sensitive measurements, where even ten-thousandths of a pound of material can make a difference in the final result, don’t trust just any scale or manufacturer. Arlyn Scales manufactures our own load cells to ensure equal output and, because we control the manufacture of our subassemblies, can build a custom scale for you that meets your exact needs for both capacity and resolution.

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