3 Real-Life Applications That Ultra Precision Scales Can Be Used For

3 Real-Life Applications That Ultra Precision Scales Can Be Used ForIt isn’t difficult to find a suitable weighing scale today. The accuracy delivered by common strain gage scales is usually good enough for a wide range of weighing applications; however, if you require extreme precision and accuracy, then a strain gage scale may not deliver the kind of results you want. Fortunately, Arlyn Scales’ Ultra Precision Scales can.

16 years ago, Arlyn Scales started developing Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology. This technology is unlike other technologies found in industrial scales, and it makes it possible for our Ultra Precision Scales to endure heavy loads while simultaneously delivering extremely precise and accurate weight readings.

Here are a few ways Arlyn Scales’ Ultra Precision Scales can be used for everyday applications:

1. Determine Flow Rate

 Industrial locations often deal with determining various flow rates of liquids and other substances. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find an extremely accurate flow meter and to get your hands on one can cost you a lot of money. Furthermore, some materials are incompatible with the materials used to construct the majority of flow meters. Ultra Precision Scales are useful for measuring flow rate, because users can monitor weight gain and loss from a container using these highly accurate scales. Ultra Precision Scales have the high resolution required to quickly detect the smallest changes in flow rate. In an industrial setting, you may want to test the flow rate of a pump, a gravity feed device, or perhaps an evaporation system. If you have any type of liquid you want to test the flow of, then you can do it quickly and accurately with Ultra Precisions Scales from Arlyn Scales.

2. Weighing and Counting Small Parts

Ultra Precision Scales are handy for weighing small parts and counting small parts. By determining the weight of 1 small part, or measuring 10 small parts and determining an average for 1, you can measure a large container of identical small parts and determine how many small parts are there.

Scales with Surface Acoustic Wave technology are 10 to 20 times more accurate than average industrial scales, and this reduces parts counting errors dramatically.

3. Measuring Heavy Loads

 Before the development of SAW scales, if you wanted to weigh something extremely accurately, then your only option was Magnetic Force Restoration (MFR) scales. But, if you wanted to weigh something heavy, let’s say something that exceeds 50 pounds, then MFR scales weren’t always an option, because MFR scales that are made to endure weights above 50 pounds are impossibly expensive. People with heavy loads were often made to settle for the accuracy delivered by strain gage scales, because strain gage can endure very heavy loads. Usually, using strain gage scales to measure heavy loads accurately was not an issue; however, for some it can be. Therefore, Ultra Precision Scales by Arlyn Scales finally offer consumers in this situation a solution, because Ultra Precision Scales can measure heavy loads just as accurately as MFR scales, and the scales are not impossibly expensive.

A 220-pound capacity MFR scales costs $5,500, while an equivalent SAW scale costs $1,500. SAW scales are available with maximum weight capacities up to 1,000 pounds.

Get Better Results Without Paying More

 Most consumers of industrial scales are satisfied with the current level of industrial scale technology, but there are always some people who require higher accuracy. SAW scales have high capacity, deliver high accuracy, and are available at a reasonable cost. Therefore, consumers’ requirements can be satisfied with Ultra Precision Scales.

The costs of Ultra Precision Scales with SAW technology are comparable to prices associated with strain gage scales, but the results are incredible.

Why Ultra Precision Scales are Different

A decent 100 kg high-resolution scale might measure loads in increments of 20 grams, but let’s say a person needs to measure 50 grams of material. Using a high-resolution scale with a readability of 20 grams, the person would only be able to measure 40 or 60 grams, never 50 grams. This means the person could easily have an error as high as 20%. Fortunately 100 kg Ultra Precision Scales by Arlyn Scales measure units in increments of 1 gram. If the same person uses a Ultra Precision Scale instead of a regular scale, then the risk of error is reduced from 20% to 2%.

Further Every Day Uses for Ultra Precision Scales

With the high accuracy, high capacity, and low cost of Ultra Precision Scales by Arlyn Scales, you can use these scales to accomplish the following:

Measure packages before or after shipment

  • Weigh food before cooking
  • Mixing materials, like paint or dye.
  • Weighing animals or people

If your weighing application requires special scale requirements, like chemical or moisture resistance, then get in touch with Arlyn Scales’ team today to see what we can do for you.

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