Batch Weighing System: 3 Key Benefits of Automating the Process

3 Key Benefits of an Automatic Batch Weighing SystemThere are a variety of industries where products are assembled in a certain order, where batch processing is often necessary. For many years, the entire batch processing process had to be completed manually, but now with specialized equipment, including batch weighing scales, a level of automation exists that can help improve accuracy and productivity for organizations who must utilize batch processing.

As is the case with any item where various components are combined to create a finished product, the accuracy of the formulation is paramount. The most common industries that utilize batch weighing systems include the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. As you can imagine, especially in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, incorrect formulations can lead to injury, or even death, which makes the accuracy of the scales that are used that much more important. For this reason, the team at Arlyn Scales has developed a line of scales that offer high accuracy at affordable prices.

Benefits of an Automatic Batch Weighing Scale

Below are just a few of the benefits of using an automatic batch weighing scale that may have you second-guessing whether your current batch weighing processes are efficient enough.

Increased Accuracy

Thanks to advances in technology, batch processing can now be largely automated. This means that the manual processes that were once required, can now be completed by equipment that helps to reduce errors. In manual batch processing, there are countless opportunities for user error, and automated batch processing effectively eliminates these common human errors. In the end, companies will typically see much more consistent mixtures, which helps to provide a better end product.

Less Time Consuming

Manual batch processing is incredibly time to consume, which can be quite unprofitable for companies. Combining the time commitment with the potential for human error quickly proves that manual batch processing is not an optimal solution for companies looking to cut costs and boost profitability.

More Profitable

While organizations must invest in equipment to implement an effective automatic batch weighing system, once the system has been purchased and installed, the costs of batch processing begin to diminish quickly. Without expensive labor costs due to manual batch processing and profit loss due to formulation errors, companies can begin to boost profits, while offering a superior product to their customers.

The Technology Driving Our Automatic Batch Weighing Systems

At Arlyn Scales, the technology that drives our automatic batch weighing systems is our setpoint controller. If you’re not familiar with this technology, it’s a controller that can be used in a variety of batching and filling functions within your facility.

The controller is easily programmable with up to 8 different weight values, which when reached can send electrical signals to a variety of different pieces of equipment to turn them off or on, all based on a weight reading.

The setpoint controller is ideal for companies who create products with highly complex formulations. Users can control all types of equipment including valves, motors, solenoids, and much more, allowing you to create highly sophisticated product formulations with the highest level of accuracy possible.

Ultra Precision Scales + Setpoint Controller = The Perfect Combination

One of the most important components of any batch process is the accuracy of the industrial scale that’s used to take material readings. If you’re using a less than accurate scale, then the automatic batch processing may not yield the results that you’d hoped for. At Arlyn Scales, we understand that there are certain limitations of some scales that make them less than ideal for batch processing. To combat this problem, we’ve developed our own line of fully proprietary Ultra Precision Scales.

While the majority of industrial scales sold today utilize strain gage technology, which as you can imagine measure stress or strain, our Ultra Precision Scales measure displacement. Using our patented Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology allows these scales to utilize a load cell that’s machined out of a much thicker metal that can help to prevent abuse due to shock loading or overloading, both issues with other types of industrial scales.

In addition to the increased durability of our Ultra Precision Scales, they’re also extremely accurate, even at high capacities. With capacity ranges from 10 lbs. all the way up to 1,000 lbs., we’re confident you can find a model that will work well with your automatic batch processing needs.

Our Ultra Precision Scales offer full support for our setpoint controller which is a perfect combination when it comes to automatic batch processing. The increased accuracy of our Ultra Precision Scales will ensure your formulations are highly accurate.

Don’t think that just because our Ultra Precision Scales are incredibly rugged and accurate that their price point will be out of your budget. You’ll likely be surprised to find out that these scales cost roughly the same as a high-end strain gage scale.

Reach Out to Our Team of Scale Experts Located in Long Island, New York

You may be surprised to know that at Arlyn Scales, all of our scales are manufactured and designed here in our Long Island, New York facilities. We’ve remained committed to keeping all of the jobs within our company in the US, which we’re confident has been key to our success over the past 30+ years that we’ve been in business. While our competitors have decided that manufacturing overseas made sense, we’re still convinced that keeping our manufacturing facilities in the US has allowed us to continually innovate and sell our scales factory direct, which helps us to remain competitive.

If you have any questions about automatic batch processing using our Ultra Precision Scales, don’t hesitate to reach out to our scale experts by phone at 800-645-4301 or through our online contact form. We’ll be more than happy to further explain why choosing one of our industrial scales for your batch processing needs is a smart choice.