The weighing process is used throughout all industries and in various capacities. Arlyn Scales specializes in solutions for a wide variety of specialty requirements and can develop and manufacture weight sensors that have sensitivities as great as one hundredth of a gram and other weight sensors with capacities as great as 20,000 lb.

Custom Weighing Instruments and Data Delivery

Arlyn Scales designs electronic instrumentation to measure the weight accurately, and conveniently report that weight in many different formats to suit your needs. The data can be viewed by a simple digital display locally, sent as a 4-20 mA current signal to a PLC or the weight data can be sent to a computer, or to the Internet.

Please contact us to discuss your special weighing requirements and Arlyn Scales will design a custom weighing system just for you.

Learn More About Arlyn’s Custom Filling Equipment

For more information on how Arlyn Scales can develop custom filling equipment and scale applications for your industry, please contact our sales department by calling us toll free at 800-645-4301, or by filling out our contact form.