Arlyn USB Remote Software – Installation Instructions.

To install Arlyn’s USB Remote Software on your computer, follow the procedure below. It is a three part process. These are downloading and unziping the file, installing the drivers and then installing the USB Remote Software.

1) Download the file ARLUSB.ZIP from our web site at This is the preferred way to obtain this file.

2) Unzip this file into a temporary directory. Under this temporary directory, five subdirectories will be created called DISK1, DISK2, DISK3, DISK4 and DRIVERS.

You can consult the manual for the USB Remote Software for a detailed description on driver installation if necessary.

1) Apply power to the scale and turn it as you normally would.

2) Plug the USB cable coming from the underside of the scale’s indicator into either a free USB port on your computer, or into a USB expander hub if you use one.
3) In a moment the PC will recognize the new USB device and prompt you through several screens during the installation. At some point you will be asked if you wish to search for the driver file and where to search. Say YES and point it at the DRIVERS subdirectory located below the temporary directory that you created earlier.
4) Follow the prompts to completion.
5) Reboot your PC.


1) Change into the DISK1 directory located below the temporary directory that you created earlier.

2) Double click (to run) the file called Setup.exe

3) Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

With the installation complete, you can run the program by opening the START menu on the lower left side of the screen, select PROGRAMS, and then click on USBREMOTE.