Weather Proof Scales

Weather Proof ScalesOne of the features of a highly professional company is the ability to cover any exigency that may occur in regard to the function and capability of its products. This means that anything that could possibly occur to hamper the correct operation of an item has been tested and dealt with in order to assure optimum performance.

Leaving No Room For Error

As a leader in the development and evolution of high performance industrial scales, Arlyn Scales has garnered a reputation for leaving no stone unturned when it comes to complete attention to quality control. Leaving no room for error, each and every piece of our equipment has been looked at from a myriad of angles to make sure that no matter what the conditions, there is no room for failure.

Investigating, Perfecting, and Innovating

We have been in business for over 30 years, using this time to investigate, perfect, and find innovative solutions to every type of weighing paradigm. Our engineers and technicians are highly skilled in making the best industrial scales on the market today for every industry, and if we havent made one that is right for our customers needs, we will rise to the occasion and create something new that will in turn help us stay ahead of the curve.

Scales That Are Made to Last

Our reputation as the leading manufacturer of industrial scales is proven by the durability and longevity of our products. No matter if it is the simplest scale used in the most controlled situation or a complex weighing and sorting system used in the great outdoors, all of our scales are made to last.

Harsh and Damaging Weather Conditions

One of the areas where scales need the most attention is where they are used in specific outdoor environments where weather conditions are harsh and unrelenting. Constant exposure to sunlight, for example, can be extremely damaging to scales if they are made with cheap materials that are not carefully constructed for protecting their surfaces.

Our Specialized Epoxy Coating

At Arlyn Scales, we use a specialized epoxy coating as protection against sun damage and corrosion from liquids and other potentially damaging materials. Our coating is created in a manner where it is virtually impossible for it to be adversely affected, even after years of exposure. Despite the possibility of discoloration and the loss of its initial glossy look, our distinctive coating will retain its protective ability.

Complete Protection

In the case of environments where conventionally made scales will not hold up, our weatherproof scales stand out as exceptional examples of our technicians attention to detail. Regardless of whether a scale is used in wet areas or highly humid conditions, each one is completely protected so as to prevent any seepage.

Sealed and Impervious

When using a scale in a particularly wet area, including in wash-down settings, it is essential that it is sealed and made with materials that are impervious to liquid damage. All of our scales utilize stainless steel load cells, and those containing sensitive digital controllers are sealed with fail-proof gaskets.

State-of-the-Art Load Sensors

Arlyns scales are made with state-of-the-art load cells that are made with stainless steel, rather than the less reliable aluminum found in poorer quality models. Accurate and incredibly rugged, they are made to last, regardless of adverse and abusive weather.

Exposure to Corrosion and Duress

Many of our clients serve the various agricultural industries, where most of our scales are employed to service varying needs. Scales such as bench scales for weighing seed, chemical additives, or other necessary materials are one example. Other examples include platform scales for weighing feed, monitoring feed usage, weighing fluids, and keeping track of animals weights; large floor scales for weighing cattle or other heavy elements; pig sorters that measure the weight of pigs in order to determine the best diet for maintaining their optimum health; and bin scales that keep track of the amount of feed used to maintain a group of animals. In all of these cases, the scales are under a tremendous amount of duress, not just from the weight of their loads, but also from their placement in an outdoor location, as well as the corrosion that can ensue due to exposure to animal waste products.

Providing the Best in Scale Protection

It is obvious that when load cells and other elements that are required for functional weighing and sorting procedures are not fully able to withstand the penetration of hazardous weather conditions and other potentially damaging agents, all of your efforts for achieving accuracy are compromised. Our responsibility in supplying our customers with the best in scale protection comes with our realization that all of our reputations are on the line. Because we take this very seriously, we use the utmost caution and care when it comes to providing weatherproof scales for every type of use.

Welded Stainless Steel Tubing

Our use of welded stainless steel tubing in constructing major components is another guarantee of thorough design when it comes to withstanding potentially damaging outside elements. Casings on electronic components are given special attention, with the use of the highest quality gaskets and seals that allow for zero penetration.

Assuring the Utmost in Precision

With products made to withstand abrasive weather, overload, shock, and any other condition that might compromise a scales optimum functionality, we can confidently state that we are on your side when it comes to assuring the utmost precision, no matter what the setting. With clients in every sector of the industrial weighing industry, we can safely say that not one has bought our scales and returned dissatisfied. On the contrary, the plethora of reorders that we receive for all of our products is proof that we are doing things right.

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