Types of Scales

different types of scales
Different types of scales serve industrial purposes and are designed for specific environments. Nowadays, there are a variety of scales available and each one tracks a type (or several types) of weighing processes. From weighing animals to shipping boxes, Arlyn Scales has specialized scales made for practically any application. Items of larger weights require scales that can be placed on the floor, whereas some other scales are placed on flat table surfaces. Alternatively, some scales can weigh items that hang from a hook, offering maneuverability. So, the majority of scales are designed to weigh items of all sorts of sizes and volumes for the most accurate results possible.

Determine your needs, the industry in which you’re working, and what materials are preferable. Stainless steel is one example, due to its durability and corrosion resistance. Here are just some of the scales you can find at Arlyn Scales:

Veterinary And Livestock Scales

Vet Scales help keep our pets healthy. They are designed for animals of lighter weights, such as cats, dogs, and birds. They need to be weighed to check their growth, or for potential illnesses. Depending on the type of animal you have, you will be able to find the right scale for them.

Now if you are a veterinarian you know you need the kind of vet scale that can withstand nail scratches from animals. Experience has taught you that jittery animals will try to run, or fidget on the platform. In some cases, wild creatures like lions at zoos need to be sedated for proper medical exams.

Other considerations apply when working with animals. For example, livestock and veterinary scales both have a low height to make it easier for animals to step onto the platform. Many cows, chickens, pigs and such are not climbers. They need a slip-proof surface for paws and hooves.

However, since livestock scales must hold heavier animals, they are constructed differently than veterinary scales. You wouldn’t weigh a horse, for example, with the same scale used to measure a dog.

In a Laboratory setting when doing research and need to weigh live animals or bugs, you need very accurate readings. The reason is that for science, these weights go into records and can indicate an average size for a species, or a sign that the environment is abnormal. One hitch is that animals may move around a lot and be difficult to restrain…

At Arlyn Scales, our scales are designed to keep track of an average weight for animals that tend to move around the platform constantly. You won’t have to sedate a pig or a horse to obtain a stable reading. These analytical balances and scales have dynamic animal weighing.

Platform, Drum, And Floor Scales

Weighing liquids can be a laborious task, but Arlyn Scales supplies high quality and long-lasting drum scales and floor scales that make it easier. They are capable of delivering accurate weight readings. This allows for handling heavy liquids easily.

Arlyn Scales offers top-quality industrial floor and drum scales at factory-direct pricing. These scales are practical for weighing heavy items most often found in industrial settings, as ramps are available for them, too. They are characterized by a raised stage surface that weighs boxes as well as other large items.

For example, floor scales come with a large platform and extra high capacity. Industrial drums can be weighed on drum scales since these mediums come with a larger weighing area, making it unnecessary for the drum to be perfectly placed onto the center. Even if a part of the drum hangs out from the surface, the scale will still display an accurate weight

Bench And High Precision Scales

Bench scales are usually placed on tables to weigh certain items. They are commonly used in food, chemical, shipping and receiving, medical, pharmaceutical and retail industries. They’re also commonly used for small parts counting. Although bench scales can weigh items like shipping boxes, they may not always be accurate enough to record the weight of smaller objects.

Bench scales are generally suited for portion control as well as parcel weighing and counting quantities. They’re available in several different models. Their weight capacity usually ranges between 150g and 300kg, with custom options generally available. Ranging from a 3” diameter for the gram units up to 36” x 36”, the high capacity version of these
scales can go even larger.

High precision scales for industrial and scientific are used to measure lightweight items down to a 0.005% accuracy rate, and they also feature a more sensitive weighing mechanism for optimal accuracy. Both of these scales are some of Arlyn’s best sellers.

Crane Scales

Instead of using a platform to weigh items, crane scales utilize a hook to do so. They rely on gravity to do the work. This works when you have items too heavy to lift onto a platform. Alternatively, it works for products with unusual shapes.

Many businesses even use these scales to hang larger items from a hook.

Use industrial crane scales and dynamometers from Arlyn Scales to help with a variety of heavy-duty weighing applications in a wide range of industries. Hang digital crane scales from a forklift or beam to help weigh engine motors, industrial equipment, construction materials, metal drums, and more. Choose from a large selection of high-quality crane scales and dynamometers at Arlyn Scales.

Wheelchair Scales

Wheelchair scales are ideal for clinics and hospitals as well as nursing homes. They are designed so a nurse or orderly will not jostle a patient while checking their vitals. A common standing scale alone doesn’t work to weigh wheelchair users or people leaving hospitals.

Arlyn Scales’ wheelchair scales can distinguish between the weight of the person being weighed and their chair. Using a simple, integrated computer program, the scale asks the user to input the chair’s model. Then, it’ll subtract the chair’s weight from the total weight to calculate that of the person.

We want to ensure that you have heavy-duty digital equipment for these facilities. Arlyn Scales, specializing in weighing and measuring, has a good selection of quality wheelchair scales. Many of these also function as multi-purpose scales accommodating nearly all patients.

Rain Gauge Scales

Arlyn Scales also provides these specialty scales. Using a circular platform, these scales weigh rainfall for a precise measure of weather conditions. They come with protected power supplies to avert accidental power surges or electrical shortages. You won’t have to worry about the scales causing shocks or getting damaged.

It is very important to collect data about rainfall. This data is critical for the scientific community in developing an understanding of the local, regional national and global climate. Just as important, collecting this data over the course of years will help in the study of climate change, global warming, and a host of other issues.

Besides the scientific value, rainfall data is very important for the agricultural community. Seasonal rainfall information is used for deciding when certain crops should be planted or harvested, and even which type of crop or variety of crop should be chosen for that season. Understanding they’re vital place in a lab, Arlyn Scales wants to provide the very best.

Pocket Scales

These handheld scales offer the best portability. Pocket scales weigh smaller items and can usually weigh items of up to 500 grams. These scales can weigh food components along with chemical components and materials used in jewelry making.

The uses for a digital pocket scale go on and on. You can use pocket scales in the kitchen, craft room, office, workshop and more. Grab a 0.1 gram pocket scale for weighing coins or one that’s a little more precise for gemstones and precious metals.

Need a pocket-sized diet scale? Use in your home, or for your workshop. Whatever you’re weighing, if you need a mini-scale you’re on the right page.

Jewelry Scales

These are designed for jewelers to specifically weigh their items in grams, ounces and even troy ounces. Two common types of jewelry scales include bench scales and analytical scales. Due to the high demand for portability, these scales can often be found in pocket versions.

The reasons are both for design and business purposes. It is very easy for a charlatan to substitute rhinestones for diamonds in a necklace. The weight differences can help you determine if the gems and jewels are worth their weight.

Whether you’re buying, selling or making jewelry, it’s nice to have an accurate scale on hand. Each jewelry scale in this category has at least a 0.1 gram readability for accurately weighing your gemstones, precious metals, semi-precious stones and more.

Industrial Scales

Manufacturing environments are generally home to these scales that range from different shapes and sizes. Industrial companies that generally find these scales useful include, but are not limited to, agricultural businesses, trucking, and automotive industries, and retail businesses.

Even semi-trucks and aircraft can be weighed on industrial scales, as these scales have the capability of precisely weighing hundreds of tons. Some, on the other hand, are made to measure exact quantities of extra small chemicals and additives, generally displaying the weight options in fractions of a gram.

Industrial scales are the head of a wide category of scales, inclusive of a platform, floor, or tank scales. They can withstand extreme environments, and measure despite temperature fluctuations.

Laboratory Scales

These types of scales fall under the category of industrial scales. Lab scales are used by the medical and pharmaceutical industries, along with the scientific community. They measure ingredients for medicines, chemicals, and experiments.

They can also weigh in small fractions of a gram. One type of laboratory-scale—the analytical scale—can often record even a fraction of a milligram. This helps with experiments that require the utmost precision, including those with combustible substances.

The price of a lab-scale is generally dependent on its precision and resolution. This means the higher the precision, the higher the cost. You will find a scale within your budget that meets your lab needs.

If you’re looking for a lab-scale, you’ve come to the right place. In our selection of laboratory scales, you’ll find milligram balances with 1-milligram readability, analytical balances with 0.1-milligram readability, semi-micro balances with 0.01-milligram readability and a few science scales with readabilities in-between.

We have laboratory scales from the best manufacturers that will deliver the most accurate results for your critical applications. Take a look at all of our lab scales below, or narrow your choices by milligram scales, analytical scales, semi-micro scales and scales with other resolutions.

Scale For Every Purpose

Several types of scales are available for measuring weight and meeting the preferences of several industries. Each model’s unique size, style, and capacity make it capable of handling different levels of accuracy and precision, as well as varying applications.

Do you need a scale that is waterproof, for the outdoors? We have them. Or does your work involve working with dangerous chemicals? Corrosion-resistant scales are in our catalog. Our engineers have designed nominal scales for any weighing circumstance.

Let Arlyn Scales Provide Accurate Levels Of Measurement

Although there are so many types of scales available in the market nowadays, Arlyn Scales is still the go-to location for all weighing needs. Our engineers work to ensure that you have the right digital scales that you need. For more information on Arlyn Scales’ products, contact us via our online form. We’ll answer all of your questions about industrial scales, and which ones are best suited for your business. Ley Arlyn Scales show you the way for counting
scales, and for your wheelchair users.