State of the Art High Accuracy Scales

We live in a society that is governed by change. “The only constant is change,” a quote by Heraclitus in 500 B.C.E., applies to this day and age as much as it did 1500 years earlier. Good decisions take into account the direction the world is headed. This axiom is clear in the directives of the Arlyn Scale Company as a premier factory-direct company, in the research and development of technology for the weighing industry.

The Inception of Scales

The historical evidence of weight scales dates from the 5th Century B.C.E. in Mesopotamia and Egypt where uniformly polished stone cubes, dating from 2400 to 1800 B.C.E., were weight-setting stones. Hundreds of years later, there is further evidence that similar cubes, with clear weight markings were used by merchants for weighing gold. Murals from this period depicted balance scales, representing that this type of weight measuring device was widely used.

These first weighing scales were devised using two plates attached to an overhead beam that was further attached to a central pole. The object to be weighed was placed on one plate and the weight-setting stones on the other, until equilibrium was reached.

In 200 A.D. the Romans designed a scale that has since been the basis for developing the platform scales now in use. It was not until the 18th century that a new system utilizing springs was invented.

Richard Salter, a British balance maker, created the spring scale. This weighing device measures the pressure exerted on a spring. Spring scales are still in use today but they are not as dependable as the electronic systems that emerged during the 20th century.

A New Paradigm

Necessity is the mother of invention. As industries’ needs have become more specific, the need for extreme accuracy, coupled with a viable cost factor, has motivated our research and development team here at Arlyn Scales to design and manufacture a state of the art high precision scale.

Unlike their predecessors, the strain gage scale and the force motor scale, the state of the art ultra precision Surface Acoustic Wave industrial scale is fabricated with semiconductor technology, measuring displacement and digitally providing the most accurate weight measurement in seconds.

Also unlike other weighing machines, where temperature instability and drift can be the norm, our team of dedicated engineers has implemented the mechanisms necessary to insure temperature stability. Our large load cellblock is extremely efficient when it comes to providing overload shock tolerance. This is key to fluidity in any industrial application and we have managed to devise this high-end equipment while keeping the cost comparable to high-end strain gage scales.

Custom Applications

Our team of engineers and technical advisors are dedicated to customizing the absolute best weighing devices, tailoring them to your specific needs and applications. Our engineers stay ahead of the curve by considering the future needs of our clients. Implementation of the finest technology, the SAW technology, delivers the highest rate of accuracy available on the market today.

Our scales are designed to handle any application necessary to elevate your standing in your industry. They are noted for dependability, the utmost of accuracy, durability and a broad scope of applications. From the delicacy of measuring pharmaceuticals to the rugged applications of most industries, our methodology is sensitive to each individual application.

Bench Scales

Bench scale systems feature a configuration where the platform is separated from the weighing indicator by a cord. Our SAW technology can be placed in models from ten pounds to 500 pounds and beyond. Our series 6200 scales utilize industry standard strain gauge technology, coordinated with exceptional quality stainless steel load cells to provide accuracy, ruggedness and durability.
As we have our own factories and no middlemen, we pass the savings on to our customers. The cost for these is generally one third less than the force motor scales. Options available are Analog output, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, printer, memory stick, USB, NEMA display, Winwedge and Setpoint. Resolution options range from .0001 to .005 pounds.

Counting Scales

Our parts counting scales are automatically calibrated making setup basically unnecessary. You have the option of storing the weight information of up to 450 different sized samples and these samples may be as light as .001 pounds. The superior stainless structure applied to a rugged aluminum foundation, and surrounded by a molded water resistant rubber gasket, makes an outstanding option guaranteed to increase your productivity many times over.

For even lighter parts counting, your options converge with our Ultra Precision Scale line. This exceptional series is capable of measuring parts as light as .0001 pounds, ensuring the utmost of delicate applications possible.

The heavier SAW technology counting scales can handle up to 500 pounds and provide a sensitivity of up to twenty times more than that of regular scales. Due to this impressive sensitivity factor, they are perfectly suited to the high accuracy formulation, batching and mixing industries. The implementation of this outstanding and incomparable Ultra Precision Scale provides cost-effective productivity.

Digital Interface

The perfectly sized, backlit, LCD display is multifunctional. It includes a zero button, reads fifteen different weight units. It is also available with parts counting and check weighing functionality. We employ ultra-sensitive mechanisms, which read and record in less than 2.5 seconds. In addition, there are numerous options for connectivity to multiple sources.

Solid State of the Art Construction

Arlyn Scales’ ultra precision state of the art weighing devices are built to last. The rugged construction that they are noted for employs stainless steel weighing pans and click type switches. These machines are built for durability, dependability, high-level accuracy and we are so certain of their performance that we back them with a warranty.

As a factory direct manufacturer of all the sub-assemblies that make a scale, our engineering and design teams are capable of customizing any model to any specifications needed, from load cell design to microprocessor instrumentation and computer software. Our highly trained scale professionals are available to answer any questions you may have.

We are sure that your weighing needs will be fulfilled, no matter how complex they may be. Arlyn Scales respects the challenges that come with the complexities of today’s technological and rapidly changing industrial weighing specificities and are confident of their ability to deliver the best product for the best price.
Contact Arlyn Scales for more information. We can be reached through our online form or by phone at (516) 593-4465.