Stainless Steel Scales

Scales have always been an important piece of equipment to accurately measure the weight of things. Many consumers may have scales in their homes to track their own weight. However, scales also play a very important part in various types of industries. Scales are considered vital in many different types of businesses. There are various types of industrial scales to be used in different types of businesses, including technology, manufacturing and the medical field.

In industries, a scale may be important for many different reasons. Scales may be used to weigh different types of products, including livestock on a farm and even liquids used in a laboratory. When purchasing an industrial scale, it is important that the company has the right type of scale for their industry that features the latest technology to ensure that their products are being weighed as accurately as possible. They will also want a scale that is made of the highest quality materials, like stainless steel, which is known for its durability.

To find the best scale for an industry, a person must consider what their needs are. While accuracy is at the top of the list, technology has made scales do more than they ever could before. Many scales feature easy to read LCD displays that display the weight quickly and accurately. Even more advanced features include Ethernet connectivity, to allow the scale to be linked to a network, and even interfaces that let a user easily connect the scale to a printer, so that important measurements can be printed for record keeping accuracy. Many industries will want to take advantage of these features to facilitate the weighing process. Some advanced scales may even have special software that allows the scale to be used when interacting with a computer.

An industry will also need to decide what type of scale will best fit their needs. There are types of scales that can accommodate almost anything, with high load bearing capacities. Industries should select the right scale that will fit their needs. Some of the options for industrial scales include crane scales, which are used for measuring force and weight when something is lifted. A good crane scale typically has hooks made of high quality materials, along with an LCD display. Many crane scales can handle a load of 2,500 pounds up to 10,000 pounds.

Stainless Steel Bench Scales

Bench scales are another type of industrial scale. These types of scales are frequently used on production lines and are popular for use in the food industry. They are known for their accuracy and the ability to measure out portions. These accurately measured portions can then be packaged by the manufacturer and sold.

Stainless Steel Platform Scales

Platform scales and floor scales can be used in many different types of industries. This includes floor scales being used in the airline industry, as well as for measuring weight of things in the agricultural industry, like bales of hay. Platform scales and floor scales are very accurate in their measurements and usually are constructed of extremely durable materials, including welded stainless steel. Many platform scales can handle weights of up to 1,000 pounds, while floor scales can measure weights of up to an astounding 20,000 pounds.

Stainless Steel Counting Scales

Counting scales are another type of industrial scale. These types of scales use the weight of one item in order to count multiples of the same items. These can frequently be seen in the medical industry, especially in pharmacies or companies that produce medication. These types of scales can accurately measure the amount of something (such as pills), so they are perfect for use when a particular number of an item is needed without manually counting them.

Stainless Steel Cylinder Scales

A cylinder scale is another different type of scale that may be seen in various industries. These types of scales are used to measure buckets and tanks that are filled with liquids or gases. Like many other industrial scales, these are also constructed of only the best materials, including the durable and long lasting stainless steel.

Veterinary scales are a type of platform scale that are used by vets to find out the weight of animals quickly and easily. These can be used in traditional veterinary offices to find the weight of pets, or it can be used in zoos or other locations to accurately weigh exotic animals. These types of scales are a must have piece of equipment for anyone who works with animals, as it makes getting their weight quick and easy.

Stainless Steel Drum Scales

Drum scales are used in industries that need to weigh drums and barrels. These strongly constructed scales feature ramps that allow drums and barrels to be rolled onto the surface, which results in easy weighing without having to lift or use any type of special equipment in which to lift the items onto the surface of the scale. Like many other scales, these come in a broad range of weight capacities.

Stainless Steel Custom Scales

There are many other different types of scales for any type of industry. There are scales that count the number of livestock, which are frequently used in the agricultural industry. Special scales are also available that can be used to weigh corrosive materials, with the scale itself being made of materials that are resistant to corrosion. Scales are also available for measuring the weight of explosive materials. For any type of industry, there is a scale available that can help get the job done much easier.

When considering a scale, an industry will need to find the scale that meets all of their needs. Some companies, such as Arlyn Scales, specialize in any type of scale that a company might use, making the scales with many desirable features. Any industry that needs a scale to measure the weight, force or even to count their products should consider purchasing a custom scale that is made to fit the needs of their company. Since a scale is so important in many industries and can be considered an investment, it is best to get the scale that will perform all of the functions that will make the user’s job easier, while maintaining accuracy.

When having a custom scale made we can help the business with any of their weighing needs. Special features can be added that will help the company be more efficient and precise, whether weighing medication, food, animals or even equipment. A custom scale is the best way to get all of the best features and highest technology that an industry needs, while making sure that the scale is constructed of only the highest quality materials such as stainless steel, to handle weighing anything.

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