How Scales Are Used in the Waste Industry


How Scales Are Used in the Waste IndustryWaste management companies and recycling facilities use industrial scales to keep track of large amounts of garbage and other items collected. Such organizations frequently charge clients based on the weight of waste gathered; therefore, accurate weight readings are necessary to ensure customers are billed correctly.

Waste management companies often collect hazardous waste. For example, waste collected from medical facilities frequently includes needles, biohazards, and other contagions. And companies who manufacture electronics regularly dispose of objects containing high amounts of lead. Industrial scales used within the waste industry must be capable of delivering precise and accurate measurements while also enduring harsh industrial environments, which are common throughout the waste industry.

Floor Scales Used in the Waste Industry

Floor scales are the ideal weighing option for extremely large containers because they can measure objects with high accuracy and can withstand heavy use. Oftentimes floor scales are used to monitor different waste streams during the sorting process.

Generally, floor scales have low profiles with platforms standing a mere 3 or 4-inches from the ground. Low profiles make it easy to load and unload objects from the platform. In the waste industry, operators might wheel a lighter load onto the scale for weighing or he or she might drive a forklift carrying waste directly onto the scale platform.

Floor scales can be placed in a central location within a waste processing facility, which means they can be accessed easily.

Arlyn Scales Arlyn Series 5200 Floor Scales

Arlyn Scales manufactures a collection of floor scales. Our Arlyn Series 5200 Floor Scales include stainless steel load cells, advanced digital algorithms, and welded steel construction coated with a special zinc rich epoxy for superior rust resistance.

Scale platforms are available in an array of sizes and can be as large as 8-feet by 12-feet. The capacities of our floor scales range from 2,500-pounds to 30,000-pounds. Customers can choose to purchase a floor scale in complete stainless steel construction, as well. If the scale is going to be operated in a hazardous or corrosive environment, consider Arlyn Scales’ Corrosion Resistant Scales.

Bench Scales: An Alternative for the Waste Industry

Bench scales are perfect for measuring smaller containers. They typically have a smaller platform to minimize workspace. Bench scales are great for facilities frequently working with e-recycling, which is the reprocessing of electronics.

Arlyn Scales Designs and Manufactures Bench Scales

Arlyn Scales creates high-quality industrial bench scales ranging from our Standard 6200 Strain Gage Scales to our D-6200 series. We also manufacture SAW Ultra Precision scales and scales suitable for operation within explosion-risk environments.

Series 6200 scales provide a readability of .02-pounds with a capacity of 100-pounds. D-620C offers customers a readability of .01-pounds. And our SAW-C Ultra Precision scales supply users with an incredible readability of .001-pounds. Platform sizes vary from 8-inches by 11-inches to 12-inches by 16-inches.

Stainless Steel Load Cells Featured in Arlyn Scales Products

The accuracy and reliability a scale is capable of providing users depends on the scale’s load cells. If a load cell fails, a scale is rendered useless.

Standard in a majority of Arlyn Scales’ industrial weighing devices come stainless steel load cells. Stainless steel load cells are superior to aluminum and steel-plated load cells because they are tougher and can endure shock loading or overloading. Stainless steel load cells allow our scales to endure harsh chemicals and materials, which are commonly found within waste management and collection locations.

Arlyn Scales manufactures our own heat-treated stainless steel load cells. We put the load cells into protective pockets within a scale’s frame, which prevents damage to the load cells from occurring.

Each platform and floor scale made by Arlyn Scales with stainless steel load cells features 4 load cells. By installing additional load cells, our scales resist routine wear and tear that is typically seen on scales with 1 load cell in place.

Zinc Rich Epoxy Coating Prevents Corrosion and Rust

On our welded steel constructed scales, Arlyn Scales uses a Zinc Rich Epoxy Coating, which helps prevent damage from occurring to the scale due to corrosion. More effective than basic hardware paint or one layer of protective covering, we apply multiple coats of Zinc Rich Epoxy to make it difficult for our scales to be scratched. If the scale is scratched, the Zinc Rich Epoxy Coating works to contain the scratch and keeps it from spreading to other parts of the scale. Zinc Rich Epoxy Coating also prevents the scale from rusting.

Readable Digital Displays are Necessary in the Waste Industry 

Arlyn Scales includes a large LCD Digital Display with all of our industrial scales, which makes it easy for operators to see weight readings from any angle or distance. Available for purchase with a swivel mount, scale digital indicators can be mounted to any convenient location.

Digital indicators display weight information and clearly note units of measurement and tare values. In the waste industry or any hazardous environment, digital indicators should be sealed so moisture cannot cause operational problems with the device.

Data Collection, Transmission, and Analysis 

Storing and recording weight values is important in the waste industry. Many waste management companies monitor data and share it with other organizations. Therefore, connectivity options must be available on the industrial scales used in the waste industry.

Arlyn Scales offers a selection of connectivity options, including: Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, and Cloud. Using a Windows based software application customers can transfer data collected by their scale to a computer where the information can be imported to an Excel spreadsheet or database table.

Learn More About Arlyn Scales and The Scales We Create

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