Scales for Industrial Use

Industrial scales are commonly used for a number of purposes in business from determining accurate weight of livestock to identifying shipping weight for a common courier service. Because this kind of equipment has to be accurate in performance but also durable, many industrial scales and related equipment are made of aluminum or other metal to prevent external surface damage. In some cases, scales also have to be calibrated regularly to continue to produce accurate measurements. As a result, depending on what is being weighed and why, scales can be used for both general and very detailed measurement work.

Laboratory Scales

For lab work, industrial scales that provide measurement information have to be very, very accurate. In many cases today such equipment now uses computers or computerized components to determine exact measurements. Because detail matters so much with these types of scales, regular calibration is necessary, and in some cases the settings have to be checked and sealed by an independent party or regulatory official. Lab scales are frequently used to measure small amounts of ingredients, bio-material and chemicals that will ultimately be mixed or combined with other components. As a result, exact measurement is important both for observation as well as having the right ingredient mix.

High Precision Scales

Scales for industrial use with high-precision capability are not always miniature units for measuring very small material samples. Sometimes such scales can be much larger. The key common factor in such equipment is their ability to measure 1/100th or more of an ounce. Like laboratory scales, the extreme measurement capability of such scales tends to be managed by computers now as micro-processors can be far more exact in results. Most such scales can handle materials up to 200 pounds in a standard range, but a few extreme models can deal with weights up to 500 pounds.

Bench Scales

Bench scales for a custom built scale can come in different sizes. The three main elements that can be changed in the equipment are the platform capacity, durability, and the accuracy. Mainly designed to offer a standard weighing capability on a workbench, larger sizes are available for higher cost. These types of scales frequently come with stainless steel parts for easy cleaning and great durability.

Platform Scales

Designed to handle far greater loads than normal weigh scales, Platform scales for a custom built scale perform well in measuring the weight of heavy, bulky items. A common use of a platform scale may be in the form of luggage scales used at airports where fliers check their bags in for travel. The low profile feature is one of the best details of such equipment, as it makes moving materials onto the scale far easier. Common shipping couriers also use platform scales to handle price determination on large and odd-sized packages, providing an accurate reading for shipping charges.

Many platform scales for industrial use can easily handle weights ranging from 500 to 1,000 pounds per measurement. The determination accuracy on such units tends to be fairly good as minute accuracy in most cases is not necessary. However, platform scales can be designed with high-detail measurement capability if desired, for a higher cost. Most platform scales are also built with stainless steel parts for easy cleaning and durability.

Floor Scales

Where very large items that weigh significant amounts are involved, floor scales for a custom built scale are used. Livestock farms and markets frequently use floor scales for measuring the weight of cattle or large animals. While the reasons may vary, all floor scales are designed to handle very large loads and produce weight measurements accurately. These scales can easily handle weight ranging from 2,500 pounds to as much as 20,000 pounds or more. They also come in a variety of sizes from small animal size to large and beyond. Floor scales are commonly made of steel structure to handle the weight placed on them so that the scales don’t buckle or warp under pressure. In some cases, specialty floor scales can be designed that can handle weights exceeding 10 tons, but these are highly-specialized units for specific purposes.

Livestock Scales

As mentioned earlier, floor scales can be easily used for weighing measurements on livestock. That said, specific livestock floor scales come with accessories and parts making it easy to guide the livestock onto the scale pad, keep them contained, and then transfer the animals off when finished. The platform and surrounding parts are designed for easy cleaning so that mud, animal droppings, and dirt don’t get stuck on or in the scale from repeated use. Many farms, auction houses, and livestock markets utilize livestock floor scales for a custom built scale to determine the accurate worth of an animal before selling.


Because there are so many different types of industrial scales available, businesses and organizations considering obtaining scale equipment are best served by first researching exactly what is needed for their weighing activities. For example, if specific measurements are necessary when selling product or material to customers, a scale that can be calibrated and sealed by regulatory or third party inspection will likely be required. Where heavy-duty industrial equipment is necessary for heavy, hard-to-handle weights a durable scale that can take a beating and consistently perform is the best choice.

Each business’ need will be somewhat different and specific, so buyers should take the time to understand the differences in scale types and how they perform. Further, with the fact that many scale equipment producers are now offering scales with computerized features, how such equipment will connect and integrate with a business’ existing equipment will be important as well. The more research a buyer has, the better the company will understand what scale will work best and why. This ensures dollars spent are done so wisely instead of just placing trust in the wind with expensive equipment.

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