Quality Control at Arlyn Scales: How We Test Our Scales to Ensure Accuracy

Quality Control at Arlyn Scales How We Test Our Scales to Ensure AccuracyArlyn Scales is a leader in design and manufacturing of high quality, long lasting industrial scales. Our company offers consumers a wide selection of industrial scales suitable for a variety of purposes and environments. Many of our scales utilize our own-patented technology, Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, which is the latest breakthrough in scale technology and the first the world has seen in over 40 years.

Our customers are guaranteed to receive high quality, accurate scales for an affordable price. Arlyn Scales’ products are completely made in one location—from the design process through manufacturing, all the way to final sale. We ensure quality control by overseeing every step of every process involved in making our top-notch industrial scales. We ship all of our scales pre-calibrated, which means once they arrive at a customer’s door they are ready to get to work. Also, if and when accuracy issues arise, all of our scales are capable of being automatically recalibrated.

All of Our Scales are Designed and Manufactured in One Place

Industrial scales manufactured overseas and sold by American companies in the U.S. are often made with cheaper materials and comprise of parts made from an array of brands. Distributors and middlemen frequently sell industrial scales and raise the price of the scales significantly. Therefore, when customers purchase industrial scales from middlemen who sell scales made by American companies supplying foreign-made products, customers pay a much higher price for a scale than what it actually cost to manufacture the scale.

Arlyn Scales doesn’t execute business this way. Every single scale our company sells is designed and manufactured in one place. Our teams of designers, manufacturers, and sellers work next door to our corporate offices in Long Island, New York.

Arlyn Scales has an advantage over competitor scale manufacturers because it is simple for us to oversee every part of the scale creation process. We can quickly address issues that arise with design and manufacturing. And it is possible for us to offer our customers low prices because we are not required to factor in expensive overseas shipping costs.

Factory-Direct Pricing

Our company believes middlemen and distributors are unnecessary. Every time a scale changes hands, an additional cost is tacked on. Each product Arlyn Scales sells is made in one location and shipped from the same place. Customers who shop with Arlyn Scales pay for the scale they receive and nothing more. We ensure high quality products at a low price because we can afford to do so.

Customers Receive Pre-Calibrated Scales  

Arlyn Scales sends every scale we make to customers pre-calibrated. This means when you receive your scale, it’s ready to be used and will deliver extremely accurate results. If, however, you run into issues with accuracy, our scales are easy to recalibrate.

In order to deliver accurate results, industrial scales must maintain their original balance; however, they tend to lose this balance as the years pass by and eventually require recalibration.

Scales can lose accuracy when affected by specific environments or interferences. For example, many scales are impacted by fluctuations in temperature, which can make them produce inexact weight readings. Scales can also lose accuracy when in contact with vibration, moisture, or a build-up of dirt or dust.

How to Test a Scale for Inaccuracies

If you think your scale is delivering inaccurate results, test it. You can test your scale by measuring an object with a known weight, such as a calibration weight. Make sure your scale is on a flat and level surface before testing. Set the scale so it reads zero and place the weight on the scale. Repeat the test several times to make sure the weight reading is the same each time.

Arlyn Scales and Automatic Calibration

Arlyn Scales is one of the first companies to supply scales with an automatic calibration feature. We understand how important accuracy is for companies utilizing industrial scales—for some more than others. The primary way a scale maintains accuracy is through a process called calibration. A scale that is not properly calibrated will deliver inaccurate weight readings.

Our company has made the process of calibration extremely easy for our customers. Beyond delivering our scales to your door pre-calibrated, we also include a self-calibration feature on all our scales. A simple calibration menu is included and any person is capable of recalibrating one of our scales alone. The scale never even has to be taken out of service.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts: Surface Acoustic Wave Technology

Arlyn Scales has been in the weighing industry for over 3 decades. The entire time our company has been in business we have kept up with technological advancements and many times we have been the first to implement a number of scale features and capabilities. For example, our scales were among the first to offer Ethernet and Wi-Fi compatibility.

Recently, Arlyn Scales developed a new, ultra-precision scale technology known as Surface Acoustic Wave. Scales with SAW technology contain 2 transducers—1, which functions as a transmitter, and the second, which works as the receiver. When an object is placed on the scale platform, the transmitter releases a bulk wave towards the receiver. The receiver takes the wave, amplifies it, and sends it back to the transmitter. The wave travels back and forth and the frequency created between the 2 transmitters is measured digitally. The measurement appears on the scale’s digital indicator.

Ultra Precision Scales are extremely accurate and are capable of detecting extremely small changes in weight. Customers can choose between aluminum and stainless steel construction; however, every scale contains stainless steel load cells, which allow the scale to endure extremely heavy weights without succumbing to damages. SAW technology produces weight readings with accuracies within .01 and .02 percent of an object’s true weight. Ultra Precision Scales are more accurate than Strain Gage scales and offer users weight readings comparable to Magnetic Force Restoration scales, but at a much lower cost.

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