Parcel Scales

bench-scale-5TParcel scales calculate the total weight of a product or item for shipping. These models are used in mailrooms and offices across the country for calculating the costs of sending various packages. They quickly determine the required postage for a package to be mailed. Digital models can have various rates programmed into them, depending on the region and currency used.

Thanks to technological advances, there are analog and digital postal scales. Analog is traditional and has simpler features, meaning they tend to cost less, but digital can store data and implement multiple functions.

Some scales at the post office come with easy-to-read screens and receipt printers, to save people sending packages time. They are available either for personal use or at the main counter. Rather than wait in line, the user can weigh their package, pay the designated amount, and paste the resulting label onto their box.

Requirements For Scales Used For Weighing Packages

Accuracy is a must. A scale that weighs incorrectly can cause you to over or underpay. Licensed dealers sell used models, but these should be inspected for accuracy before being put into commercial use. If necessary, see if you can refurbish these to ensure that you are getting accuracy weighing.

Brand new scales will be more expensive, but it may be worth the cost to your business in the long run. For one, these can be used longer before needing repairs or replacement. As another benefit, they are less likely to require consistent calibration. Newer models add relevant technology and features that can improve the weighing experience, such as data collection.

Because parcel scales are designed to be used in shipping, they should have a wide enough platform to safely hold the sizes of packages your company normally ships. These scales should also have easily visible readouts. Price ranges vary based on size, capacity, and accuracy, with the most important feature for any business being accuracy. Even the slightest discrepancy in the weight can affect the cost of postage.

Parcel scales can technically be used in a number of other applications besides mail. Such uses include warehousing and science labs, but are extremely efficient in their intended purpose. They are an integral piece of equipment for sales, logistics and purchasing departments. As a result, all aspects of the company are ultimately affected by the reliability of the scales.

History Of Parcel Weighing Scales

One of the first companies to produce a reliable scale for shipping and postal use was a manufacturing company, which started in 1830. Since then, scales have evolved and improved in accuracy as well as features. The ability to count individual parts and finished goods and to connect to a computer to store data has enabled companies to better track their work-in-process as well as items being prepared for shipment. Most recently, some scales, such as those from Arlyn Scales, allow data to be sent to the Cloud. With the proper passwords and permissions, this data can be used from anywhere.

Many industries use these scales to calculate their shipping costs. These include transportation, such as airlines and cargo liners. Differences in manufacturing methods used to make scales, as well as the quality and durability of internal components make the difference in whether or not you have a reliable scale.

Parcel scales used in mailrooms should be easy to set up and operate. This reduces the learning curve for new and established employees. In addition, they should be calibrated correctly according to either the metric or English standard system, depending on which your company uses.

Because postal rates are largely based on weight, it has been necessary to determine postage by measuring the total weight of each package. Customers want to pay a fair rate for the packages they send, and postal services need to determine an established amount. A scale provides a means to find out the price with certainty.

The dimensions also matter. Packages with irregular dimensions generally cost more for postage than standard square or rectangular shipping containers. The reason is that they need more careful storage and stacking during transport, to avoid damaging the goods inside.

Some scales will let the user enter dimensions of an irregular package for more precise postage calculations. They take into account the weight as well as shape of the package. Digital parcel scales are the most convenient method of preparing items to receive postage.

Improve Weight Capacity With Arlyn Scales

Arlyn Scales has spent several years improving on the shipping scales and weighing platforms used for industrial equipment. We incorporate the newest technology to ensure that durable stainless steel platforms and load cells match current business needs. Decide if you want a wireless scale powered by batteries or which use standard wall adaptors, or both.

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