Metal Scales

explosive-environment-scale-c-2One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and even a source of income. There are many people who make a living by buying scrap metal that other people consider junk. Scrap metal is sold by weight. Therefore, special types of metal scales are needed to get an accurate weight on scrap metal. Different types of metal are worth different amounts. However, the same scale can be used for all. Metal scales must be durable and hold a large amount of weight. These scales must also be affordable so that the businesses that need them are able to procure them.

Most of the time, scrap metal is weighed inside the vehicle which brings it to the scales. The metal scales are actually a very large platform scale. The vehicle containing the scrap metal drives onto the platform scale. One weight measurement is taken of the vehicle with the weight of the scrap metal also included. Once the metal is unloaded, another measurement is taken. This measurement will include only the weight of the emptied vehicle. To get an accurate measurement of the weight of the metal, the weight of the empty vehicle is subtracted from the weight of the combined vehicle and metal.

The metal scale must be able to support a lot of weight because the vehicle must actually drive onto the platform scale. The metal itself may also contain a large amount of weight. However, whatever the metal weighs is combined with the weight of the truck. This results in an even larger amount of weight. If the metal scales are not designed from durable and high quality materials, the scale may degrade over time. Therefore, it is important to find scales that are able to support the large amounts of weights that will be required.

Because metal scales are such large versions of platform scales, they can easily become so expensive that the average business is unable to afford them. Therefore, metal scale creators must ensure that costs are kept to a minimum. Arlyn Scales manufactures the highest quality scales at the lowest possible price. Even if a scale is the best scale that was ever made, it is still worthless if no business can afford to buy it.

Whether it may be for weighing scrap metal or other purposes, if your business is in need of metal scales, allow us to help you. Arlyn Scales provides high quality products at an affordable price. The scales that are found on today! are designed to withstand the pressures of the large amounts of weight that are required in weighing scrap metal. So, let us help you to find the metal scales to suit your purposes. No matter what your reason for needing these types of scales, we will be able to help you find the perfect scale. Choose us today! You’ll be glad you did.