Industrial Weighing Automation Systems

large-ultra-precision-scale-1As a leader in the weighing industry, Arlyn Scales is committed to both cutting edge technology and customer savings. We have believed in this principle for the past thirty years. Our scales are made in our factory in Long Island, New York. We house our factory and business together because it provides our customers with the lowest markup in the industry. By doing that, we are able to offer our clients higher quality products at factory-direct pricing.

We believe that our scales should work harder for you. Whether you are looking for a bench scale, a platform scale, or a floor scale for your weighing needs, we make sure we always offer the Setpoint Controller as an option for you. We believe that this tool can provide greater efficiency in both time and money for all of your weighing needs.

The Setpoint Controller

This optional controller is a valuable tool should you wish to exercise greater control over your weighing process. By using the controller, you will be able to automate more of your dispensing, filling and batching stations. This allows you to shift personnel to duties that require greater human interaction. Customer feedback has been very positive in terms of the user friendliness of this controller as well as the gains in productivity at their facilities.

Using the setpoint controls allows the user to enter as many as eight target weight values that are used to automate filling and basic PLC function. When the scale reaches the set weight value, it sends an electronic signal that either turns on or turns off certain equipment. For example, you set the weight value to a drum’s maximum capacity and turn the filling pump on. Once the target weight is reached, the controller shuts of the filling pump.

You can also reverse engineer this process as well. Say you want to know when a drum of material needs to be refilled, you can enter the lowest target weight prior to being refilled. Once that weight is reached, an alarm or email will notify you or a designated worker to fill the drum again.

A more sophisticated use of the setpoint controller can be seen in paint mixing which uses multiple components. By setting multiple weigh values of different pigment colors you can keep each barrel or drum of paint consistent with all the others you have mixed.

Automated Precision

Before recent technological developments by Arlyn Scales, many customers were faced with a dilemma. They could not weigh high capacity loads at a very high resolution. They could have a scale with a high load capacity and a low resolution or they could have a scale with a high resolution and low capacity. Either way, the customer had to make a sacrifice and decide which feature was more important.

The strain gage load cell has been the standard load cell for sixty years. It’s the key component for weight resolution. To obtain an accurate measurement, the load cells have flexure sections that are made of thin metal. That makes the load cells vulnerable to damage from a load being dropped onto the scale (shockloading) or the overloading the scale with a weight beyond its capacity. Once the cells are damaged, the scale is no longer of any use until it’s repaired, resulting in repair costs as well as costs associated with loss of scale use.

We have incorporated a new technology, Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, into our line of Ultra Precision Scales. Since the cells are made of thicker metal, it prolongs their life and the life of the scale. The SAW transducers use solid state sensors to measure displacement instead of the stress and strain that standard strain gage load cells measure. You need less displacement to obtain an accurate weight measurement, hence the thicker metal for the load cell. Because a thicker load cell can bend further without damage, we’re able to provide a resolution of up to 0.0001 pounds.

Combining the SAW technology with the automation technology we have developed gives you a scale that is accurate and can be used for both small and large weights.

Collection and Analysis Connectivity

In addition, to needing the scales to weigh their products, businesses may need to collect, sort, and analyze weight data to project costs, trends, and perform cost benefit analyses. Arlyn Scales offers several options:

  • USB: This is the most common PC interface. You attach your PC to the scale via a USB connector and you can export the weight data to a number of Windows applications like Access or Excel. Arlyn’s USB Remote Software will also allow you to control the scale from the PC.
  • Ethernet: This option allows you to collect weight data or control the scale from anywhere around the globe. You simply connect via a local wired network or use your company’s Wi-Fi network.
  • Datalogging: This is great for working in the field. All you need is a USB flash drive. Connect it to the scale and the weight data quickly can be downloaded onto a flash drive. Later, you can plug the flash drive into a PC and analyze the data with any application that supports CSV files.

Automation Customization

We understand that our standard scale models will meet not every need our customers have. If you already have a system in place and require a scale that fits into it, we can discuss the specs with you and manufacture a custom option that with integrate flawlessly with your current system.

Customer Service Beyond Compare

It’s more of a buyer’s market than it has ever been and we are ready for it. We know the personal touch is something that is all too often not part of our business. Therefore, we make it a point of pride to recruit and retain some of the most knowledgeable sales staff out there. Not only will they answer your questions in a friendly manner, but they may be able to proactively give you some solutions or ideas to better meet your needs. Contact us today by calling (800) 645-4301 or through the form on our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you!