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bench-scale-5TTechnology has changed the face of our world, and so it takes a company that utilizes cutting edge technology to meet the needs of industries working in this new era of constant change.It takes vision and a commitment to keep improving upon systems that are currently in place. The commitment to accuracy, consistency, durability and technical capability is what drives us to provide weighing equipment that meets your needs.

Time Is On Your SideOur scales are built to last. We manufacture our own subassemblies and because we do, we can utilize stainless steel in our construction processes. Stainless steel, although not as easy to work with as aluminum, provides durability from rust and sudden heavy weight loads or accidents.From the inside out, our designers account for all the ways in which a scale may be compromised.

One such way is based on the quality of the load cell. When companies are looking to cut costs, they will implement aluminum or nickel plated load cells. Our load cells are manufactured from stainless steel and are built to withstand the rigors of any industrial environment.Solid Construction Our top of the line industrial platform scales are available with stainless steel from the inside out. These scales are built to withstand corrosion and shock and overload. Typically, load cells are placed in the four corners of the platform scales. This type of construction is prone to shock from being accidentally hit by pallet jacks. In order to circumvent any issues that may compromise the scale’s integrity, our stainless steel load cells are machine pocketed into their protective encasements within the welded frame of the scale.

Additionally, instead of using a summation board to accumulate the weight information from each separate load cell, all of our load cells are configured with exactly the same output values, thereby avoiding the use of a summation board and its additional parts, which are more prone to breakage and malfunction. The manner in which the load cells are placed in our scales allows for a very slim profile. The added value of this is that items shift very little when being placed upon the scale’s platform. Additionally, if you require ramps for loading and unloading, they will consequently have very low slopes and take up less room on the work floor. This also makes for a more stabile weighing experience as there is nearly no shifting of the weight load.

Choice of Platform Surfaces

To cover all your bases, we offer platforms made from stainless steel or aluminum. If space is an issue and corrosion is not, then our aluminum platform scales might be the right option for you. They are extremely portable and can be stored on their sides in an out of the way place.For more durability from moisture and other corrosive materials, we can add a triple layer epoxy coat to the stainless steel platform, which includes a glass component to protect it from rust. Although this coating is much more durable than a powder paint coating, it will still endure scratches, but the stainless steel will inhibit rust from forming underneath the epoxy layer. For the ultimate guarantee of abrasion protection, this optional glass filled epoxy coating is also imbued with garnet particles.

Platform Sizes

Our New York based factories are capable of handling custom ordered platforms, however, our standard platform stock is quite comprehensive. We offer platforms in the following sizes: twenty inches by twenty-seven inches, twenty-two inches by forty four inches, twenty-seven inches by sixty inches, thirty inches by thirty inches, thirty-six inches by thirty-six inches and forty-eight inches by forty-eight inches. All of these platforms have a profile less than two inches high and all come in either five hundred or one thousand weight load capacities.For larger weighing loads, our industrial floor scales, fabricated in the same manner as our platform scales, are made in platform sizes from three feet by three feet and up to eight feet by ten feet, which are capable of weighing loads to upwards of thirty thousand pounds. However the difference lies in the profiles of these scales, which will measure from two and seven eighths of an inch to as much as four inches, depending on the platform size.


In this day and age, information is key to a successful business. For ultimate precision we offer a state of the art precalibrated scale indicator. This large graphic LCD display is moisture protected and also is available in a stainless steel option. With seven built in unit conversions and a keypad that enables you to input textual and numeric information, this indicator is the best option for industrial climates.Our indicators function in tandem with several options enabling you to connect to a PC or a printer through a USB port or wireless Ethernet. Our Windows interface software enables you to use the standard communications protocol, RS-232. This protocol will allow bidirectional interface (data and commands) between the scale and your PC, printer, or a programmable logic controller. If your needs are further reaching, we offer an RS-485 option. Transmitting over a distance of up to four thousand feet, this protocol allows you to tether several scales together to form a network.

With an additional USB interface, you can log data and directly control up to ten scales from one computer.If your needs are simpler and logging data for future use is required, our Memory Stick allows your scale to record weighing data, date, group, time and item description. This information is stored on a removable thumb drive that can be read from your computer.For batching and filling operations, our Set Point option allows up to eight target weights to be set so that these targets can turn feeders, mixers, motors and valves on and off. As weight is applied to the scale’s platform, the inputted formulas dictate the output lines operations. This Set Point option provides accurate and precise batching each and every time.

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With over thirty years in the business, we are experts in the field and would be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements and assist you in selecting or building the scale best suited to your needs.For more information, contact us through our online form or by phone at (800) 645-4301.