How an Industrial Company Can Automate Processes Using Scales

Marketing_automation_kinderspel_900_450_90_s_c1_smart_scaleToday’s business world is nothing but rapid pace and razor thin bottom lines. It is vitally important for an industry to assess the way it can create and improve business processes and procedures. When it comes to industries that use scales, there is no exception. The scale industry has made a number of changes and innovations that can help users become much more productive and efficient while weighing. Automated systems are systems that can generate precise and quicker weight readings and free up personnel to do more complicated tasks.

At Arlyn Scales, we believe in hard work and smart work. We have been a leader in our industry for more than thirty years because of this simple fact. Not only do we make great scales, but we are constantly re-examining them to see if something is obsolete in the design that could be brought up to date or whether there has been a technological advance we can incorporate into either a preexisting scale or something that will launch a new generation of scales.

Our scales are manufactured in Long Island, New York where we have our offices. This allows us to trim costs for you because we ship factory direct right to your front door. And because we are saving costs for ourselves as well, we can invest further in our scales design and materials. This means you get an even better scale that our competitors cannot begin to match at even full price. Additionally, our scales come with great options that can further enhance your productivity.

Automated Filling, Mixing, Batching, and Dispensing

One of the best automation solutions out there is our setpoint controller. This controller allows you to program up to eight weight values into the scale. The weight values can then be used for automated filling and basic programmable logic controller (PLC) functions.

Let’s say you are trying to fill liquid from a drum into a container that’s on your 320M platform scale. By programming two setpoints, one for a weight near the target weight and another for the actual target, your controller can operate a pump at full speed via a solid state relay until it reaches that first weight value. At that point, the controller can run a second pump via solid state relay at a trickle speed to reach the target weight.

After that point, other setpoint values can be used for mixing such as in paint or chemical compounds. This is an excellent way for you to create mixing Recipe that you can store in the controller for long term use and increase the consistency of your final product.

Another way the setpoint controller can be used is by using the scale to dispense weight. For example, you could run a filling pump out of a drum container to fill containers not on the scale. Once a lesser weight value has been reached a signal can be sent via solid state relay to shut off the filling pump. You can also just use the setpoint controller to notify you when the container on the scale is almost empty and requires filling.

This controller can help you partially or fully automate a weighing process that you have previously used personnel for. By freeing up these people, you are able to reduce human error by having your containers filled exactly the same way time after time. You can utilize your personnel for more complex tasks allowing you enhanced productivity per man hour.

Weight Data Record Keeping and Archiving

Data derived from your automated processes can be archived onto your Windows based computers to ensure that it is not inadvertently lost. Exporting the data can also enable you to use analytical tools like MS Excel or MS Access to view the date for costs, trends, and make course corrections in your business. We are pleased to design our scales with several different connectivity options.

  • USB Ð Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the most common interface for computers and devices. You see USB ports on pretty much every piece of computer equipment and devices that would interface with a computer. You can connect the scale to a windows based laptop or PC by inserting a USB cable into the USB port on the scale and the port on your computer. By using Arlyn’s USB Remote Software, you can then control and monitor your scale. The USB software can allow you to export the weight data from the scale and onto your computer enabling you to store and analyze it.
  • Ethernet/Wi-Fi Ð An Ethernet network is a great asset for a company and it can allow you to communicate with your scale from anywhere in the building as long as your PC or laptop is connected to the same Ethernet network. You will have the same options as if you used a USB cable and connected directly to the scale. You will be able to monitor the scale’s performance, issue commands to it, and export the weight data. Not only could you use an Ethernet connection, but you can use our Remote Indicator Software to communicate with the scale via Wi-Fi. This will enable you to access your scale and the weight data from virtually anywhere in the world. You can check in on it outside of normal working hours and troubleshoot any problems before they become major issues.
  • Datalogging Ð This is a fantastic option for quick and easy data extraction from the scale. By inserting a USB flash drive into the scale’s USB thumb drive port, you will be able to use the scale indicator to download data onto the flash drive. Once completed, you will be able to insert the flash drive into a computer or laptop. Make sure you use an application that can open a CSV formatted file to view your weight data.

Customer Service That’s Personalized, Not Automated

At Arlyn Scales, our customer support staff believes is providing you with courteous and expert service and advice. All of our representatives are highly trained in our product line and can work with you to provide a customized solution to meet your firm’s needs and expectations. Please contact us using the Contact Us page on this site or call us at 1-800-645-4301. Let us show you how to be more productive and efficient with our superior line of scales and automation options.