How Technology Changes the Way We Treat Industrial Precision Scales

Every day, new technologies and uses for technologies materialize and/or evolve; therefore, it’s natural for the rest of the world to continuously try and keep pace with all of the changes, which affect every industry and community on our planet in some way.

Many of the major developments in technology are surprising and unprecedented. For example, consider bicycles and automobiles. At one time, people couldn’t imagine either becoming an integrated part of our day-to-day lives, but obviously the two did just that.

In 2016, many of us rely heavily on the convenience and dependability of technology. A lot of people use cell phones and computers on a daily basis, in addition to other unconventional technologies. The weighing industry is just one of many industries that has had to adapt what is produced in order to keep up with the changes in technology.

Follow along as we explore and discuss how technology has altered the weighing industry and, in particular, how the design and manufacturing of industrial precision scales has progressed with technology advancements.

When Technology Progresses, Scale Accuracy Improves

Like everything else in the world, the production of industrial scales had to start somewhere—and they did: way back in the day, the only weighing scales in existence were balance scales, which, one can imagine, were not super accurate. But, with time, comes knowledge and, eventually, balance scales evolved into the kinds of industrial scales we know and appreciate today.

Today, there are countless scale styles and customizations available and, within the wide selection of scale types and sizes, etc., there are different levels of scale accuracy. Scale manufacturers, like Arlyn Scales, often produce multiple series of scales—regular industrial scales and scales that deliver highly precise and accurate weight readings. ArlynScales offers a huge selection of standard industrial scales, in addition to an independent line of customizable Ultra Precision Scales.

The Accuracy of Arlyn Scales’ Ultra Precision Scales

Advancements in technology have certainly allowed for the invention of Ultra Precision Scales by Arlyn Scales to come to fruition; however, something else that has allowed for this development is the company’s ability to see a huge void in the weighing industry and finding a way to fill it.

Before Ultra Precision Scales, the two most common scales in the weighing industry were Strain Gage and Magnetic Force Restoration (MFR). Both scale options have their advantages; however, they also have their drawbacks. Arlyn Scales acknowledged what was missing with these two technologies and created a solution: Ultra Precision Scales.

Regular scales, like the Strain Gage type, typically provide accuracy in the range of .1%, but Ultra Precision Scales deliver an amazing accuracy of .01%, which is ten times better.  Arlyn Scales manufactures Ultra Precision Scales with maximum capacities ranging from 10 pounds to 1,000 pounds, which means these scales can accommodate a wide variation of weighing applications and deliver highly accurate results—which just didn’t happen before they were created.

Surface Acoustic Wave Technology

To replace Strain Gage and MFR scales, Arlyn Scales created an entirely new scale technology: Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW). This technology would not have been possible without the already existing Strain Gage and MFR scale technologies; however, it works completely different than these other scale options.

SAW technology measures displacement instead of strain or stress, which means SAW scales (Ultra Precision Scales) can accommodate heavier loads without breaking, and they can utilize more heavy-duty and highly accurate load cells. Arlyn Scales uses stainless steel load cells in our Ultra Precision Scales because it is a more durable material and can resist corrosion better than load cells made from aluminum or steel coating.

Arlyn Scales recognized a problem within the weighing industry: the two main scale options either didn’t produce extremely accurate weight readings or they couldn’t accommodate super heavy loads—there wasn’t a scale option that offered customers the best of both worlds. Arlyn Scales created SAW technology, and Ultra Precision Scales, so customers never have to choose between accuracy and maximum capacity again.

Connectivity Options Make Weighing Processes Simpler

As computers and other communication devices have become more and more integrated into how businesses do what they do, scale manufacturers have strived to incorporate advanced communication devices into the scales they create.

Mostly for the sake of convenience, but also for error-free recording and simple analysis, Arlyn Scales offers a number of connectivity options for all of our scales. Customers who buy scales from Arlyn Scales can choose to have one of the following connectivity options included in the construction of the scale they purchase

  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • RS-232
  • RS-485
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth

When a scale has one of the above connectivity options, it can be controlled from a nearby computer and operators can easily transport the weight data the scale collects. Once the data is transferred to a computer, the operator can run simple analysis on the data using Microsoft Excel and Access. This can help to ensure that operations are running smoothly and weight readings are as accurate as can be. Moreover, with connectivity options, there is no need to record data by hand, which of course is just asking for mistakes to be made.

Thanks to technology, industrial scales are more accurate, easy-to-use, and track than ever before!

Other Convenient Features of Industrial Scales Thanks to Technology

In addition to allowing for improved accuracy and communication capabilities, technology has opened the door for weighing processes to be convenient, fast, and easy.

Arlyn Scales offers customers a number of scale add-ons that simply wouldn’t be possible without advanced technology. For example, Arlyn Scales’ Set Point Controller makes it feasible for facilities to automatically fill and dispense containers using their industrial scale.

Check out all of the scale add-ons Arlyn Scales offers customers on our website. If you are looking for something that is not on our website, then give us a call. Arlyn Scales often creates custom weighing solutions for customers who require specific scale features not found on our website.

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