High Capacity High Precision Scales

high-resolution-scale-2High capacity precision scales come in a variety of sizes. The most common is a 4 x 4 floor scale, but here at ArlynScales, we make much larger ones up to 20,000 lb capacity! We also give you the option of obtaining a custom designed scale for your factory needs or load size requirements. We can even load your digital readout with industry-specific software that we have developed.

High capacity scales are needed for uses that involve pallets, forklifts and tanks that have to be rolled or driven onto the scale’s surface. As such, these scale surfaces take much abuse from the constant force of extremely heavy loads, as well as from the actual forklifts, pallets themselves.

Therefore, for applications where water or corrosion may be an issue, the best type of construction material for such a scale is stainless steel. Unlike aluminum or mixed metals, stainless steel is naturally resistant to wear and tear, and even to rust. It is less likely to scratch, warp or become damaged in any way. For applications where corrosion is not a problem, we use heavy duty welded construction that has no moving parts for the lost long lasting scale you can buy for your factory floor.

In addition to making high capacity scales that conform to the standards in terms of ruggedness, we make them capable of high precision as well. Our load cells are made from stainless steel as well, and we place them at the corners of the scale’s platform. These can yield a stabilized weight reading extremely fast, because they are already averaging the different stresses exerted by the load from the moment any part of it is placed on the platform.

ArlynScales has also developed the next phase of high precision weighing: Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology. This cutting edge technology can be integrated into your high capacity, high precision scale, giving you a display resolution of 1 part in 400,000, and an internal resolution of 1 part in 2 million! These scales are available with capacities up to 500 lb.

All our scales come with top of the line digital displays. These displays are housed in injection molded cases that have rubber lining around them, making them water proof. They give you the ability to get both net and gross weights (so you can subtract the weight or the pallet of forklift), have large LCD displays, and can even be made wireless (so you don’t have to be near the scale bed to read the weight of the load).

The reason we take so much care to house our digital readouts is because they contain sophisticated hardware and software that could be further customized to your application.

A digital display could be configured with a sensitive touch screen that has functions well beyond what you ever thought a scale could do for you. We can customize them to sort and batch your loads into different, predetermined categories particular to your operation. We can even give them the capability to wirelessly transmit the weights of these batches into a database such as an Excel worksheet on a local computer, freeing any man hours normally assigned with doing this task. If you have to keep track of different age and weight ranges of livestock, this feature will be extremely helpful to your business.

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  • Be of welded frame construction with no moving parts for maximum shock protection.
  • Have a digital, easy to view and read display
  • Be classified for use in the appropriate hazardous classification, and for indoor or outdoor use as your environment demands.
  • Have a protective corrosive resistant coating if caustic liquids could come in contact with the scale’s platform surface, even if by accident.


We make our scales to the above specifications and higher. We even have Ultra-Precision scales with our Surface Acoustic Wave technology. These super sensitive scales have an internal resolution of 1 part in 2 million!

That is 20 times the normal scale resolution!

If you are weighing very small amounts of certain substances, you can easily see why you should get an ArlynScales ultra-precision model. SAW technology is extremely accurate because it weighs the displacement caused by the load on the scaleÕs surface- not just the pressure it exerts on the platform because of its intrinsic mass.

Our dedicated explosive environment scales are intrinsically safe. The ruggedness of their construction materials make them more appropriate to harsh environments than other types of scales. They are easy to clean, and remember that you can add our corrosive -resistant epoxy for added protection against harsh chemicals.

Our digital readouts are not only easy to read because of their LCD displays, but they can free up some added time for you. We have developed software in-house that can be pre-loaded into your hazardous environment scale’s display. These can free time and prevent human error by automatically sorting, batching, storing (in memory), recording and transmitting all your measurement data wirelessly to a database on a PC.

In addition to all these benefits is the price we offer. We design and manufacture all our scales in our facility, we can sell them to you at factory direct prices.

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