High Accuracy Scales for Laboratory Use

ultra-precision-scale-1As a modern society, we have come to rely on products that require accurate and precise formulations such as those pre-packaged products in our food industry, our household and industrial cleaning products, our commercial and residential building products and paints, and the asphalt and concrete products that comprise our roads and sidewalks. All of these industries and so many others depend on high accuracy scales for their processing.

Chemical formulations require precise and consistent calculations. Consistency is the hallmark of most of the products that line our supermarket shelves. It takes one misstep in a product’s formulation to render it useless, and that translates into monetary loss.

The electronic scales used in these processing plants must have significant capacity; they must be rugged; they must be precise so that the formulations will be highly accurate; they must retain stability in the face of temperature changes and they must be dependable.

Changing the Status Quo

The level of accuracy of scales for the industrial market remained fairly unchanged for years. Eventually, when Electromagnetic Force Restoration scales raised the bar in terms of accuracy, the cost for high capacity units was too high for the industrial sector to embrace wholeheartedly.

Industrial laboratory scales were in need of precision advancements and modifications in order to step up to the enormous requirements that were necessary to run sophisticated processing plants. The advent of the incorporation of Surface Acoustic Wave sensors into Arlyn Scales weighing devices birthed a third, worldwide, patented technology known as SAW technology.

The Upgrades

The modifications that ensued were a boon to its users. The erratic nature of the spring load cell was addressed with the SAW technology. Now, instead of the metal load cells measuring stress or strain, they measure displacement. Because the amount of displacement necessary to take a measurement is very small, very little stress is placed on the load cells. This diminishes the error factor and provides an accuracy rate that is 10 times that of regular scales and a resolution rate that is up to 20 times greater.

Due to the fact that strain levels on SAW load cells are nearly non-existent, the Ultra Precision scales with SAW technology are up to five times more rugged than Strain Gage scales and about 20 times more rugged than Force Restoration scales. This makes them the perfect choice for heavy use.

Keeping Costs Down

The semiconductor-like environment of the SAW load cell structure is a lot less costly to fabricate and maintain, making the final cost of Arlyn scales with SAW technology about one third the price of the Force Restoration scales and slightly more than the best quality Strain Gage scales. Any way you look at this equation, there is a nice savings factor for the purchaser of the Ultra Precision Scale with Super Sensitivity and Surface Acoustic Wave technology.

Ultra Precision Scales for Laboratories

Arlyn Scales team of engineers, well versed in the needs of each industry that they are designing for, understand the complexities of each environment and tailor our scales accordingly. For the laboratory environment, Arlyn Scales 7100 series are fabricated in a range of capacities, resolutions and platform sizes.

The largest in-stock platform comes in 200, 300 and 500 pound capacities. These platforms are sized to accommodate a multitude of precise formulations, weighing items that range from very small to quite large. These platforms leave nothing to be desired, as they are extremely rugged. They are well made, fabricated from a diecast aluminum frame, stainless steel weighing pan and click type switches.

The Need for Dependability

Laboratory experiments are intrinsically time sensitive. An entire experiment would be compromised if the scale was inconsistent in its readings or deemed inaccurate.

Research dollars are precious and time is valuable in laboratory settings. We understand that your research can range from task- orientated projects to life enhancing experiments and everything in between. We feel that one of the most significant qualities in a scale is dependability and that is what we deliver with our Ultra Precision scale. With this quality, you can rest assured that our laboratory scales are engineered to deliver consistent measurements that are both precise and accurate with each and every usage.

Technologically Advanced Digital Indicator

Our indicators are 32bit RISC high resolution, LCD screens that are easily programmable to track set points for batching, descriptions for parts counting with 7 built in unit conversions. They provide automatic calibration and can be mounted on a wall or a bench top.

Workstation Connectivity

Our free USB Remote Indicator Software provides ease of transferring data from your scale to your PC. The RS-232 allows for bi-directional interface and remote operation of your scale. If your needs are to tether up to 10 scales for remote operation, the RS-485 provides the long distance protocol to do so.

The Set Point option can be invaluable in the lab setting, providing you with the ability to set up to 8 target weights and to use these targets to control mixers and valves by using solid state relays that are operated by set point outputs.

With our USB interface, thousands of particle size percentage readings can be recorded and stored directly onto a standard USB flash drive and read as an Excel spreadsheet.

Arlyn Scales technical advisors are always available to discuss your particular requirements and look forward to working with you should any subassemblies need to be customized according to your weighing specifications. Our prices are reflective of the fact that we manufacture our own subassemblies and fabricate our scales in our factory and we are happy to pass the savings on to our customers.

We welcome your feedback and requests and look forward to meeting your laboratory weighing needs with our Ultra Precision bench scales with Super Sensitivity and Surface Acoustic Wave technology.

Contact Arlyn Scales for more information through our online form or by calling us at 800.645.4301.