High Accuracy Industrial Scales for the Semiconductor Industry

ultra-precision-scale-1Arlyn Scales surpasses the weighing market’s stringent standards for durability, precision and state of the art technology, mainly because we maintain a constant awareness of the industry’s ever changing needs. Precision and innovation have been the driving forces of our business for over 30 years.

Technical Expertise

To stay ahead of the semiconductor technology curve, Arlyn Scales maintains a highly experienced and skilled engineering team. Our dedicated staff of highly proficient engineers, well acquainted with the needs of the semiconductor industry, has devised a state of the art High Accuracy Industrial Scale guaranteed to be consistently operative during the crucial processing stage of silicon wafers.

The Importance of the Semiconductor Industry

The world today has become technologically dependent. The semiconductor industry provides the silicon wafers that are the foundation for all modern electronics including computers and cell phones. Silicon wafers provide the underpinnings of the automation of factories and have become intrinsic in automobiles. They are the main component of everything digital.

Silicon Wafer Processing

Silicon, the principal ingredient in beach sand, is a natural semiconductor and is one of the most abundant elements on earth. When altered it can also be used as an insulator. Manufacturing silicon wafers is a lengthy process. Silicon crystals are grown in labs under very strict conditions. The part of the process that entails infusing the formulating crystal with gases is referred to as doping.

Extreme Accuracy

It is during this doping process that specialty gases are used in precise formulations with exact timing specifications. Any error either in the addition of the gas or the timing of this transfer can render the silicon wafer useless, costing the semiconductor company tens of thousands of dollars.

Standard doping gases include helium and nitrogen, along with argon, oxygen and hydrogen. Other gases may include dichlorosilane, disilane, silicon tetrachloride and silicon tetrafluoride.

There are additional gases used during the doping and etching states including boron trifluoride, diborane, phosphine, boron trichloride, chlorine, sulfur hexafluoride, and a wide variety of halocarbons. There are many other gases that may also be used. These gases all have differing molecular structures and varying weights.

Gas Cylinders

The majority of these gases are stored in gas cylinders in a compressed liquefied state. The cylinders, which are stored in a gas cylinder cabinet, are connected to the semiconductor wafer processing equipment. When it is time for the specific gas to be released, the appropriate valve is opened, with the pressure regulator controlling the flow and amount of the gas to be dispensed.

But how does one monitor the level of liquid gas remaining in the cylinder? Any error either in the addition of the gas or the timing of this transfer can render the silicon wafer useless, putting the company at a major financial loss.

This is the crucial point in the manufacturing process that we have addressed with our 620G Cylinder Scale and are confidant that the margin of error can be eliminated.

Why Arlyn 620G Cylinder Scales

Our perfectly designed Cylinder Scale is 1 3/8 inches high as compared to the industry standard of 2 1/2 inch scales. This thinness allows for ease of removing and replacing the gas cylinders.

By utilizing our low profile Arlyn 620 Cylinder Scale underneath the gas cylinder, an alarm can notify your staff when the contents fall below the pre-determined value and they can replace it immediately to avoid a costly process problem. This pre-determined weight involves measuring the empty cylinder, adding the liquid gas, and subtracting the weight of the cylinder to determine the liquid gas weight.

The weight of a full gas cylinder can measure up to 250-pounds. As these cylinders are frequently taken on and off the scale manually, the scale must be able to withstand the shock load that the cylinder being loaded onto the platform is likely to induce.

Superior Load Cell

In order to guarantee the load damage and shock rating of 600 pounds, we utilize a load cell that is fabricated from stainless steel. This load cell registers the weight of the gas cylinder, converts it into an electronic signal and sends it to the instrumentation of the gas cabinet. The reliability and ruggedness rating of our load cell is extremely high and is guaranteed to circumvent any information loss issue.

Several Options of Digital and Analog Connectivity

At Arlyn Scales, we are proud to offer a significant amount of interface ports, which allow for a wide range of standard to wireless connectivity.

The Ethernet interface allows you to control your Arlyn Scale by connecting to your network using our Remote Indicator Software. Weights can also be recorded and analyzed from your work- station. All of your data can then be stored on an SD memory card utilizing our memory stick option.

With our RS-232 protocol, you can transmit data to printers, logic controllers and computers. Its bidirectional interface allows full remote capability.

Our RS-485 long distance network protocol allows for connectivity to several scales and to your PC. You have the option of controlling up to 10 scales using the USB interface with the RS-485.

Controlling the batching and the programmable logic controllers of your operation are simplified through use of our Set Point option. You may purchase up to 8 relays in order to set up 8 target weights at a time. Feeders, mixers, motors, valves, solenoids and other devices may be controlled using solid-state relays that are operated by the set point outputs. You may use these target weights to turn your equipment on and off. The formulas are then stored in the scale’s memory retaining your data for future use.

Arlyn Scales technical advisors are prepared to answer questions and meet all of your semiconductor weighing needs, tailoring the High Accuracy Industrial Scale to your specifications.

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