The Most Durable Heavy Duty Analytical Balances

ultra-precision-scale-1Analytical balances were created to measure small weight into the sub milligram range. The balances were developed for use in laboratory environments or other similar environments. In order for analytical balances to be precise, they could not be used in less controlled environments such as those found in more industrial areas. They also could not provide the precision accuracy required once the capacity increased past 5 lbs.

Arlyn Scales has been a leader in designing and manufacturing scales for a variety of industries. We work with a variety of customers in many fields such as the waste management industry, petrochemical industry, semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. We provide advanced technological scales that are rugged in any environment. We build our scales at our factory in Long Island, New York. We ship factory direct, which means you’re not paying the higher prices that distributors charge.

Our Ultra Precision SAW scales are excellent replacements for analytical balances in industrial work areas. Our internationally patented technology will give you incredible accuracy while being abuse resistant and durable. Also, our SAW scales come in ranges far beyond the normal 5 pound capacity of a typical analytical balance. We can offer you SAW scales starting at 10 lbs. and ranging all the way up to 500lb.

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Technology

We incorporate Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology into the load cells we manufacture to create greater accuracy in weight measuring power. Our SAW load cells allow you to get a much more precise measurement than standard analytical balances. The traditional load cell was a strain gauge cell. It was machined from a block of metal, most often aluminum or steel, and included some thin bending flextures. The load cell was positioned between the bottom of the scale and the platform. When a load was placed on the platform, the stress of the load would bend the load cell. This force was converted from an electrical signal which was then converted to a digital signal. However, because the metal was so thin, the load cell could not bend far enough to provide the high resolution required without becoming damaged.

Rather than measuring stress, our SAW load cells measure displacement, which requires only a tenth of the force that strain gage load cells do. Therefore, the SAW load cells can be constructed out of a thicker, stronger piece of metal. This is how we’re able to achieve such high resolution, up to .0001 pounds. The SAW load cells can also withstand higher temperatures and variations that an analytical balance can’t. We machine our SAW load cells out of specialty alloys that exhibit superior mechanical and thermal properties. This eliminates a lot of accuracy related issues.

With SAW load cells, we can deliver accuracy even at higher capacities. The Ultra Precision line of scales maintains resolution and accuracy in the 1:100,000 to 1:200,000 ranges all the way up to 500 lbs. These models are also designed to be used in confined areas. We have space conscious platform sizes from 8 X 10 to 12 x 16 all the way up to 20 x 23.

Rugged Construction

Another great benefit of our SAW scales is that the alloy metal SAW load cells can take a lot more punishment. This makes the risk of shock loading or over loading damaging the scale a lot less likely. This prevents you from losing time and money due to repairs. Also, since the load cells are made from this material, this makes them less vulnerable to corrosion.

The frames of our Ultra Precision scales are constructed out of stainless steel. This makes the scale resistant to industrial conditions, even hazardous ones. The platform on the scale is constructed from stainless steel making it less vulnerable to dings, dents and scratches from objects placed on it.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We believe that our Ultra Precision Scales give you the significant analytical power matched with the heavy duty performance of an industrial scale. Our SAW technology is unmatched by any competitor and provides you with incredible accuracy. Our frame and platform design also can withstand an industrial environment that would overwhelm a standard balance. However, you might still want a little more from our Ultra Precision Scales. If that is the case, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs so that we may design and manufacture a custom solution.

We invest just as many resources in keeping our staff educated about our products and scale technology as we do in designing and manufacturing our cutting edge scales. We are not out to get a quick buck from you. We want you to be a customer for the long haul. That is why we will tell you when you might be buying too much scale for what you need. Honesty is just the best policy for us. To get your questions answers and for help selecting the scale(s) that best meet your needs, contact us today. We can be reached online through the form on our Contact Us page or by phone at (800) 645-4301.