Digital Luggage Scales

cylinder-scale-2Digital luggage scales serve more than the airports and the aviation industry. Individual consumers can purchase the same quality digital luggage scales used by the aviation industry to anticipate the luggage fees before arriving at the airport. However, luggage scales can do more than simply determine the cost of luggage on airlines. Because of their durability and versatility, they also make ideal bench and platform scales for determining cargo costs via air, ground, and sea shipments.

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Industrial use

Digital luggage scales for industrial use allow airlines to measure the weight of luggage before the luggage is loaded onto an airplane. The luggage helps the airlines meet Federal Aviation Administration weight requirements. These luggage scales are also used for cargo from shipping companies, which often are stored in the storage areas of airplanes. These industrial scales appear similar to normal stationary scales that might be seen in a home, except they are larger and more accurate. The ruggedness, and therefore the weight of the industrial type of digital luggage scales may prevent them from being portable. These are platform scales where the luggage is placed onto a platform. Some scales offer lifts where the luggage is loaded into a harness, lifted and then weighed.

These scales are primarily used for shipping industries which regularly send luggage or cargo via air. In addition, trains or busses may also use luggage scales to determine if a passenger’s luggage adheres to all travel restrictions.

Elements of a digital luggage scale

    • The core of a digital luggage scale is the electronics. The electronics start with an LCD display featuring push-button controls. LCD displays for digital luggage scales meant for consumer use come standard with a screen size of 1.3” and approximately .6” character size. Both of these are readable at the handheld level. The screen should be larger for industrial use scales so they can be easily read at a distance.
    • Durability is key with any scale, especially consumer and industrial use digital luggage scales. With that in mind, consumer scales should have durable, coated metal platforms. Plastic may break under too much pressure. For industrial use scales, long-lasting metal housings add weight to the scale, but also protect it from moisture and the day-to-day weighing.
    • A large weighing platform allows airlines to weigh items using multiple scales at once and develop rates for a customer with multiple bags. The larger platform saves minutes and hours over the course of a week when weighing thousands of items that come through airports.
    • Some scales provide harnesses and straps to weigh larger than normal items.
  • Consumer use digital luggage scales should read pounds and kilograms, especially for passengers traveling abroad.