Custom Weighing Solutions for High Order Volumes

logoThe vast majority of manufacturers handle a large number of orders on a daily basis. This means they need manufacturing systems with special weighing requirements and often use OEM systems. Many of these systems will incorporate weighing components into their design to help keep their manufacturing processes flexible, accurate, and fast. These components are also used to automate parts, or even all of their processes.

However, not all OEM systems are the same, which means it can be difficult for these companies to find weighing components that integrate well with their system. As a factory direct manufacturer, Arlyn Scales has years of experience designing and implementing custom weighing solutions that are specifically designed for that industry and OEM application. This includes special capacities, special sizes, various communication protocols, and control capability.

Often times, these solutions will also require some sort of electronic instrumentation, which we also design and develop, including custom weighing sensors (also called load cells), microprocessor instrumentation and computer software.

Special Capacities

While standard weighing devices serve the vast majority of industrial needs, there are some who require much more fine resolution. Our ultra precision load cells feature our internationally patented surface acoustic wave technology, which increases their accuracy as much as ten to twenty times what is offered by a standard load cell. This means measurements at a ten pound maximum capacity can be accurately read to .0001lb. At a 500 pound capacity, they can be read to .005lb. Compare this to a 0.002lb reading for a standard 10 pound capacity scale and a 0.1 reading for a standard 500 pound capacity scale.

Special Sizes

While we offer one of the largest selections of platform sizes in the industry, sometimes no standard size will work. We offer custom platform sizes at no cost penalty, which means you can find a scale that meets your needs just as easily as someone who can use a standard scale without paying extra for it. This is great for companies that have limited floor space, those who weigh unusually shaped items, or need another device to sit on the scale platform.

Communication Protocols

Almost any communication interface can be incorporated into our scales. This includes Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cloud, USB, flash drives, RS-232 and more.

Control Capability

Many of our newer designs feature surprisingly inexpensive Android-based color touch screen displays that make scale operation easy and intuitive. We can modify these controllers to meet the exact needs of your industry and operation.

Specialty and Custom Industrial Scales and Weighing Solutions

We have developed a variety of custom weighing equipment for many niche industries and offer a large portfolio of designs. This includes simple 4-20 ma amplifiers and low cost, full featured digital indicators as well as our previously mentioned Android based, color touch screen controllers.

Let’s explore a few different examples of work we’ve done for customers using an OEM system that needed our custom design and development services.

High Speed, High Volume Check Weighing

Customers have incorporated our specially programmed ultra precision load cells into their conveyor systems and achieved industry best speeds and accuracy.

Controlling a Large Inventory

Another customer uses multiple bins on a special shelving system that are monitored to determine the number of small parts in their extensive inventory. This data is communicated to their website through a Wi-Fi connection. When inventory levels are low it triggers the system to send out an automated email alert.

Laundry Cart Weighing

One company that operates and industrial sized laundry facility had us build weight sensors directly into their carts to determine the amount of laundry therein, which allowed them to use their equipment more efficiently. All data is sent to an Android table through a Bluetooth connection.

Monitoring Levels of Gas in Cylinder

Because the amount of liquid gas in a cylinder cannot be measured by gas pressure, we created a system using low-profile cylinder scales that monitor the weight of the container and send out an alarm when levels are too low.

Batching and Mixing

Our ultra precision load cells have been incorporated into a variety of systems to accurately dispense ingredients and mix paints, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, as well as other sensitive formulations.

Explosive and Flammable Environments

Some of our customers operate in locations that are classified as hazardous in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and require special weighing equipment that complies with the guidelines set forth in the National Electric Code. We’ve developed a series of scales that are safe to operate around easily ignitable materials and are intrinsically safe to operate in an impressive range of classified hazardous locations.

Low Profile Load Cells

Many conveyor systems and operations involving cylinder scales have benefited from our low profile load cells, which are the thinnest in the industry at 1.375 inches. This makes it easy for items to roll onto and off of the platform and decreases production time so they can manufacture a high volume of products quickly.

Solutions That Meet Your Needs

While we can only give you examples of the work we’ve done right now, we encourage you to contact us and find out exactly how we can put our expert design and production services to work for you. We gladly invite OEM interest and enjoy a challenge, so get in touch today!