Custom Scales for Specific PLC Interface

digital-scale-indicator-2Impeccable customer service is the number one way to keep any business at the forefront of its game. At Arlyn Scales, we strive to inspire communication with our customers, not only to make sure that they are 100% satisfied with their products and to answer any questions, but also to help us move forward in the industry as we look for the newest solutions to industrial weighing paradigms.

Our Expanded Services

As the manufacturing industry evolves, so do all of the systems surrounding it. It is obvious to everyone that we are now living in a completely technological age, where communication systems are constantly changing and morphing to provide better and more expanded services. Because our mission is to stay ahead of the curve, we are always listening to our customers and learning more through our vast network of engineering and design experts.

Advanced Interfacing Modalities

One of the most exciting technological advances that we have introduced in recognition of the urgent demand and necessity for greater efficiency is in the field of telecommunications. Using advanced interfacing modalities, we have created some of the most exciting new protocols for electronic computing of all types of data. In service to help our customers obtain and disseminate accurate information, our scales are now configured to handle a myriad of monitoring systems that make it fast and easy to relay data in real time.

Sophisticated Handling of Your Weighing Needs

Our ability to handle a range of interface standards such as Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, Modbus, and other Internet-compatible protocols has given us the edge when it comes to the sophisticated handling of your every weighing need.

Scales That Shine in Today’s Environment

These days electronic instrumentation is key to measuring weight accurately. Our custom systems are designed to report in various formats, depending on your requirements. Whether you prefer information to be viewed by instant digital display or via computer to your central office, Arlyn Scales has created solutions that enable our products to shine in today’s environment.

Ease of Use

One of the most important elements in utilizing our custom scales for specific PLC interface protocols is ease of use. With our equipment, you simply plug the scale into a network where you are then connected via our Remote Indicator Software, making it simple to monitor and control all of your data.

Conducting Your Business Efficiently

Arlyn Scales customized equipment allows you to set up a network to access information from anywhere in the world via a wireless Ethernet option. The ability to analyze weight while also being able to sort, group, and analyze incoming data makes the system perfect for conducting business in the most efficient fashion possible.

Using Set point

Our custom scales work with a set point whereby you can set up to eight target weights simultaneously. For PLC and batching functions this means being able to turn on equipment such as feeders, mixers, motors, valves, and solenoids use solid state relays. For scenarios where automated filling and mixing operations are needed, simply use the set-up menu to configure your output lines based on the weight applied to the scale’s platform. In this way you can save multiple formulas in the memory system for future access.

A Common Interface Combined with Remote Capability

With a universal serial bus, or USB, you are immediately given a common interface for use with your computers. When combined with our free USB remote software you can easily send your weight data to any appropriate Windows application software.

Using a Bi-Directional Interface

Our scales can be customized with an RS-232, which represents the standard communication protocol for sending information from one piece of computerized equipment to another. This means you can easily share data with other computers, printers, and programmable logic controllers. Our technical engineers have created a bi-directional interface that provides a full remote capacity in allowing any customized scale to transmit data and receive commands from other computers in your network. We also have a print frame definition editor that is helpful with specific elements, such as printed labels.

Using a Long Distance Protocol

The RS-485 is a longer distance network protocol that connects several scales to your computer, which allows for a built in system that can function at a greater distance than the RS-232. With our multi-drop protocol, several scales can share a single line in order to create a network. The system can also be configured with a USB interface for logging data and controlling up to ten scales from a single PC. Utilizing Modbus capability, greater connectivity is possible between devices, which are particularly valuable in industrial applications.

Keeping Time

The option of having time and date added to your RS-232 gives you a 12 or 24 hour format that can be added to any of your printed materials. Here, a clock is set via indicators in the device’s menu system. An internal lithium battery will keep time for up to 10 years, even without the power mechanism function.

Utilizing Analog Output

Our scales can be customized with analog output, providing reliable communication with programmable logic and chart recorders. This is easily created in the setup menu where you can configure your start and ending currents or voltages as either Voltage Output: 0 – 5VDC scalable or Current Output: 4 – 20ma scalable.

Easy Portable Use

Every one of our custom scales can come with an internal six-cell rechargeable NiMH battery pack and charging circuit installed in the scale indicator for easy portable use. This will give the scale over 20 hours of operation time on a single four hour charge.

Saving Your Data

With specialized data logging capability, a custom scale is able to record weight, along with data, time, and other crucial information that is saved on a memory card. The card can then be removed from the scale at any time in order to be read on a PC via Microsoft Excel.

For more information on our custom scales for specific PLC interfacing, please contact our sales department toll free at 800-645-4300, or by filling out our online form.