Custom Luggage Scales For Airports

London_Stansted_Airport_-_Baggage_reclaimIn an economic environment where prices are on the rise, including jet fuel costs, there had to be a way to keep these increasing fees from making ticket prices prohibitive. The rising cost was fairly passed onto the customer by charging extra fees for additional baggage. It behooved the airline industry to begin implementing a standard baggage allowance. This innovative plan to share the cost of fuel with the consumer gives the consumer the choice as to whether or not to pay extra fees by monitoring the weight of their baggage. Partnering with customers proved to be a positive step in keeping tickets from sharp increases.

Airline Industry Needs

People heading to the airport tend to be frazzled. Taking a trip means changing schedules, arranging for transport to and from the airport, and a thousand other details. By the time they get to the airport, their stress levels are up, which means that they may not be too gentle when it comes time to place their baggage on the scale. However, not every scale is equipped to handle this type of shock.

If it is already overweight and unwieldy, it may not be easy to lift up and place on the scale. So the fifty-pound bag may actually feel like a lot more, which means people have a tendency to drop or throw their bags onto the scale. This is why the scale needs to have secure and protected load cells that can guarantee proper weighing data no matter where on the scale the load lands or amount of force.

Not All Scales are Alike

The components that go into making a durable, rugged, and accurate scale are what most consumers are not aware of. When scale companies need to decrease their spending budgets, they will use aluminum load cells. Inferior to stainless steel, aluminum is less expensive and not as durable. It takes a company that has committed to the manufacture of high quality scales, like Arlyn Scales, to produce state of the art Platform Scales with industrial technology. Built to last, our scales can take the abuse that comes with checking in baggage.

Scale Components

Load cells come in all shapes and sizes, and their placement within the scale directly impacts the accuracy of the readings. Our platform scales are manufactured with four stainless steel load cells, which are embedded in individual pockets in the four corners of the welded frame. This provides maximum shock and abuse resistance.

High abuse situations also require the careful matching of load cell outputs so readings will be accurate no matter where the load is dropped. Our load cells are pre-matched so that we do not have to use additional parts like a summation board.

Our platform scales, which are capable of handling from five hundred to one thousand pounds, are offered in aluminum or stainless steel. However, each of these materials is provided for different applications and are not interchangeable.

Aluminum scales are great if portability is a necessity, but for high abuse and high use situations, we recommend the stainless steel 3200 series platform scale. With a platform height of one and seven eighths of an inch, the platform scale is just the right height, adding to the travelers ease of use.

The standard platforms come in a range of sizes: twenty by twenty-seven inches, twenty-two by forty-four inches, twenty-seven by sixty inches, thirty by thirty inches, thirty-six by thirty-six inches and forty-eight by forty-eight inches. However, in situations where the platform scale is replacing a defunct scale and the dimensions of the space do not fit any of the above, do not worry. Our team of engineers is ready to accommodate all custom orders, for a price suited to all budgets.

NIST Standards

Arlyn Scale’s engineers sensitively calibrate the stainless steel load cells to NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology, standards. This means that with all of the heavy usage at your check in counters, your scales will be capable of producing an accurate and precise reading each and every time.

Communications Options

Relaying data has never been easier with our innovative software. Designed for ease of use, our Remote Indicator Software gives your staff the exact image of the indicator directly on their computer screen. Without moving from their workstation they can control the operation of the scale and within seconds have the correct digital weight readout. The ease of operation continues as all weighing data can be easily stored for future use and read using an Excel program at a later date.

There are many other options for data transfer, which ensures that your scales will be compatible with your existing equipment. We also offer wireless Ethernet and RS-232. With these options, your staff can not only control the scale but with the bi directional interface, they can send and receive data from the platform scale and with the RS-232Õs print frame editor, send the necessary information to a printer to print out the necessary billing information.

Prices that Fit Your Budget

Because we manufacture our own subassemblies, there are no mark-ups made on the scale to compensate for the purchase of these parts. We have also cut out the middleman and deliver your scales factory direct increasing savings. We also offer discounts for bulk purchases.

Made in the U.S.

Arlyn Scales meets all of the needs of the airline industry with our ready to use out of the box, pre-calibrated, rugged, state of the art 3200 series Platform Scales. Manufactured in our own warehouse, we are proud to have the ability to say Made in the United States.

Our criteria for producing scales is to design a scale that is built to give years of consistent and reliable weighing data and we know that that is exactly what our customers are getting when they purchase an Arlyn Scale built for their industry.

For more information on luggage scales and bulk pricing, contact us today. We can be reached through our online form on or by phone at (800) 465.4301.